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  1. I agree that the 7v7 format is much better, some of the best games i have had have been early hours of the morning when MM struggles to get full games
  2. I do t know I have 30 mins to check forum and eat before going to night shift work can't do CW until Sunday day night, 1/night a week to try and earn the reward cruiser thanks a xxx xxx lot WG well thought out timings xxx you
  3. Ok but I work nights and I have every sunday Monday and Tuesday off so can only play on the Sunday night how can I possibly fulfill the requirements to earn the reward ship being limited to 1 day a week
  4. Is she available for doubloons?
  5. I work nights and my days off are Sunday Monday and Tuesday so I can't do this at all FFS, gg wp WG
  6. Why not make them like in the collections where you can swap a number of them (say 3) for another that shouldn't be too difficult to introduce
  7. You can repeat the non carrier missions like the earn a cumulative amount of xp or credits and advance to the next stage that way, you can do them as many times as you like you still get the stars just not the other rewards, it's what I did as I don't have and probably never will play carrier as I hate the rts style of play
  8. See Flamu's video: I like my KGV, but it does feel a bit squishy for the ship it is supposed to represent. As the KGV was the most armoured BB until the Yamato. I dont like WG blanket everything at T7 must have a 25mms bow instead of taking each ship on a case by case basis
  9. Wargaming have got DDs doing the job of motor torpedo boats, no destroyer would have been able to get within 10km of a BB let alone still being invisible at 8km. I remember when we were still in beta and DDs were not the counter to BB s that was the job of CV and the DDs were supposed to be the counter to CV, able to sneak around or though the line to hit the CV, While I do agree that each nation should have its own national flavour more accurate, or harder hitting but less accurate etc.. To keep introducing more and more gimmicks will just make the game too hard to balance as you have to keep coming up with new gimmicks to counter the gimmicks, any consumables should be available to all nations
  10. Ok so we are going for deep draft torps, when are we going to have the DDs not able to reload torps at sea? Cos they could not do so IRL had to be done with lifting equipment which would not fit on DDs unlike on cruisers And I would also like my underwater torps on my battleships please
  11. Ah I understand now, makes sense thanks for the clarification
  12. Just not anywhere near as fun as last season at tier 7, tier 6 is just too low. Won't be participating anymore this season.
  13. How is this not a direct nerf, less dmg and less fire chance
  14. Unless I am mistaken premium ships stats can't be touched as people have paid money for them and the they would not be the same as when they bought them, can someone confirm please So this should leave tirpitz and scharnhorst untouched also
  15. I was under the impression that they can't nerf the premium ships as the state won't be the same as when people bought them, if true will my beloved scharnhorst and girlies be spared this nerf?? Can anyone confirm this please?