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    [] Unique Camouflage

    looking awsome. Im always looking forward to new releases of your mod. so many beautifull camos. Great work good Sir.
  2. 8 kills twice. Both in Gneisenau. First time wasn`t realy deserved though - alot of kill securing . But the second time came with bells and whistles . High caliber, confederate, dreadnought, first blood Was a nice match indeed. Im always amazed how that ship can perform both in damage and survivabiliy.
  3. True to some extend but guess where that comes from. But its not only BBs. BBs dont push forward so they do not tank, therefore crusiers will refuse to go forward unless able to use even more lame game mechanics , so DDs fight it out amoung themselfs alot of times and that can bite you in the back as well, because than alot of times the team with better and or more DDs win. Or the team with more and/or more commpetent radar cruisers has a big advantage. And then in comes the carriers where one halfway competent player can shut down a team by permaspotting DDs and Torps and punishing whoever comes forward enough to be out of an AA umbrella. And im not only talking about BBs. Cruisers often take hydro nowadays because the chance to meet a CV is not big enough to always take defensive fire or fully spec into AA. That means that umbrella IF available is somewhere between 4 and 6 km. Especialy on hightier that is laughable small to expect cohesion in random team matchups. So again , pushing forward far from being incentivised. Maybe they should buff the 3 ships closest to the enemy a buff , and some economical benefits as well. Something like a survivability buff for cruisers , a radar jamming aura for the foremost DD and maybe a manouvering buff for BBs if closer than 8 km to the enemy. And a big AA buff when close AND alone .Or other stuff . Something that rewards being offensive not punishing it. Other than that i wouldnt mind a BB hardcap of 4. But i would also hardcap DDs at 4 to be honest. 5 or even more is not so much a problem on lower tiers but on tier VIII and up it becomes old very quickly.
  4. Unfortunatly, cruisers at tiers IX and X have those. And the heal in itself is not enough to make them go forward. True, but Tier IX and X they do have the range AND accuracy to stay back - they have no incentive to get close. But i think a reduction in either would be too harsh. Besides Tier IX and X cruisers are strong enough. The 2 most dominant causes of cruiser kills , especially high tier , is 1.sailing broadside and 2. Battleship dispersion. Sure they can manouver but some stray shells might hit them hard even while manouvering hard. In away the inaccuracy of some BBs kills cruisers alot. In lower tiers cruisers actually move alot but it suddely stops at tier VIII. Tier VIII cruisers are very very carefull because the often face higher tiers and are easily deleted by Tier X BBs and CAs. ANd as mentioned Tier IX and X cruisers dont share their lower tier oiers weakness to the same extend And this in the gameplay tierspread ( so a tier VI should be able to overmatch a tier VIII)? Yes - I know it sounds a bit to much but all that bow on stuff gives BBs basicly a big shield that can only be ocercome by bigger calibers. But for the most part from tier VII onward BBs are way to tanky bow on to not use it. Forcing BBs to manouver more would at least push them forward abit. B B Bows should be overmatchable by the lowest Caliber BB Gun at their tier. Especialy at TIer VIII and up this would do alot to get them to move. This kills torpedo DD gameplay. Actually 1. I dont think so because alot of DDs already have longer range torpedos than their base concealment and 2. the whole Torpedo DD gameplay is one of the major reasons why BBs dont push in.And if BBs dont push most of the times cruisers wont either because they dont have the staying power. Imho it would be better to make torps less avoidable than to make them less visible or omnipresent (walls of skill ). But again , id like to have DDs to be more allround than on thing or the other. Japanese DD guns for the most part are a Joke and alot od russian and american torps are as well. Id rather sacrifice diversity a bit than to make the whole game worse just for the fact to cater more to the ninja torp gameplay. This kills a lot of (high) tier cruiser gameplay. It shouldnt have been a thing in the first place. Other cruisers can live without it so those can too. Having for example the highest DPM cruisers able to lob shells high over obstacles is a pretty lame Idea. ID rather see cruisers get some better shells with better bounce angles across the board and maybe AP shells that can be triggered more reliably by hitting supperstructure Not sure I understand this you want radar to be a permanent thing? No not permanent -still a consumable. But it shoudnt go through islands. And it shoult make the enemy ship visible at max radar range but not targetable meaning not able to lock on to it, so shots at it would be less accurate. Only at lets say 75 percent of max radar range should the now uncovered enemy be targetable via normal means. So Radar should spot but not provide a good firing solution until the target is closer. It would give DDs a cance to react. That would be reverting the latest smoke changes. Those changes already reduced smokecamping a lot. So don't see the need to change this again. If you mean: make them visible at any range like this: no need, just learn to shoot in smoke or get closer to spot. Oh im actually pretty good at shooting ships out of their smoke, but alot of players consider it very hard. But smoke firing is camping in its most stationary sense and it works against a flowing gameplay. So in all honesty I would make it even a bit less viable I give you an example what I had in mind. Lets say we got ship sitting in smoke. It fires like normal. But at the moment of shooting they fade in and out for half a second or even less. Just to give an indication where they are in smoke. Real spotting aka ship gets full uncovered and is targetable via lock on (x key) should not happen.
  5. Discouraging camping is pretty easy. I got a 6 point plan: 1. Give cruisers all cruisers a heal or 2 so they can be more confident to move forward. 2. Make all Battleships bows overmatchable to BB shells stop that nose on BS . Angling is fine to bounce shells on the belt but making ships nigh on invulnarable front on for AP is just inviting BBs sitting bow on sailin in reverse. 3. Change concealment expert and/or stealth module so that, within the difference between normal spotting distance and spotting distance with CE the ship is still visible but not targetable. 4. Make firing arcs flater so that shooting over islands only works at long distances. Buff surviveability to ships that would suffer from that change. 5. Make radar and hydro a line of sight system. And change them so that the ship bekomes visible at 100 percent range but not targetable until within 75 percent of radar range. 6.Make ships firing in smoke visble but not targetable as an outline or shadow for 1 second when they fire. That would get alot more movement into the game.
  6. Eddy209

    fighting autowin rocks.. i mean cruisers

    BBs camp because DDs are OP DDs hide because Cruiser are OP Cruisers camp because BBs are OP Camping ships get deleted by Carriers wich are therefor OP looks pretty balanced to me. But seriously. WG should give all cruisers a nice heal and better AP pen angles, and more long range dispersion for BBs. This would lower the HE spam and give cruisers more confidence to move. Therefor DDs would have less openings wich would allow to denerf their torps and guns and make BBs move more. Radar and hydro should be like blips or pings, not constant when active. Carriers would need more work though. They should imho get fully atomated autodrops but more planes in total but small squadrons. AA in total should go down somewhat. Limit the classes to 4 BBs max , 3 DDs max 2 CVs Max and give us +1-1 MM. And make accuracy and detection ranges better when ships are moving together. whould help the camping desease.
  7. They painted over the swastica. The paint on the wreck has peeled away for the most part. The yellow paint on the turrets were used as aerial recognition instead of the swastika. There is some debate about wether there was yellow paint on the turret tops however. The order to paint them was given ans at least 2 sources talk about the work being done. A Bismarck surviver mentioned the yellow paint and that it didnt stick to the secondary turrets very well and it was washed off befor it could dry.
  8. Eddy209

    British battleships incoming

    While i dont mind the way they aranged those ships within the tree, I am still a bit miffed about KGV being Tier VIII. I realy like that ship alot and seing it in tier VIII is a punishment the ship does not deserve. The current MM in tier VIII is so bad imho that i was realy hoping for kgv on VII and nelson on VI or as a VII premium. Im still missing Renown/Repulse. My dream tech tree would have been something like T3 Dreadnought T4 Iron Duke T5 Renown T6 Nelson T7 KGV T8 Venguard T9-10 I dont realy care much but Lion on 9 seemed logical and maybe that G3/N3 BB with 18 inchers. Well, it didnt turn out that way. Im looking forward to those ships alot though. Im glad they didnt use to many Paperships. Lion was at least ordered and a hull built. T10 is fantasyland for the most part anyway. Whose idea was that tiering system anyway? Cant they replace it with a little more refinded system that alows the tiers to be closer in performance? A nice sideeffect would be that they wouldnt have to fill all those open slots in the techtrees with paper designs, they could jump over a "tier" or "BR" if there was nothing to fill the gap. No matter what Im hyped for those Ships. I hope they dont let us wait too long
  9. Eddy209

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    You are probably right.
  10. Eddy209

    WG Remove the staggered HMS HOOD Bundles

  11. Eddy209

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    Edited: totaly read that wrong
  12. Eddy209

    Public Test 0.6.5 - New Skins Feedback

    The last Conquest camo shows yellow turret tops. This was done at the 26th of march 1941. The day before Bismarck sank. However at that time the Swastikas were already painted over in grey color. And only the main turret tops were yellow as the paint didn`t stick to the secondaries very well. Info is from a report by Bismarck survivor Otto Maus. To wich extend the turret tops were painted yellow isn`t very clear though. Bismarck left port with only the top square plate of the turrets painted dark grey, so one could asume that only the turret tops were to be painted yellow as well. But that`s speculation. The big iron crosses are an unneccesarry replacement for swastikas that already were not present on the ship anymore when she fought her last battle. The remnants of the swastika visible on footage of the wreck is only visible bacause the grey paint peeled off for the most part. In that sence the damaged camo should have grey bands over those areasas well, maybe with some paint peeled of revailing bits of the underlying red and the white circle. The secondary turrets shouldn`t have yellow tops. Other than that both Bismarck camos look good. The Hoods last conquest camo seems to be rather fictional but doesn`t look bad either. The damaged one of cause can not be accurate in any way but its a nice touch nonetheless.
  13. I dont like Paperships and I dont play them more than I have to when I grind out the next ship I want to have. They somehow insist on ten tiers when 7 or 9 would do if they continue to split ship lines like they did with the 'IJN DDs. There could be a bit more sideways progressions without so many fictionaly stuff. Some paper ships as premiums here and there are fine with me. Something like Graf Zeppelin for example wich was more or less finished at some point is cloe enough for me to give the german a low to mid level CV. But a german CV-line isnt needed. they didnt have those. No point in inventing 6 to 10 ships for that. there are so many other ships that deserve to be included, like the italian cruisers and BBs and the french navy and Brit BBs , CVs and DDs. But I hope they dont do a german CV line. Rather give them Subs for PVE gameplay once this is fully implemented. Considering british BBs are most likely relativly close im afraid we will se even more paper stuff in that line. Especialy tier 9 and 10 will most likely be planned or paperships again Wich is a pitty as they had lots and lots of BBs and BC types. Sure they didnt realy have something comparable to the Yamato in reality so id be okay with an N3 class BB at the highest tier would be fine with me. But other than that there are other game mechanics to balance ships in a way to make real ship classes fit. What realy ticks me of though is mention by 1Majorkoenig in the post above mine. Those fantasy-refits especialy the Kaiser, König and Bayern are realy bad and pointless. If they at least left an A-hull with a historical look like they did with Bayern. But as it stands now i played them only to progress up the ranks to get Bismarck. I even sold Gneisenau as i have Scharnhorst and they even overdid the planned Refit on the Gneisenau with those pointless 127mm guns. The ship was supposed to get 380mm guns, and a longer bow. And that ship should have at least have the option to mount 283mm guns. At least If you own Scharnhorst. That Argument , that players wouldnt get used to a switch between 380 bayern, 283 Gneisenau and 380 Bismarck is nonsense. Especialy as they did switched back and forth the calibers on german DDs. And even on 1 of the 3 historical Kriegsmarine DDs , the Z-23 they had to add a fictional AA- mount balcony on the forward funnel. Not a fan at all.
  14. Eddy209

    Admiral Graf Spee- premium T6?

    "Pocket Battleship" I cant help myself but I slways need to smile when i see that "name". Sounds so much more special than heavy cruiser/ armored cruiser. But it also sounds almost a bit overly cute for a warship. You have to give it to the Brits, when it comes to propaganda they were second to none From the german perspetive though , that ship needed to look like its much more than a simple cruiser. Much like a big watchdog that looks dangerous but unknown to the postman actually is more into barking than biting. However, when it comes to classifications , the washington navy treaty , in hindsight, creates more confusion than clearity. Especially as most nations tried to "min-max" within the confines of that treaty or tried to find loopholes. And the Deutschland class was a prime example of a "min-max-loophole-ship". It was officially meant to stay below 10000 tons. And 11 inch guns were net limited by the treaty. So officialy Germany didnt break the Treaty. Dont forget, those ships were ordered by the Weimar Republic at the end of the 1920s, its not Nazi Germany yet. They still had some respect for the arms limitations that were put on them. The ships however ended up about 25% heavier than the officially intended 10000 tons. The Brits knew that fact or at least suspected it. But considering the difficulties most navies had to built new ships within the limits ot the washington treaty, and thereby skirting the limits of that treaty themselfs, no one was hypocritical enough to stop the germany building those ships. The Brits coined the term "Pocket Battleship" to mock the germans and to push the frensh into believing that those ships are a massive threat to France because they didnt wnat to deal within themselfs. The French reacted and built the Dunkerque class. For Germany however the Deutschlands were a logical step. Kinda stay within the greyzones of the Washington treaty but still built a capable ship that could at least discourage smaller units and have enough range to act as a raider while being big enough to invoke pride in the population. A continuation of naval traditions after the loss of the high seas fleet. A symbol of might and greatness so to speak, Blown out of proportions but still. When it finally arrives ingame , I will most likely get it. Those guns on a cruiser at Tier 6 , especially with that range AND spotterplane sounds interresting. Sure she will have a hard time to survive in close encounters but having a repair ability helps and nearly 40000 points help as well. The speed doesnt seems to be to problematic. However im interessted how much speed she looses in a turn. If it doesnt loose to much, than that speed is more than enough to run into cover wiggleing alot. Im looking forward to playing it. I hope they just simple sell it and dont hide it behind some event. However considering how close we are to the 17. Dezember (date of her sinking) i could also see WG having an Event about it. We will see.
  15. Eddy209

    Prinz Eugen gesichtet ^^

    Hab sie auch im Spiel gesehen. Da am hinteren Mast dreht sich was. Bin mir ziemlich sicher das die Eugen mit Radar daherkommen wird. Wenn die dann auch noch den heal bekommen sollte, was ich nicht glaube, ist das Boot sowas von gekauft. Radar und hydro wie bei der Atlanta und das ding wär sowas von der Zerstörerkiller. Die deutschen Schlachtschiffe sind im Spiel ja auch mehr Kreuzerkiller, mal von Tier IX und X abgesehn. Insbesondere die Premiums Tirpitz und Scharnhorst. Da würde die Eugen als DD-Jäger also gut ins Bild passen. Bin mal gespannt wann wir nen deutschen Zerstörer zu sehen bekommen. Z-32 hatte Wargaming in den 1:42 Videos. Wär eine schöner Einstieg als Premium. Auch wenn ich eigentlich nicht dafür bin. Weil klar bieten die level Schiffe auch nette Sachen wie die Bismarck selbst. Aber wenn man jede der bekannteren Schiffsklasse als premium kaufen kann wird das bei einigen die Motivation, die anderen Schiffe zu spielen, senken. Mal von denen abgesehen, die auf IX und X spielen wollen. Ich denk mal spätestens bei den britischen Zerstörern wirds eng was neues zu machen. Die waren ziemlich derbe aufs U-Boot-jagen ausgelegt und davon will man ja angeblich bei WG nichts wissen. Mienen vielleicht, aber das war auch mehr ne deutsche Sache eng gefolgt von den Briten....naja mal sehn. Ich finds jedenfalls schön, dass die Prinz Eugen kommt, selbst wenn man nicht dran interessiert ist, es rundet die Sache etwas ab. Ich geb aber zu, obwohl mich Projekt- und Papierschiffe eigentlich so gar nicht interesssieren, ne Seydlitz nach dem Trägerumbau wäre auch nice gewesen. Aber ne Derfflinger wär auch fein gewesen wenn man für Kaiser, König und Bayern auf Fantasie umbauten verzichtet hätte(oder als hüllenmod). Prinz Eugen kriegt von mir beide Daumen hoch.