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  1. Namuras

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    Why they did it is irrelevant, it still is a "good" premium as in its different, but not OP compared to tech tree ships...
  2. Namuras

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    People need to keep this in mind! It won't do much for speed, but it will certainly extend range by another 10% so 18.7 km. Which is certainly a workable range... And else: it is a colorado with 14" guns. Perfect premium... slightly different, but not OP or a bag'o'gimmicks.
  3. F2P players aren't meant to be swimming in credits or anything really. The lack of income and the longer and longer grinds are there to make them pay for premium time / silver / dubloons / premiums. WG won't turn of that incomestream.
  4. Namuras

    Current Sprint Season

    That's why i teamed up with a belfat / gadja mada... sadly, all my dudes have reached R1 by now... :) Not that i care all that much, the 10k coal is nice but not a dealbreaker...
  5. Namuras

    Current Sprint Season

    While possible... it just gets frustrating. And with the limited playtime due to work i have no time for frustrating. And i am not asking for unicum teammates, just for regular players. Not the co-op crowd.
  6. Namuras

    Abusive message when I log in after 10 days away...

    Sarcasm is hard without making it too obvious... :) Also i got all kinds of interesting messages when playing CVs the last months. I find all of those highly entertaining tho.
  7. Namuras

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Something i would want more than anything is the ability to move trained captains to any tech tree without haveing to go thru retraining everytime. I'd be fine with somesort of special upkeep to be able to do that, or any other way of credit sink. Maybe even unlock with free XP or any other resource that is deemed to be too abudant by WG. Personaly i am a bit miffed i forgot to get the Makarov b/c i really like the KBerg back when. And none of the Amagi prems are really interesting to me. And before anyone says: just use Captain XP: trowing out 380k for a couple of lowtier games is going to be expensive.
  8. Namuras

    Abusive message when I log in after 10 days away...

    pls no bully (tho it might help)
  9. Namuras

    Abusive message when I log in after 10 days away...

    Chat is buggy af... Also, please reup a cencored version of the chat... people have a right to know!
  10. Namuras

    Current Sprint Season

    It gets realy hard once your team consists of players that have less then 100 games in randoms... haven't made it past R9 thanks to teams just beeing "special". There is only so much you can do in any of the OP prems vs. 7 reds.
  11. Namuras

    Radar ranges

    It still does tho courtsey of not haveing a citadel larger than the ship itself. That is from playing both and sinking both. Sure, both prefer not beeing shot at in the first place.
  12. Namuras

    Radar ranges

    Cleveland has one thing the others don't: the real possibility to survive beeing shot at...
  13. Namuras

    Gut gemacht Wargaming!

    Einen sehr guten bis überragenden CV-Spieler anscheinend nichts. Kann mir halt nur sehr schwer vorstellen, wie ein 6er CV eine Atlanta mit 2-3 Anflügen versenkt. Klar, wenn RNG dir einen Lucky Shot gibt schon, aber deine Aussage hört sich eher an als wäre es Standard. Naja... kommt auch auf das Tier drauf an, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass wenn man tief in die "Trickkiste" greift durchaus noch mit dem CV die AA Festungen rausnehmen kann. Vorallendingen da sich ja das Solofahren wieder zu etablieren zu schein.
  14. Go back to grinding for your "free" torpboat... :P
  15. Namuras

    Uptiered CV Implacable = Unplayable. GJ WG.

    The playstyle in T10 games was different than in T8 or T6 games, but then again I never feel uncomfy in any of the T8s i still sometimes play...