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  1. Ah I understand now, makes sense thanks for the clarification
  2. Just not anywhere near as fun as last season at tier 7, tier 6 is just too low. Won't be participating anymore this season.
  3. How is this not a direct nerf, less dmg and less fire chance
  4. Unless I am mistaken premium ships stats can't be touched as people have paid money for them and the they would not be the same as when they bought them, can someone confirm please So this should leave tirpitz and scharnhorst untouched also
  5. I was under the impression that they can't nerf the premium ships as the state won't be the same as when people bought them, if true will my beloved scharnhorst and girlies be spared this nerf?? Can anyone confirm this please?
  6. recently had a similar match myself and LOVED it just BBs, also just this morning had a 4v4 and have also had 6v6 and 8v8 at other times and they are by FAR WAY more fun than the normal randoms, teamplay is a MUST, I think they should make randoms with smaller teams similar to ranked.
  7. what happens if your user name is taken on the other server can I still use this if I have to use a different name?
  8. Not only captain skills the tool tips need to update from module upgrades as well
  9. I agree I never actually notice flags in any enemy ship or even on my own, there does need to be a way to make them more prominent
  10. No if you have a dual purpose battery then the module that affects secondary armament only let's it shoot further when shooting at surface ships, and the one that extends AA fire it only affects when shooting at aircraft. it doesn't make sense the dual battery should be able to shoot the same distance
  11. I have what may sound like a dumb question but here goes... Why if I buy a module that increases my secondary battery shooting distance can't they shoot the same distance for AA fire or visa versa if I buy the module that increase the AA fire distance, it doesn't make sense ???
  12. I had the same, ungroup the eyefinity so your 3 screens all show the same image open the game make the changes you want the regroup the eyefinity
  13. You need to have small objects turned on to see all of the AA fire, I was thinking the same until I found it and turned it on. It's in the graphics settings.
  14. I am running eyefinity on 3 screens, using windowed mode and it runs fine. Try putting it to windowed mode and the expand the window across all screens
  15. yes and that dmg is based on RNG