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  1. Slo_Mo_Shun

    A turn for the worst

    Have to agree with everything the op says. Although I look at the forum most days I havent posted for ages and havent played for ages either. What I am seeing here is a tragic waste of an opportunity by WG, rather than planning for a long term future they seem to have opted for the short term profit. All the nerfs, buffs and packages since release now seem to point in that direction. Of course we shouldnt expect things to stay the same as they were in beta but the promissed fixes for cheats, the sorting out of team killers and getting on top of community matters has never materialized and I wonder if they will (but thats why I keep watching the forum). I really hope things change but all the time WG is chasing the cash of the cheats and team killers I truly doubt it. Shame.
  2. Slo_Mo_Shun

    What is the IP of the test server?

    You do not need to enter a numeric ip in pingplotter, see my previous post in this thread.
  3. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    Now, thats a nice build. Stunning thing. Is the decking an add on part? Lots of photo etch, very nice indeed. It looks to be a huge model, absolute nightmare to keep fingerprints etc off it. Was it a one piece hull? If not the joins must have been a challenge to get together (I would need buckets of filler). Good luck with the rest of it although it doesn't look like you need luck at all.
  4. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    Here are the cylinder banks connected. Lead wire needs straightening and then need to varnish and do some weathering. And to those interested in building the Tamiya USN Corsair there is a good follow along build on the emodels youtube channel. BTW Dumblederp are you sure that you are happy for me to post in your thread?
  5. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    You are of course correct, Tamiya is pretty good for detail. Got the second bank of cylinders on now along with gearbox, a load of exhaust and inlet pipework. Will post another pic soon. Hey Dumblederp, any news/pics on the ship?
  6. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    Another bank of cylinders to go on the engine yet along with the gearbox and other bits and pieces. No aftermarket stuff, only the added lead wire for HT leads and oil lines. Its the 1:32 Tamiya. Very nicely engineered, many parts fit and hold without adhesive (no, I do go back and glue them). Really looking forward to watching your ship progress.
  7. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    Here you go, quickly taken and poor quality i am afraid. Now drilling a load of 0.5mm holes for oil lines and HT leads. [/url
  8. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    That is going to be great. I am building Tamiya's Birdcage corsair at the moment, not in the league of your ship though.
  9. Slo_Mo_Shun

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    I guess it was inevitable that someone would do it. I notice the writer states that he/she did it because he/she can, well as long as they take the same attitude when some ill befalls them (it happened because it could). To be quite honest WG's handling of the WoWs launch, its handling of the forums along with several other issues has been poor to say the least. Its seems that they are attempting to run the company on a shoestring. I will have a game every now and then to see how its progressing but I will not be putting a great deal of effort in (no I know its not a great loss ).
  10. Slo_Mo_Shun


    You do know you have to pay for this mod/cheat don't you? And thus far no one has provided any proof of this working and that includes all the so called game gurus on youtube etc. So feel free, spend some cash and let us know how you get on, except you do need to provide evidence as well, not just a personal point of view.
  11. Slo_Mo_Shun


    Sorry but just thinly disguised advert for a scam.
  12. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    Looks like a nice build
  13. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Builders Yard - Model Ship Builds

    Looking very good. Have you purchased any additional photo etch for it? Looks like it will need significant quantities of paint.
  14. Slo_Mo_Shun

    Ranked battles

    I think goes in the opposite direction doesn't it. Start at say rank 50, move up to say rank 30 and group 2, move up to say rank 10 and group 1. Thats the way it "seemed" to work in the public test anyway.
  15. Slo_Mo_Shun


    Oooer, not good but it will get better, everyone has days like that (and worse).