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  1. Allenseiei

    Are you buying the new ARP content ?

    That's exactly the problem with the prices of WG in general during these collabs. You are spending exorbitant amounts of money proportionately speaking to what you are getting. The Yamato cammo for ARP was first released as a mod that glows back when the first event was popular, for free, including fan-made voice mods for that character. Now they are releasing the exact same thing (including the leg mod if u cough even more money to this shitty monetization of products) for 115 €, which is almost 2 AAA games. I feel so sad that people actually think this is good spent money when they buy it, and I've already seen enough of these ships in this game. It really is sad people support this type of monetization with exorbitant prices and lazy development.
  2. Allenseiei

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    Talk about a waste of money. Not surprised at WG taking advantage of whales to get a quick cash grab, it's standard now in their collaborations.
  3. Allenseiei

    Are you buying the new ARP content ?

    Not paying for 2 copy paste ships that I already have over 115-200 EUR. As always, WG is more and more disappointing with their collaborations.
  4. Allenseiei

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    How to make me not care about the ship at all. Not paying 35k doubloons for a ship I already have.
  5. Allenseiei

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    Didnt we get current collab wave FREE commander each time? Am i tripping? I dont see it this time, only the nelson free commander for 3 collabs in a row. Regardless, I am going to limit 1 container as my purchase on this collab, see if i can get Jean or Baltimore and skip the rest. I dont like this business strategy where they force you to buy bundles of things you dont want, thus i dont partake in them. I could've spent around 20-30 € if i could choose the commanders I want. Also, are they ever going to release the actual good quality cammo's from world of warship blitz's AL collab? Or are they gonna keep giving us these worse quality cammo's?
  6. Allenseiei

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    I still dont understand the reasoning on insisting lowering DD concealment as a trade off. Unless the DD has top tier stealth and is already torp focus, like shima, it will never be worth to drop concrealment for extra torp power. Even less on dd's such as z52, which needs its concealment to make the hydro gimmick work and its essencially a ship designed to control caps, and daring which has 10km torps slow speed and mediocre concealment isnt much better. As for haru's trade off, i guess? I mean you are essentially making it more like a cruiser so maybe? I also wanted to write about kremlin's. I honestly dont like range trade offs on t10 bb's as much as concrealment on dd's. You lose over 2km range to gain around 2 secs (which is nice) and 2-3 extra salvoes in an entire game, which will most likely only serve to compensate the shots you were not able to take due to lack of range. In the current meta of HE spammers, fast reloading torps like Halland's, and constant rolf stomp games, range has never been more important for BB's. The current meta is anti-brawling, yet u keep trying to force it without making other changes elsewhere.
  7. Allenseiei

    Clan battles season 9

    Not playing CV's to make a point will only fade in obscurity the point some clans are trying to make. It will just add up to the metrics of lower leagues where setups are not that important as difference in player skill and consistency. It sends a much louder message to the stupidity in the balance to see how BB's are no longer used and there's only 1-3 ships used apart from the CV.
  8. Allenseiei

    Clan battles season 9

    I'll leave my two cents. While we are no Hurricane clan since we mostly play for lols currently, we were KoTS and Poseidon Cup participants for many seasons since the initial KoTS and LoTS. Currently we play around 200-250 Clan Battle games per season, so I believe we do have enough experience in this season to give a proper opinion. My role in most competitive settings outside of clan battles has been a destroyer player. I tend to be versatile and respond great to role rotations depending on players participating, I am mostly a DD player. In Clan battles I do shift from Battleship and destroyer mostly. What did I play this season? CV and the ocasional lapse of Halland. The first mistake was to make players choose between CV and BB. The moment I noticed this, it was clear the outcome of BB's just being the last resort for a clan that didnt have CV's available, thus making it this season a cruiser heavy one. The issue is that CV's force certain types of gameplay: -You sit in the back 90% of the game in a trade war at max ranges and wait for which CV gets better RNG in their drops and focus whoever had the bad luck of being dropped. -You just run full smoke comp with really passive gameplay. This season has managed to destroy diversity in comps more than any other season, strategies are stale and one dimensional and in our clan more and more people did not want to engage in the season because of the meta. I hope WG reconsiders the way CV's are introduced into these competitive modes.
  9. Allenseiei

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I have a similar experience, I've participated in round 1, the game didn't let me update, so I did what was recommended in the inital post of round 2, still didnt let me update, so I uninstalled to reinstall and the TST version is no longer visible. By what MrConway said, I should asume they still haven't given access to the actual TST client to round two testers?