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  1. Eddy209

    Say No to Subs

    Sorry but is say no to no to subs. Subs are not carriers - they dont have the spotting issue the "attack anywhere on the map in short notice" , they are much more like any other ship - infact - dds in this game with their invisicloack are pretty much like fast subs with way more firepower. They will rather be to weak rather than to powerfull thus they wont likely be a big hassle to balance. I like how the community is so easily triggered though. We had alot of changes to the game since it was first released. We had 3 tier MM, we had stealthfiring we had a smoke heavy meta, we had carriers that could be on 5 placess at the same time with loads of alpha damage etc. This game improved alot over time. Alot of us were always kicking and screaming but the game is better than it was. And WG is running out of ships so subs are only logical. There is not much left unless they want to dable into cold war weapons territory. And believe me guided weapons would change the game ways more than subs would.
  2. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    Maybe, but since it is meant as a discussion, its pretty natural that we express opinions, and since those depend to quite to a degree on the expiriences and observations we have within the game (wich seem to differ alot sometimes)- sure we feel a certain way about it. Sometimes it matches with the statistics we can see or we interpret them in that way. Either way - its always skewed to a degree. As long as it stays somewhat civil there is nothing wrong with that. For a real scientific aproach you would need to know all the things factoring in and the things wg will add to the game and the effects those will have. Both things are either hard to come by or dont always match what could be in the game and what the players make of it. I for one might not agree with some posts here, but its fun to react to them, and seeing a reply that might change my opinion of it or make me understandf it in a broader sense, or reinforce my own. Its not that out posting here will change much. I guess WG has their own plans and until now we all stayed here through many ups and downs. Im not in a doom and gloom mood to be honest. At least I dont think the game is as bad as it was in its worst days.
  3. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    I dont play DDs often - i admit that much. But the basics are the same for surface ships. But admitedly im playing the game often but not realy in a tryhard mode. The slow gampace of the game allow me to relax while playing. I even drink my tea and smoke a cigar while playing it. I find DDs rather twitchy and requiring good reflexes wich i lack to some extend. Wich is a shame imho as i have a soft spot for destroyers when it comes to real life destroyers .Funnyly enough it was the prospect of playing DDs wich brought me to WOWS. But im not good at them at the best of times and I want my team to win - so in the rare case I play DDs its either alone, or in operations or in coop.Cruisers i do okayish in - not a detriment to the team, but also not good enough to carry alot of games . But I do play with rather competent DD players most of the times. Yes in a Division. And we practice together alot , myself more to help them as they take that game far more serious than me. Its just what they tell me does not match with what is written in this topic. You see - im a BB main for the aforementioned reasons and im rather used to dodge torps alot, hell im quite the DD hunter even in BBs as i mostly have to hunt them down myself or with my div mates because alot of time nobody else does. I know it can be played around and i know how to wasd , hell i die to torps very seldomly because i put work into my evasion skills. Sure once in a hundred games i get a deleted by a torp spread that came from an unsuspected direction or becaue i messed up. Kudos to that DD player. However alot of players cant dodge well or dont know DD torpranges or the maps well enough to make a halfway decent judgement of the situation. They only see if they eat a torp im down on hp alot. And 2 to 3 torp hits can basicly make you a easy target for deletion as well. 4 torps from a DD of equal tier is basicly always a kill. People only know torps hurt - let someone else go first. Its that psychological influece torp boats have. And if you push up , take out 2 or even 3 targets and get snatched by the DD that sits in smoke nearby that no one spotted before its not fun either. Yes he did alot right at that point but for the most part i did too. If a DD comes aroud the corner of a island at 5 km there is not much counterplay either - They are the ultimate cohesion and push spoilers. Now sure you can say thats their job but i consider a stealth class to be a bad gamedesign decision, as you might consider cvs in theri current form a bad design decision. As long as the game punishes the one who initiates a good push there wont be much pushing. The BBs sit in the back , the cruisers hide themselfs as good as they can from the BB salvos wich leaves DDs deciding the game. And limiting their influence is what a carrier does well. Should it be that way is another question as other ships could do it too - its just with the camping meta and all the mechanics that benefit it (bow camping instead of angeling , fast reversing, radar, high shell arcs smok camping, being able to sit right next to islands even for BBs etc)in the game there is little to break it up other than carriers. Yes CVs limit what a DD can do greatly, but so does a DD to other ships. And no im not implying its great design that DDs suck in the few games they face a carrier just because they face them not very often. But DDs can make the game suck for other surface ships every game. So maybe in a twisted squared was I admit im okay with that. Myself and others suggested alot of things in this topic that could work to aliviate that to some extend. But some stuff would change the meta and that seems to be a big no no for those who mastered it. I for one would love to see mechanics that punish team camping and static gameplay in general , rewards moving and shooting , high risk high rewards king of thing. But other that the current mechanics its also the limited gamemods and the maps that foster the meta we have.
  4. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yes - but at that point i have to agree to others - that at this range at wich they are rather useless unless they come as a suprise for campers. At wich point I say well done asashio :)
  5. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    I will play more DDs in the future. But please consider - im not talking about the effectiveness of the torps themselfs in doing damage - I know that lots of them miss and that DD damage is skewed to a degree by having gunboats as well wich mainly fight other DDs wich have low healthpools and therefor generate lower damage. Its the threat that is enough to make whole flanks crumble. Its the big fear of what could happen , not what is realistic to happen.
  6. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    1. true - but he still can be lategame when plane reserves are low. And agressiveness is still possible against other DDs if the enemy DD goes for the enemy DD. In this case he shouldnt. But he can - take him out and deny spotting while beeing close to his team. 2. There is - staying close with your team. If you consider it being usless to bounce people who get to close, or the enemy DD that gets into range - spot torps comming for your team, or in the worst case being a CV target for some minutes and therefor keep the pressure from them - then yes the DD can be useless 3. They still can - but they it might cost them their hp. Not the DDs fault but the other ships not pushing up. At least your CV could help you - but so could others. Pushing with multiple ships into a cap is a good way to neuter Cvs influence on a cap as he cant stopp it. Too much AA at that point and not enough alpha to do it . But people rarely do that because there might be torps comming from the other side. Works basicly only when the Enemy DD is dead. 4. you dont have to be at range to torp spread. take an island close to cap with a cruiserbudy sitting next to it. torp from there and reposition. You might not hit alot that way but the enemy will not blunder into that spot because you could launch torps. Therefor it keeps them back. If they do and go into your torps its on them 5.So the asashio wasnt in AA range of his team or too far to reatreat in a ship thats the least usefull for his team because he limited his targets to maybe 4 or 5 ships per team (BB and CV). He took a situational ship and the situation didnt arise. Bad luck i guess. Specific example - lets say it was a kagero. It can attack all targets and doesnt have to flank half of the map to do something. This one shouldnt get into that situation in the first place. 6.True to a point but flighttime limits action time as well. If im too far away i might not be able to help. And there are plenty of maps where teams face each other at 10 km or less. Cant be that hard to cover 3 to 4 km to close to detection range within a window when the cv attacks somewhere else. And 3-4 km is still within dfaa or long range flak - if you are found there rereat to your team. so planes have to follow you into their AA at least on the second attack runf if they even manage that. And the AA of multiple ships can be consequential for th CV. Either he cant attack more than once, cant attack at all or looses planes of the chosen type having less of them to try again for a while - most likly forcing him to focus somewhere else. 7. True to a point again. Not every CV supports their DD friends. But thats on the individual not on the ship. And if the Enemy in a lone ship doesnt counter a 2 or 3 man division id say something is right here. Fun - maybe not - but its no fun to be stealthtorped either. Or smoke he rained on. Or to findig a just spotted ship disapearing into smoke 5 km in front of you with no way back. Or having your push ruined becasue half your flank turns around because they might eat a torp. It realy goes both ways. DDs spoil the fun of others to so the feeling is mutual i guess. You see - Im not the one who wants the game to be unfun for the player. But WG gave the CVs the tools it gave them. I try to help my team with what i got. Your concerns are valid - but I doubt neither my position or your position on the matter will change alot. I honestly think that CVs were to some extend meant by the devs to make DDs less attractive in the game. The softcap of 4 is a clear indicator that they went overboard. Not to mention the option to sell high AA DDs as a solution.
  7. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    No no no - you misunderstand me completly. I neither think CVs ruin gamplay for DDs, nor do I think they should be oneshoted. The thing is if a carrier is around they can forget their ninja attacks and are basicly in a passive gamemode wich imho is a good thing. And if a passive aproach isnt fun for the DD, tough luck i guess. BBs and to a lesser degree CA/CLs are forced into passive mode by the torpthreat every game while DDs face few CVs nowadays.And my explainations before simply stated that there is some counterplay available and some are pretty good at it too.. It might be less effective vs a CV but to say ther is none is simpy wrong. They can deny spotting for quite a while , they can minimize damage taken, and he can cuddle his teammates. Is it a 100 percent defense? - no - i know that - nor should it be. In a CV game there shouldnt be cap rushing , no DD vs DD fights in the cap 2 minutes into the game.I know alot of DDs do try that no matter what - but thats when they get taken out. Having a carrier in the game is a factor they have to consider , just like cover, radar etc. If the enemy DD doesnt want to be blapped early in a CV game they are forced to stay behind their team or at least within. They still can deny areas with tropspreads or bounce on ships comming to close. Sure they cant roam as free as in a game without CV. But the other ship classes do have to consider other ship classes as well. Everyone has to be on the lookout for torps, or BBs that could hit their broadsides etc. If you are behind cover in a Cruiser but broadside to a BB you dont leave that cover. If ther is DD smoke infront of you and you are in a BB you do not go broadside to the smoke or you eat torps. The concept is the same - depending on your position there are some things you shouldnt do. Its the same with DDs. CVs have that too. You position your hull in a way you are either not spotted or unreachable or your dead. Still you have to minimize flighttime so you want to be close if possible. And when it comes to planes you dont go whre AA is concentrated. That area is denied for the most part. Sure if absolutly neccesarry he can attack that area - but it will limit his offensive power after that by planeloss. From divisioning with my clanmates DDs , I barly ever get to hear - CVs make life so hard for DDs. Quite the contrary for the most part, as I do support my guys whenever I can - so they can actually cap or find their DD counterparts and shred them to bits. The rest of the enemy usually blobs up then and makes them rather easy targets for torpedo spreads. If the enemy CV goets close to them i drop them a fighter, and i keep their flanks as clean as i can. CVs can be your best fried in a DD because he can actually be there for you. CA/CLs and BBs often enough are not supporting their DDs in such an imidiate fashion. And once the enemy DDs are gone I can go for BBs so my cruisers can move. Or i attack cruisers in the flank or radar ships. It is the ultimate support class. Making DDs the a great target for CVs comes essentialy down to the DDs importance to win games, their psychological effect on the team, and the concentration of AA on bigger ships. All things that could be changed by WG but they didnt. And I doubt they will.
  8. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    Imho thats only ttrue to a point. He can smoke up and therefore deny being spotted. He can stick close to islands for cover against rockets at least from one side, preferably in the AA range of a cruisers. And of cause - hate to feed the meme - dodge. A good DD captain can relativly easy avoid Torpplanes, Bombplanes are quite rng now and are to some extend dodgeble. Rockets not to such an extend but still - the DD can minimize damage. And by far not guarantied that a squad of rocketplanes takes the DD out in one go - so at least the DD has some time to reposition. And if he has his AA off and does not go the predictable routes - he is already not so easy to find + often enough the min distance to turn around rocketplanes is enough to let him become undetected. If he managed to turn around he can mitigate quite a bit of damage by making the planes overshoot. If he is caught in open water , without AA cover , without smokes - Im sorry but he is as out of position in this fight, as a BB would be when pushing between 2 DD smokes, or a cruiser reversing bradside to a BB. Then only RNG should be able to help him. So no - if he is in such a position he should be easily punished. He can do the ninja gameplay when no carrier is around. And to be quite honest - As much as i loke making DDs explode - I often go for them to protect my team from them or at least the caps. I like winning. There are games where I`d rather go for meatier targets , like german or Russian BBs - or the flaanking cruiser that set my div buddy on fire for the 3rd time. My expirience clearly say - leave the DDs alon and your team pays the prize. Plus making the other ships harder to attack only reinforced the hunt for DDs.
  9. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    But those are the ones you need a counter for , If you leave them alone they will flank your team and then its torp city. They can Shine at that in the 9 out of 10 their games when they face no CV - if they play well. If they dont - its on them. If they face a carrier they have to learn that their game should be close to friendly AA or close to cover at least until late game. Sure that game might suck for them, but so does a 4 DD game for BB , or a 5 BB game for Cruisers. And those are far from being rare. And DDs rushing for the cap in a CV game on the flank where planes were spotted? Its not the smartest move they can make. They become predictable and therefore easier to find. Why would they do that? because the Enemy DDs do that too? Nobody stopps them from smoking up and waste a CVs time, especialy those that actually have AA. Sure they might not do much for a minute - but well - the CV either goes for something else or also wastes a minute or how long the smoke goes. Yes they used a smoke they might need later - so what - torp a BB and he might usel a heal he might need later , bait a Radar ship into using it and he lost a charge he might need later.
  10. Eddy209

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Had a game lately with enterprise with a Friesland in the enmy team. My gf accidently pulled the cable from ther router so i had to restart. When I reconected the game was already beyond saving so i thought - well , I got a full compliment of planes to throw at the Friesland to see wether her AA is realy that good. So I focused him down. I got him in the end but it took me 68 planes to do so. But I admit - that guy was rather smart about it - while he was basicly alone the timed Def AA and smoke rather well and when there was an opening he dogded rather good as well. So kudos to that player whoever he was. But I wont attack a Friesland anytime soon , let alone so diliberatly unless its realy neccesary. But that ship can create a no flyzone vs T8 CVs all by its own. I must admit I always hate it when DDs get something as I consider them far more of a pest than anything else, but there is still hope for a nerf. Or rather a rebalancing. If anything,Flanking cruisers need more AA - not those little pests.
  11. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    Burn it with fire!!!!
  12. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    But,...But that would be reasonable. I prefer to lobby against anything that is good for DDs. ;) The DD mafia is to be crushed. You will not stop it with your balanced ideas and suggestions. Fight against the sympathy for the small boats - you will only be dissapointed by them. All hail the CV/BB superiority with their cruiser servants. Its the only way.....the only way...think of the meta we got so used to - it might change and then the sky will fall down - wich is bad for radar antennas, we cant have that.
  13. Eddy209

    Pretty much everyone about the Somers right now

    Somers? Im always suspicious about DDs with lots of torps especialy on my own team. They tend to atract potatoes.
  14. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    No amount off DDs suffering will ever quench the thirst for revenge for what they did to noob BBs on the lower tiers. ;) To be honest though - it could be a little more air detection on kamikaze and her sisters. And Asashio . No real justifacation for Asashio to be fair - just pure spite ;)
  15. Eddy209

    CV Rework Discussion

    As someone who made a similar suggestion somewhere in this topic, i must say I no longer agree. Not because fairness or anything like that. Its because DD suffer most when CVs are in game. And I tell you - Im loving it to bits. They cant hide and that is wonderfull. They have way to much influence in the game when CVs are not around. Both on the red or the green team. You get bad DDs in your team , you are at a massive disadvantage. Same goes for bad DDs on the enemy team - it usually snowballs down to a roflstomp. Cruisers and gunboat DDs used to be the counter to other DDs. But especialy midtier cruisers these days do next to nothing against DDs especialy in the midtiers where games actually have some movement left. If the game has 3+ DDs per team it often becomes a campfest as well. So the DDs rush to the caps and try to take them running into each other and then its either skill ( rather seldomly it seams) , or who is seen first (concealment) or if the MM matched your T6 torp DD against a T8 gunboat ( draw of luck) The notion that DDs have to cap is more or less something DDs do because most DDs try to do it, and we gotten used to that. So if they dont do it right away people bash them. Therefor they have my sympathy to some degree. But other than that: -DDs got the concealment -they are very nimble making them hard to hit reliably -they are small - again hard to hit - around targets other than DDs they idealy never have to show themselfs -they are fast - adding to them being hard to hit and it allows them to reposition very fast -most have smoke if everything else fail or if they have a spotter. -They have great takedown capability if they manage to hit with their torps. 4 to 5 same tier torps will basicly kill everything in one go -Alot of the newer ones have loads of gimmicks like hydro, or Def AA or torp reload booster -They can only be overpenned by any BB gun in the game -they can spot targets without exposing themselfs If they, now that the CV population is basicly as low as it was, when they may face a CV in abaut 10 percent of their games , complain about how op CVs are .. then I say let them complain as much as they like. I for one have no sympathy left. Adding to that is the amount of abuse in the chat you get for just being so evil to take a cv into their game. The good old verbal middlefinger i dont mind at all. But death threats? Wisching someone cancer? Or a slow painfull death in a fire? I know those are not representative for the whole community- But for me that crosses a line. Again - no sympathy at all. I even say nerf them by reverting the AP shell damage. Those DDs are to popular anyway. Cruisers with low AA vs higher tier CVs - now those are ships that need help vs CVs. And give all cruisers a heal already. Make them good compared to BBs at all tiers like their tier IX and X brethren wich are respectable . Leave BBs as vulnerable to CVs as they are - those we need to get moving again. But make it so that they are rather similary vulnerable. Its so silly that some of the best AA BBs are hardly phased by AP bombs like the Americans and that those that are like the KMS ships have low AA and are vulnerable to AP bombs and HE. Oh well...me again going on another rant, sorry for that :P