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  1. RemyCooke

    Upcoming Ships - How to get them!

    Was there an error made when deciding the pricing for those three ships? It feels almost as if it should be in reverse order, with Neustrashimy for coal. I suppose if you believe a dd available for a readily available currency at such a high tier could bring imbalance to high tier matchmaking then fair play.
  2. RemyCooke

    How did you manage to screw this up, WG?

    It looks fine.
  3. RemyCooke

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Hello there, Since I'm currently in a transitional phase between clans and would like to explore my options thoroughly, would you be so kind as to assess my stats and suggest whether they would hold up to TTT standards? https://wows-numbers.com/player/527634927,Yosh_itsu/? Cheers, Yosh