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  1. any news on alaska cruiser??????
  2. if you see a asked them if they gonna give the ship by the end of ranked season 10 if i manage to get r1 for the 5th time and the anwser was yes you gonna get the ship and arsenal was introduced to the game
  3. Yes my friend see this anwser plz *edited*
  4. Totally not the right thing to do as a company my opinion is that they must remove the flint black combo from arsenal and continue the ranked style rewards as we know 3 years now. Imagine they have not send my my black yet and in the contact support the anwsers were not very good and this made me give up on ranked and generaly on their customer support anyhow lets see if their break a sweat about this fiasko (yes i think its a fiasko for the amount of play that it needs to get rank 1 with bloody tier x ships) and give me and the other guys the ships they DESERVE to get and the jolly roger flags that they have EARNED
  5. the weird think is when the arsenal came around and 1 week before season 10 started i created a ticket about that and the anwser i got was that If you manage to end up as rank 1 for the 5th time, you will receive the premium ship Black.As for finishing on a places that guarantee you reward ship, there will be no Steel as a reward.Thank you for your understanding and good luck on the battlefield.
  6. Players who reach Rank 1 for the third or fifth time will have their coupon for the "Ships" category updated two weeks after the season's end, just in case they have already redeemed it. This is done in order to allow players to obtain Flint or Black in a comfortable manner by spending their coupon. If the coupon has not been redeemed, an additional coupon will not be added to the player's account.
  7. thimiosve_15

    THE KRAKEN "Sailing In International Waters!"

    so if anyone player with wr above 50% pr over 1200 and above 1500 battles is intrested in joining plz pm me!
  8. thimiosve_15

    Win Big With Signal Flags vol. 2 - Results

    another 250 signal flags spend not even one camo i mean you have to be so damm unlucky for this lottery
  9. thimiosve_15

    Bug Reports

    gold received !!!
  10. thimiosve_15

    Bug Reports

    still missing the 1750 gold
  11. thimiosve_15

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    fps spikes also from 55fps after 2 hours goes to 14fps highest 7fps lowest
  12. thimiosve_15

    Clan Battles Mission FIx - March 2, 6:00 CET

    any update?
  13. thimiosve_15

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    any news on the 1750 gold we missing?