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  1. Major1999

    why german BBs should be the worst BB line in game?

    Ouh yes your right, i didnt recognize them that much in this time, but i meant before this CV thing goes so big in battles with 2 or sometimes 3 CVs, before that the german BBs were fine, but now theyre mostly just feeling broken.
  2. Major1999

    Is the Genova bad ?

    Whats your opinion about the Genova (italian premium cruiser) after the release ?
  3. Major1999

    Greek Ships

    Greek ships in the european tech tree would be cool
  4. Major1999

    why german BBs should be the worst BB line in game?

    Jep, the german BBs feels just bad, before the CVs came in WoWs the german BBs were fine brawler but now you have in a brawl turning out topedoes and bomb attacks :/ As german wich only want to play mid tier i dont want to be forced to play all mid tier german BBs as brawler, it sucks and to be honest i didnt play the german tree pretty often today, all other nations have much better gameplay concepts as we have it for our BB tech line :(
  5. Second, but she is pretty much not useable, no need for it, sadly :/ But i like this giveaways of WG, so thx for it ^^
  6. Major1999

    Royal Navy is being discriminated against by WG

    The single nation wich is discriminated in WoWs ... ... is just Germany wich have a giant dispersion on his ships and much more less battle ships and battle cruisers as every other, lol.
  7. Major1999

    Give planes of CVs a range limit

    Artillery cannons have a limited range, torpedoes have it too, just planes from carriers havnt a limited range ... WHY ?! I am now since the start onboard and can say, CVs changed the hole gameplay but not just in the good direction. Battles without them are ... how should i discribe it ... they are just perfect, no damn torpedoes or bombs just fighters and scout planes, just perfect. Battles with them are mostly just frustrating, no matter if you loose or win this damn carrier park in a corner and are mostly at the end in the top section of the list, or you get a cv beginner and your team have at start 2 ships less. These things had never been included in WoWs, but we have them now in game and they sell them now also as premiums, so i think not they will remove them. My idea: Give the planes of CVs a limited range and mybe buff all aa on ships except CVs. I had some pretty frustrating games now and are a bit pissed off, so sorry if i am a bit harsh, ouh and please be faire in the comments below :)
  8. Major1999

    Arizona or W. Virginia 1941 ?

    When you drive with other ppl together of course.
  9. Major1999

    Arizona or W. Virginia 1941 ?

    Okay, now i have a bit more time. I take the Arizona because here better aa and here 12 canons, cvs are more and more a big problem since they come into WoWs so this aa of the WV41 simply doesnt work out for me. In my own opinion the WV41 have more cons as pros.
  10. Major1999

    Arizona or W. Virginia 1941 ?

    I take the Arizona and i love it. In the 4th battle:
  11. Major1999

    Arizona or W. Virginia 1941 ?

    Whats the better choice today, the Arizona or W. Virginia 1941 ?
  12. Major1999

    Shut off the WoWs-Chat for Coop and Random Battles !

    But there was something ... ah yes it was "i dont want to play with lemmings" or something in this direction.
  13. Major1999

    Shut off the WoWs-Chat for Coop and Random Battles !

    Thats what i mean, "If you play like a potato you will get flamed" is the complete wrong view on it, give them tips and some good tutorials ... Idk, maybe some here forget what this here is, its a game, it have to make fun, fun to everyone, because a "free to play" game needs ppl wich put money into it, every ***** can take his bad mood into the chat and didnt get any consequences for that, thats not really effectively against salty/toxic ppl, but anyway
  14. Major1999

    Shut off the WoWs-Chat for Coop and Random Battles !

    I think kill anaunces falling not really under that what you guys mean ... I am mostly just be the one wich read this ****, but others, wich maybe just start 1 month ago with the game .... I have another idea, a poll wich is open to all WoWs players to deactivate on a special server (eu, na, asia, ...) the battle chat for an moth, of course except the division chat wich allows to make real concequences to this ******
  15. Major1999

    Shut off the WoWs-Chat for Coop and Random Battles !

    Yes, this is a option but it didnt solve the problem as a whole, there should be consequences, real concequences ... I think the tactical part should be also work with the command wheel, i never read more tactical as "a+b?" or "plan?" (except the bad mood of ppl ...) in the chat.