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  1. HMS_Britannia

    Kuznetzov nerf and refund!

    It's not gambling the price was known, the details of the goods were known and this is the first time ever that a commander has been nerfed
  2. HMS_Britannia

    The 'cannot be sold' items in Inventory

    I want to be able to sell my hundreds of ranked camos that currently can’t be sold for some reason you could sell every other camo but not those
  3. HMS_Britannia

    Why shouldn't people playing submarines not be reported?

    But you are forcing me to play with subs by using randoms as a test bed for more than one year now, and do you know why you would not get enough data by putting subs in a separate test game mode even if it offered more rewards or other incentives cos not enough people want subs
  4. HMS_Britannia

    Gifting dubloons from another server account

    Online premium shop or do it from in port on your eu account would be the easiest way rather than as a gift just buy them from the account you want to have them
  5. HMS_Britannia

    Gifting dubloons from another server account

    Afaik you can’t transfer between accounts you can use one account and buy a gift package of dubs for your secondary from your primary, not sure about doing that between regions though
  6. HMS_Britannia

    Give us old camera back.

    Why are these things allowed to get to live so often Clearly more QA testing is needed for the "improvments" And no matter what you say the shells falling short bug is still present but not easily reproducible but WG just deny it exists, there are plenty of clips of it happening for years now And the are still islands where you can ground without touching the island and where your torp lead indicator says that the torps can get past but then they detonate just cos you can't be bothered to fix the underwater environments that were put in for [edited]subs
  7. WG don't care about quality only money, and are the correct % of players playing subs and CV
  8. More if you get the doubloon compensation and then take several lower tier premiums
  9. You might want to wait as the ability to sell ones like the ranked bronze, silver and gold ones will be coming apparently
  10. HMS_Britannia

    7th Anniversary

    Dev blog says “researchable” so that makes it TT ships only to my mind
  11. HMS_Britannia

    CV vs Submarine problem...

    Try playing tier 4\5 BBs that have very little or in some cases NO AA I hate subs , but its very funny to hear cv crying about being on the short end of fair
  12. HMS_Britannia

    Availability of free perma economic bonusses nerf

    So basically, it's another rework that was released without proper forethought. As anyone that actually plays the game would have had answers to these obvious questions from the community
  13. HMS_Britannia

    Remove Super CV's from the game NOW

    Ok so when can we expect WG to introduce the ability for me to select my Montana and then change to a better AA ship if there is a cv present or change to a ship with bad AA if there is no cv, the point is there should not be any ship in the game that can crap on EVERY other class at will within the first 2 mins like cvs can He did not sail around alone he spawned alone, there are several maps that spawn a max of 3 ships on a flank far away from team mates, and given how fast cv planes can move around the map that is plenty of time for them to start striking you, and whilst your just dodging the enemy team is hammering you with shells and with cvs in almost every [edited]battle now and them supposed to shift the meta away from stealth what are the ships that live and die by stealth supposed to do, their concealment ranges do not change based on if cvs are present or not.
  14. HMS_Britannia

    Sevastopol and Slava

    Ftfy when they angle then you use HE, that is why it exists
  15. HMS_Britannia

    Was separating Camo and resource bonuses a good idea?

    The thing is you could mix and match for fxp you could go “all in” or go in a lot more stages rather than the almost useless grey boosters or the exceedingly rare red ones so you now only have 2 choices, green which is mediocre at best or blue which is not as good as a full set, cos I had about 30-50 of each dragon flag but I did not get 30 red boosters for fxp so I get less “chances” to get a really good haul of fxp than I had before