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  1. I never said anything about torpedoes or island camping which as you pointed out is just a l2p issue mostly. I just like to be able to see what i am getting myself into so that i can base my own approach to my chosen flank in an appropriate way I am not thinking about permaspotting whatever on the other side.
  2. They provide spotting... which i as a surface ship can appreciate. But yes, the AA is "lacking". Since even I as a CV casual don't run out of planes... Hadn't considered that tbh... or rather i haven't been bothered by it, either when playing CV or beeing on the recieving end of one. Personally i prefered the AP DP against T6 BBs... I must admit that i personally never felt as if i had been turbofocused by a CV. I can't remember a single game where i came out of it where my interaction with it was so bad i Alt F4'd.
  3. So... other than beeing unfun for (apparently) many to play against, what exactly makes CV's OP? My take would be the spotting, but this is a blessing and a curse all in one. But i'd be all for mini map only... It would severly reduce the direkt influence a CV can have on the game without taking away much of the info gathering and its own strike potential. I don't particularly care if there is a CV or not, but i do change playstyles if there is a CV present.
  4. Namuras

    Brit heavy cruisers, yet another HE spam BS

    Wait till he encounters Thunderer.... :)
  5. No kidding... Teams like this when you try to make the last 5k BEP for the legendary mod...
  6. Namuras

    Decisions decisions decisions

    What Forlorn said... only the Bourgogne really offers a unique playstyle compared to the silvervariants...
  7. Namuras

    Indomitable in the shop

    But i think if they had added "bouncing bombs" that skip over the water instead of torpedoes... now that might have been interesting. the last iteration of subs looked interesting if still unbalanced in some ways. I like the hydro mechanics for them and haveing a resource to manage sits well with me. The homing aspect was overdone tho.
  8. Namuras

    Indomitable in the shop

    You do know that WG toyed around and tested the idea of guided missiles and deemed them "not good" for the game? Good thing they took that code and turned it into the CV rework...
  9. Surprisingly i am less annoyed at people who buy their way into T8+ than i am annoyed with players that have 1000s of hightier games and still haven't understood or cared to learn the basics.
  10. Namuras

    Season 10 Ranked Sprint, how fast did you rank out?

    DDs crap their pants if they are proxy spotted at 3km w/o seeing you and the extra 25% torp spotting combined with rudder mod helps to dodge.
  11. Press "X" to doubt... A new player won't make it to T10 in under 100 Battles. Maybe 100 randoms and 2k Coop... Or it is a reroll that farmed FXP in operations.
  12. Namuras

    Season 10 Ranked Sprint, how fast did you rank out?

    Tirpitz... 41 games, 1 Draw, 4 Losses. The draw was a ram from a Vladivostok. The losses where against a Gascan with the best RNG for fires (never had less than 3 going unless during 30sec of DC), one against a Bismarck and two against Massas. Quickest game was slightly under 2 mins vs and Edinburgh that i oneshot in my first salvo of frontguns. Used targetaquisition instead of concealment mod and ruddershift mod, 2ndary build with IFHE and RPF DDs where bullied out of the cap only to either die while torp rushing or lose on points. Cruisers never stood a chance and vs. BBs the only ones that where bothersome where Massas that played good (rare). Against other Tirpitz i just shot HE to take out their torpedoes and viola... Never encountered a CV (lucky me).
  13. Played CBs? First game gives you free Captain respeccs...
  14. Pen hat sich bei der Kremlin tatsächlich kaum geändert... Dafür der Geschwindigkeitsverlust. Man muß etwas mehr vorhalten und schießen auf CA wird seltener mit nem Overpen belohnt. Jedenfalls auf wenn man auf 15km+ schießt. Dafür hat man mehr Pen wenn man nah dran ist...
  15. Namuras

    Stats - a journey to the past

    I guess that is one of the nice things about beeing able to view the beta stats...