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  1. iLoveMatilda

    Lo Yang w sklepie

    Na pewno opłaca się. Trzeba inwestować.
  2. iLoveMatilda

    Statystyki :D

    Do padowania WTR to tylko Karlsruhe. Miodna łódka. Po kilku bitwach staty fioletowe. Są też skutki uboczne. Twarz też zmienia kolor na fioletowo-bordowy.
  3. iLoveMatilda

    Ukryty profil

    Dla informacji. Po wczorajszym "remoncie" portalu mamy możliwość ukrycia statystyk gry. No to teraz nóby będę Was uczył jak się gra dyszkami. I w koncu można bota farmiącego kredki zapuścić
  4. iLoveMatilda

    Lost my account

    Use old pass and email. Reset password if you dont remember. Nothing is lost.
  5. iLoveMatilda

    The end.

  6. iLoveMatilda

    Any tips for the High Caliber medal?

    Ranked battles. Less damage needed compared to randoms.
  7. iLoveMatilda

    Ranked battles teamup?

    Press start battle simultaneously with your teammate. You have 50% chance or more (if you choose correct ship types to trick MM) to get into same team. Standard procedure to abuse MM when there is not many players waiting for battle.
  8. Players would instantly exploit such a system. In ranked battles just add players you would like to see in enemy team to black list and gain profits. Devs should focus more at autobaning system, as right now it only scares with pink color and bans itself are not implemented. Another issue to solve is "3.2.1. Start" battles where player who was put by MM in "wrong" team sacrifies battle for friends.
  9. iLoveMatilda

    Cheats ? I surely hope not ...

    All data necessary to create leading marker (so caled aimbot) is available at gui swf level. Position on the map, shell travel time, movement angle, camera angle etc. By measuring ship speed and shell time it is posible to calculate ship position at hit time. With camera angle and elevation we can draw the hit point relatively to over target marker. But... well known aimbots doesnt work. Its just hoax or scam. And as simonmd said, you will be cheater if you hit 2 citadels in a row.