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  1. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Premium shop containers poll.

    Brought 20 big boxes,got nothing but camo's and flags. £36 for that shite. My wallet has just snapped shut for WG.
  2. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery please.
  3. Doughnut_Jimmy

    British Cruiser pain

    To the brown eyed boys out there,if you read the text,i say I will perservere and its still early days. I can only assume my views don't count,terribly sorry to have bothered you with a different point of view. It wont happen again,hopefully Jethro grey and Anzio will be happy to have silenced me.
  4. Doughnut_Jimmy

    British Cruiser pain

    Ok,now i'm getting cheesed off.German BB's with a minimal angle are negating almost all my AP shots. Last game was a German BB fest,100+shots fired less than 10k damage done,cos you know,who sails side on to me Another issue i'm having is BB's jus delete me from any angle any range,i'm dodging like a rabbit on speed and a couple shots manage to hit me and BOOM.Not happy about this British cruisers take full damage,still early days. Still I must percy vere(wish I could have a captain named that)
  5. Doughnut_Jimmy

    British AP Issue

    There is still the situation where if you spot a carrier you can't knock out its flight deck,it can still launch its aircraft which HE fires prevent. Still getting used to the RN,so far whilst not totally convinced not as bad as i'd feared.
  6. Doughnut_Jimmy

    British AP Issue

    Also having just been in a game with 2 carriers,you can't set fire to them to stop them launching planes,which was rather handy if you had HE.
  7. Doughnut_Jimmy

    British AP Issue

    I have no problem with the RN having AP only,however what about module damage, With HE as well as fires you can knock out engines,steering,torp tubes and guns,but with RN being AP only it causes another issue.So as well as not being able to set fires and being subject to needing flattish angles to cause decent damage, you also suffer from not being able to handicap enemy ships. Maybe I have missed it and there might be modules knocked out,but so far I havent noticed.
  8. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Yabba dabba doo

    Sorry jus got overexcited over a game,its not often it happens so I had to let the world know. It won't happen again,now i'l go and stand in the naughty corner.
  9. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Unplayable game

    I despise invisi firing and invisi torping,manual drops on torp bombers make veins on my forehead pop. However they are in the game and not going away so its a matter of cursing,banging your head against the keyboard then pressing battle again One thing I would like is torp and dive bombers only being able to autodrop,after all,you are the carrier captain not the air chief too
  10. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Yabba dabba doo

    Ay,jus looked up my summary and it still says 3,377.With first win being a 3x it still doesn't add up to my 10,086. As for the title thankyou,its what I do
  11. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Yabba dabba doo

    Holy moly,jus had to post this being a fairly crap player. Just got 10,086 xp win in my Nagato. Sorry no screenies,don't know how to do it,being a techno caveman.
  12. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Would like extra report feature

    I'd like to see on the end game stat screen under the report tab another option added. Bot Plays poorly Misbehaviour in chat AFK........ I so want this button The number of times I have afk's in games is a pain in the posterior,normally one every couple of games sometimes even two in a battle. Pleeeease WG add the afk button. I have no issue with slow loaders turning up after a minute or two,at least they turn up and fight.
  13. Doughnut_Jimmy

    This is getting beyond a joke now.

    Ah nakitu wish I was purple like you,but i'm not.What I do try however is to play my best. From some of the pvp'ers I have seen since the pearl thing went live they could do with coming back to pve,might learn something You sound quite upset about people with less skill being about,but this being a multiplayer game you will get a huge variance in skill level,which is why I try and stay out of your way,but from other threads there will never be skill rated battles. That is something I would like to see simply because you'd be happy playing with skilled players and i'd be schlepping about near my level. ps not having a go at you nak,jus wishing I was as good
  14. Doughnut_Jimmy

    Best Money maker Ship ?

    The Murmansk is my goto,its reasonable to buy it and to operate ingame. Earns decent xp and credits while being user friendly,job done
  15. Doughnut_Jimmy

    This is getting beyond a joke now.

    I'm a crap pvp'er who pve's mostly but fancied a spot of player on player action to try for my pearls. Got a kraken medal oh yeh,and in that game the only enemy ships where my 5. That sums up my frustration,either I have a brain fart and suck big hairy balls or I have an epic match and my team are ballsuckers. When it works,a cruiser with a bb,dd's spotting and staying alive to launch torps its awesome. But most of the time its simply a single player bumrush for damage to earn leet xp and credits and show how awesome they are. Hence I don't dip my toes in the fetid waters of pvp too often less you get stuck with me,or I get saddled with yahoooo chaaarge types or runaway brave sir robin types.