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  1. Matchmaking

    The biggest issues with the MM is not the +/- 2 its when it matches uneven numbers of DDs and also when the skill of the CVs are not even ie potato vs unicum , and I know we will never get a skill based MM but having an even number of DDs per side should not be that hard given the population that play them. But IMHO they should remove CV from the game totally and refund all exp and gold/money until they can balance them correctly, again I know this will NEVER happen but I can dream.
  2. Tier 10 Destroyers and Anti-Ship Guided Missiles

    No no no no no!!!! I cant think of anything worse, ATGM is the reason I have stopped playing war thunder tanks they have ruined it.
  3. Whats going on with the salem

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Salem this baby is the one I want for reasons stated above
  4. Whats going on with the salem

    Its premium so I can put my 19 point BB captain in her, as they share the same AA build with the American BBs
  5. Whats going on with the salem

    Does anyone know what is happening with the salem, its seems like a very similar ship to the des moins so shouldn't be take that long to balance her I would not have thought, does anyone know how, and when we can get our hands on her?
  6. Z-39 (upcoming premium) Dropped to TVII

    I thought it was only the ashaio that had super deepwater torps not this dd?
  7. Server currently unavailable?

    were in business
  8. Server currently unavailable?

  9. Server currently unavailable?

    the kick out was expected, regular maintenance, but it is only supposed to be 1/2 hr not the 2 hr 20 mins we are at currently
  10. Server currently unavailable?

    was kicked from server 2 hours ago, still cant get back could we get some official word on this please
  11. What about one team having more DDs than another? This creates really unbalanced games when one team has more DDs.
  12. Citadel Iowa

    Firstly thanks for the reply, constant engagement is appreciated. Is there a possibility to roll back the changes, as there is most definitely something wrong with multiple ships, until the issues are tracked down. I'm not saying that the ships are unplayable but it is just nowhere near as much fun playing these ships as it was. Thanks
  13. Citadel Iowa

    It's for real, WG. Have once again buggered something up in a patch. We need some official word on this from someone as there is clearly a massive screw up somewhere, the patch was supposed to affect the way HE reacts with the armour not break all turtle back vs AP which is what appears to have happened.
  14. Citadel Iowa

    I seems to me as through they have broken ALL turtleback as my beloved Hindenburg is now eating citadel from cruisers that it never used to even though I am angled

    Why can't they put this much effort into fixing the blooming laggy server that forces a client restart every 5-6 games due to stuttering, I'm all for having a bit of fun and previous April fools stuff has been good but really put your efforts into fixing something that is clearly broken and makes the game experience bad for a lot of people