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  1. Major1999

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yes, it looks exactly like that, the MM is since start of WOWS mostly garbage, looks like they dont care. Maybe because some players dont want to loose their free damage pinatas
  2. Do you now whats funny? That the only ppl wich trolling this thread are newer than me but think theyre the biggest pros, lol.
  3. The answer is the same since ages. I am sorry but youre not the forum!
  4. I made suggestions, alot but the most got screwd from ppl like @Verblonde , now ppl like @Verblonde havnt any good reasons for this MM and trolling around ... I can understand why ppl like the current MM and still there are more ppl wich dont!
  5. Wrting the dude wich trolling the threat, lol
  6. And now i could write "get used to it" but do you now what, i wont ;) But by the way lets go back to the theme ...
  7. You got me wrong, the sentence "get used to it" in terms of a problem wich is since years good known is the wrong way, we should get discussions how to fix it and not to "get used to it".
  8. Something has to be change with this hightired battles, this is a problem before we even had CVs in this game ...
  9. No prob dude, i like to report offending ppl :)
  10. Youre funny huh? Say this 32k player and youll play this game pretty soon alone. When you got downgraded with your +2 tier ship into a -2 tier battle youre not that great player with better words ...
  11. Nope, ill never get used to it because thats not how it works, something wich dont makes fun has to be changed, pretty simple ...
  12. The MM dont avoide -2 and +2 tier battles wich sucks hard, as exsample t6 vs t8 isnt faire and make no fun, this has to be end, right now! I play this game since ages and i got heared in the past often that we havnt enaught player for just -1 and +1 tier battles, today many say the community is growing and we still have this crap MM, why?
  13. Major1999

    The best looking ship ?

    For me its the P. E. Friedrich :)
  14. Major1999

    Viribus Unitis for coal?

    Yes, a t4 ship on t5 isnt really perfect, but i think they wont change that so well have to accept that the VU is for the most player useless, i like the ship but dont want to waste my money for issues of WG like this ...