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  1. Hi, interested in joining you guys and trying out WoWs in a competitive setting. Hope it's possible :-) https://eu.warships.today/player/527636330/P_W_Tordenskiold
  2. P_W_Tordenskiold

    End of the Year In-game Competition Submission Thread

    2480 basexp, fun game in Torpitzhttp://i.imgur.com/9pWv5Fl.jpg 'http://i.imgur.com/AWl6Ln0.jpg
  3. P_W_Tordenskiold

    End of the Year In-game Competition Submission Thread

    4212 base xp in Kagero, with an unfortunate hit on a friendly. http://i.imgur.com/AKKxfoj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/AOZQKwm.jpg
  4. P_W_Tordenskiold

    High Caliber [Contest]

  5. Him having an enemy CV to worry about is a dubious what-if in the current iteration of the game. Not that it would take an experienced CV-player much time either, one or two squads and you are sinking to the bottom. Granted probably a minute or two in total considering the rearming. Targeting the DD makes sense if that DD player is a person with high WR/DPM, hence a bigger threat than the BB(s) with a low WR/DPM. Not to mention it provides your BB's with a greater ability to push, and DD's to scout/apply aggressive pressure without enemy DD's to worry about spotting them. My core issue tho is the fact that currently CV's can do this to DD's and to a certain extent CA's, something I feel should require the CV to go all in with multiple anvils in order to achieve. This is currently not the case.
  6. If an experienced CV-player decides you die, it does not matter what ship-class you are in, you die. The torpedoes are dropped too close to be able to avoid at least one hit in a destroyer per squad of TB's, which IMO is fubar. And if that DD-player is experienced, with the highest damage-per-game in the team, its good target priority. Truly wish you(WG) would stop tip-toeing around the issue with periphery fixes rather than the two core issues. Either increase torpedo activation range or the commitment range of torpedo bombers.
  7. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    Funny how the claim of hoax seemingly requires no proof, while the opposite spectrum requires all the proof in the world. It was legit by the way, confirmed with md5 comparison through a 3rd party(if we are talking about the same thread). But I understand now that it will not be settled without proof I cannot provide as obviously no one is willing to sacrifice their account. Confident that if CA gets its updated to a more competitive standard(ie. automatic) sufficient evidence will surface and be reminiscent of the aim mod so I'll let time handle this one.
  8. P_W_Tordenskiold

    This mm.

    Thought this was true as well, but I've had several tier 10 games in my tier 7 cruisers lately.
  9. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    It has however already been done, albeit in a crude manner that is currently mostly for assist rather than definitive. Did you miss the deleted thread where someone uploaded the loader?
  10. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    Fair enough, sorry for interpreting it wrong. I do not know the specifics other than the video itself and what was told by what I believe is the creator. It gives you a general point(plus a button that locks the aim to the point), fire one shot and adjust the setting according to whether it hits in front or behind optimum place. I recon it is quite useless in a cruiser or destroyer, but very useful in a BB where ranges tend to stay constant for a longer period of time. It was not faulty. If the person continued in a straight course the aim mod was dead on. Considering the extreme drop in long-range citadels after the aim mod was removed it is quite obvious it had a major impact. Suspect WG has also increased RNG in this regard, but purely speculative. And the only way I will take such a risk is if I get a guarantee from WG themselves that it will have no ill repercussions regarding my account. The financial aspect is already covered by local laws, plus already confirmed by running the steps up until proper payment that no sensitive information is exchanged and through multiple sources as not being a scam.
  11. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    And based on that argumentation there was no point in removing the aim mod, as it was totally pointless.
  12. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    Straw man. Funny, been hard at work for 11 years now. Also, another straw man plus ad hominem. Hence the social engineering part, getting the individual to upload a more recent video based on the updated open seas map rather than the old one. It is functioning on current version, however it seems as Yuri mentioned it is more of an aim assist, just like the mod was. This is claimed to be fixed by giving the user ability to adjust the marker until a more automatic option is available.
  13. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    AFAIK it is not functional.
  14. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    And it is a little sad to see a supertest coordinator jumping to conclusions so hastily. Hitting someone properly hidden from view can be achieved, learning the distance from name-marker down to the ship. I am well aware of this, and sometimes use it myself tho I am not as good as certain individuals I have encountered. What cannot be achieved is following that person perfectly with every shot as it takes a few seconds for the turn to manifest itself onto the map as that is the only relevant input you have available to determine minor course changes. And that's the kind of thing I've seen in the past week, which prompted me to start having a peek around the ether, stumbling across a certain site that I now have confirmed is actually working through a bit of social engineering. Oh the irony..
  15. P_W_Tordenskiold

    Hackers and cheaters

    Then "most of us" is wrong. I will not post site(s) in public forum, but there is a working overlay aimpoint/aimbot for WoW's released about a week ago. In the last few days I've noticed more and more people using it based on how they fire from cruisers without a proper line of sight.