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  1. HMS_Britannia

    Impossible to play this crap game

    Patch weekend combined with an early access event = play something else
  2. HMS_Britannia

    Poll about CB season 9

    The truly scary thing about this season of CB is that WG will look at this and say hmm no one took midway or audacious vs haku clearly we need to buff those 2 and that will [edited]random even more than it is now
  3. HMS_Britannia

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    It's never just one thing, it's a build up of [edited] over the years. The prevalence of HE spam meaning positioning and angling is irrelevant The increasing number of high dakka ships that make fire management irrelevant The increasing number of overmatch BB that make cruiser armour irrelevant The increasing number of radar that make playing the objective in DDs irrelevent CV [edited] that is too numerous to post here and everyone know what it is And finally the abortion that will be subs that will finally kill this game for long term players and WG will get what they want high player turn over of people that come in some some money and leave.
  4. Skill based MM can be done if you make both teams have the same average skill instead of lots of the good players on one side and few on the other
  5. HMS_Britannia

    Where are you going wows?

    Actually it started when they released on steam. now any donk gets emailed hey try this free to play game, instead of people that are genuinely interested in playing naval warfare and thus have a vested interest in LEARNING how to play properly. there was a noticeable drop in player quality at Xmas (like every year) but it has not recovered during the whole of January where as normally by now it has improved.
  6. HMS_Britannia

    The current meta

    that's not the point he is making, yes some ships always played like this but what he is trying to point out is that it has got worse. do you just come on here to refute everything anyone says, do you find it fun to poo poo every point someone makes no matter how valid? or are you some sort of paid WG shill?
  7. HMS_Britannia


  8. HMS_Britannia

    Fire prevention skill

    This skill does not limit the number of times you can be set on fire per match, it limits the number of fires you can have burning on your ship at any one time. There are 4 zones on a ship that can be on fire, bow, stern, and superstructure x2. The skill reduces the superstructure from x2 to x1 so now you can only have bow, stern, and superstructure x1 it is useful as most people aim for the middle of your ship so instead of getting 2 fires burning on your superstructure you only have one.
  9. HMS_Britannia

    ap and light cruisers..

    That is because 50% of the time you aim at the water line and the stupid game drops all of your shots into the sea instead of where you aim, and this has been known about for years and nothing has been done about it
  10. HMS_Britannia

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    It would if WG could get the bloody server to render the shells correctly. Sadly the smoly has so many guns that fire so fast it cant render them at the point they fire from
  11. HMS_Britannia


    its even more fucked up than in 0.8.8, I now have no engine and no hit sounds, I can hardly hear my AA all the audio cues that we use for playing this game are shagged. FFS WG just admit you fucked up AGAIN!!!! and roll the sounds back until you can guarantee its working, how incompetent can you lot be I mean really, its working well [edited]me we better fix that then!!!
  12. HMS_Britannia

    Why is the Gneisenau now terrible at AA?

    It's crap because it is impossible to balance CV. So we are doomed to swing from AA.works one patch to AA does [edited]all the next. All because WG won't admit the obvious that putting 4 things into a rock,paper scissors (3) type of game was never going to work, and they dont have to bottle to move cv to their own game mode. Image the crap show we are going to be forced to endure when the idiot idea that is subs will be rushed into live cos you can bet that even when they are told in testing they not fit in the game they will ram them in anyway cos of all the time they put into them.
  13. HMS_Britannia

    Smolensk Have to force me to Delete the Game

    @mtm78 serious question: how can you have more than 3 times as many posts as battles, you seem to enjoy writing about the game 3 times more than playing it?
  14. HMS_Britannia

    Hakuryu's alternative torpedoes being removed

    This is a c.v thread an should be locked apparently we have enough of those,please go to the pinned c.v thread
  15. HMS_Britannia

    CV tier 4 need BUFF

    Excuse me moderators why has this thread not been locked, apparently we have a thread for cv dicussion you are all over new topics slamming the cv rework why not this one?