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  1. HMS_Britannia

    Will there be CV nerfing agian ?

  2. HMS_Britannia

    Will there be CV nerfing agian ?

    No it wasn't their primary goal was to make carriers work on console for when they release wows on it and RTS CV couldn't do that. No matter how much they deny it that was their goal, the final nail in the coffin for me and this game will be if they put CV in clan battles If that happens i will pretty much stop playing totally
  3. HMS_Britannia

    CVs and gaming enjoyment in WoWs: 2nd Survey

    And that is the crux of the issue. Rock, paper, scissors are 3 and in our game we have 4 and the 4th can hit all other types for good damage with no counter. It is bloody stupid, I for one am glad I have been introduced to a new game away from this double CV every damn match idiocy
  4. HMS_Britannia

    Bug going around killing planes instantly☆

    We are not in this together, you lot have ruined a great game. The only reason rts cv were accepted was that you got 1 in 20 games. CV should have their own game mode away from the rest WG have tried and failed to combine 2 different games into one and it frankly it getting pretty crap at the moment facing 2 tier 10 cv every [edited]game
  5. HMS_Britannia

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    The main issue with this is that we are playing a rock, paper scissors game, so DD>BB>CA/CL>DD and round it goes, the issue we have is that in rock paper scissors there are only 3 options now we have a 4th that is good against EVERYTHING. they have tools to deal large dmg to every other ship type without the risk of being de-planed anymore and no risk to their own ships health. just today my self and a div mate were in a Alaska and Des Moins both with def AA active and a midway flew over us to strike a musashi behind us and it did not loose a single plane until after the first strike was done, and then guess what it attacked with a different type while the planes recharged, and round it went every 20-30 seconds until the musashi was dead. WG can we keep space battles for permanent since there are no CV in them, people that want to play CV can stay in randoms with those that don't mind to play with CV and the rest of us that feel CV ruin our game experience can play without them.
  6. HMS_Britannia

    Smoke Concealment - Remind me how im spotted in smoke as a DD

    Don't bet on it. Remember unified account share gold across all WG world of titles.
  7. HMS_Britannia

    +/- 2 tiers, is it fair ness or Bullying

    Life is not fair, people don't get what they deserve they get what they get. All you do by teaching young people that everything must be fair is a generation of weak willed nancies that can't stand up to life's inequalities.
  8. HMS_Britannia

    Why I quit this game: Winrate

    Bye, miss you already.
  9. HMS_Britannia

    T10 BBs since September 2017

    Very intersting, can you do something similar for stats before release on steam as I am sure that is when the real decline in player quality began. this is because before that people that wanted to play ships had to find the game now any pleb can search for F2P on steam and come in and [edited]this game up
  10. HMS_Britannia

    Conqueror 457mm guns accuracy

    Not sure how it is click bait. i am asking for a buff to make the alternate guns actually viable cos at present there is no reason to actually run them as they are not accurate enough to warrant l losing 33% of your barrels.
  11. HMS_Britannia

    Conqueror 457mm guns accuracy

    That got your attention I was lucky enough to get the mission for the vanguard and I cant help but wonder why the twin gun Conq does not have the same accuracy. Surely that would make that set up more viable even if the fire chance were to be lowered to compensate because as it stands there is no reason to take the twin gun Conq over the montana clone.
  12. HMS_Britannia

    CV vs DD: works as intended?

    The answer is simple REMOVE THE FVCKING THINGS ALL TOGETHER. The game does not need them for balance or to work. I want all my premium time back for playing what has been rolled back to effectively a beta test.
  13. HMS_Britannia

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    If this stands MAJOR nerf for British CD 20 seconds of useable smoke utter foolishness
  14. HMS_Britannia

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    One thing no one seems to have me mentioned about the 20 second concealment thing is that means no shooting in smoke with <20 sec left on it. So will british dd get longer smoke as they will now have 25 seconds of useable smoke to shoot from with 20 seconds of SFA bloody idiotic change.