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  1. HMS_Britannia

    Server "overloaded"

    happened yesterday also
  2. HMS_Britannia

    Sitting Idle In Port

    In aslains pack there is a port mod called black hole, drops my temps by 10 degrees from having a by other port open
  3. HMS_Britannia


    It is because it takes far less skill to play coop, so the rewards are comparatively less. The bots just sail straight in.
  4. HMS_Britannia

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    Karma means nothing, I proudly try and keep mind at 0 until you actually get something for having karma
  5. HMS_Britannia

    Level of play - Perception?

    The general level of play has gone down since steam launch, before people played that liked ships specifically now you get any Muppet from steam thinking on free to.play I'll give that a go and don't really put in the time to learn
  6. HMS_Britannia

    HE spam is the meta 2018

    I must say I agree totally with the OP, I used to love my BB you had to know how to angle and when you could use all your guns but now I only play yamato and Montana as they are still good at range and I have switched to cruisers as I don't have to aim particularly well just hit and you will get fires. The second you try to push you get HE focussed by Worcester and harugumo I must say since the launch in steam the fun of this game has gone down due to potato players that get steam rolled on one flank and the braindead HE spam
  7. HMS_Britannia

    will alaska be free xp or coal?

    so no one actually knows for sure yet? also since its been mentioned what about the Bourgogne what is the deal with that I though Stalingrad was the next reward whip bit soon for another one isn't it?
  8. HMS_Britannia

    will alaska be free xp or coal?

    Hi all Does anyone know what the Alaska will be, free xp or coal? I sold all my special modules before they moved the slots around to make it viable to use them and I want to buy quite a few of them back but don't want to do that if the Alaska will be a coal ship as I won't be able to get that at launch if I buy all of the modules for all the ships I want to mount them on Thanks
  9. I have been hoping for vanguard for ages and they seem to have copied the stupid silver line with her stupid he and not very accurate, why oh why could they not have taken her general feeling from the warspite with great AP and pretty accurate with 2.0 sigma.
  10. HMS_Britannia

    Did the server just burp?

    check your personal missions for the tier 10 modules, all my progress has been reset
  11. HMS_Britannia

    personal missions reset

    So earlier tonight there were issues with connecting to the server, connecting for 10 mins then disconnects, so I took a break for a few hours and now I log back in to find all progress on my tier 10 special modules reset. Does anyone else have this issue? I have just noticed that my Moskva mission is showing 1/5 but I was partway through part 2 and that is displayed in the little progress bars: could we get someone for WG to let us know what is happening please and how we will get our progress back?
  12. HMS_Britannia

    Kronshtadt spotter plane mod

    The description of the special mod for spotter plane says for use on tier 6-10 BB and Cruisers so why cant I mount this on my Kronshtadt?
  13. HMS_Britannia


    The biggest issues with the MM is not the +/- 2 its when it matches uneven numbers of DDs and also when the skill of the CVs are not even ie potato vs unicum , and I know we will never get a skill based MM but having an even number of DDs per side should not be that hard given the population that play them. But IMHO they should remove CV from the game totally and refund all exp and gold/money until they can balance them correctly, again I know this will NEVER happen but I can dream.
  14. HMS_Britannia

    Tier 10 Destroyers and Anti-Ship Guided Missiles

    No no no no no!!!! I cant think of anything worse, ATGM is the reason I have stopped playing war thunder tanks they have ruined it.
  15. HMS_Britannia

    Whats going on with the salem

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Salem this baby is the one I want for reasons stated above