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  1. HMS_Britannia

    ap and light cruisers..

    That is because 50% of the time you aim at the water line and the stupid game drops all of your shots into the sea instead of where you aim, and this has been known about for years and nothing has been done about it
  2. HMS_Britannia

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    It would if WG could get the bloody server to render the shells correctly. Sadly the smoly has so many guns that fire so fast it cant render them at the point they fire from
  3. HMS_Britannia


    its even more fucked up than in 0.8.8, I now have no engine and no hit sounds, I can hardly hear my AA all the audio cues that we use for playing this game are shagged. FFS WG just admit you fucked up AGAIN!!!! and roll the sounds back until you can guarantee its working, how incompetent can you lot be I mean really, its working well [edited]me we better fix that then!!!
  4. HMS_Britannia

    Why is the Gneisenau now terrible at AA?

    It's crap because it is impossible to balance CV. So we are doomed to swing from AA.works one patch to AA does [edited]all the next. All because WG won't admit the obvious that putting 4 things into a rock,paper scissors (3) type of game was never going to work, and they dont have to bottle to move cv to their own game mode. Image the crap show we are going to be forced to endure when the idiot idea that is subs will be rushed into live cos you can bet that even when they are told in testing they not fit in the game they will ram them in anyway cos of all the time they put into them.
  5. HMS_Britannia

    Smolensk Have to force me to Delete the Game

    @mtm78 serious question: how can you have more than 3 times as many posts as battles, you seem to enjoy writing about the game 3 times more than playing it?