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  1. Strikken75

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Björn, 41 Strikken75 41 Mogami, New Orleans och Kutuzov Kutusow och Mogami Har haft en paus från spelet men är nu sugen på att komma igång igen. Det står ingen info angående hemsida eller Ts adress så jag antar att det skickas via PM? Mvh Björn "Strikken"
  2. Strikken75

    tired 2 tier up

    I wouldnt quit a match, but today has been fucked up. All 3 matches in my König was Tier 7, 2 of them I was the ONLY non tier 7, not easy grinding a ship when it's like this. And for all the people now checking my stat, yes I have played for some time, and no, I am not primarely a BB captain.
  3. Strikken75

    TAW is recruiting

  4. Strikken75

    GamersPlatoon [18+]

    Good luck Kami
  5. Strikken75

    LFM - Swedish/Scandinavian Only

    its rarely anyone online there, I gave up after a couple of weeks and now I just switch between different teamspeaks depending on who I want to play with. Feel free to add me ingame, I am online 4-5 night /week -Strikk
  6. Strikken75

    TAW is recruiting

    They dont scream at you in the bootcamp? They've gone soft since I left ;) Just kidding
  7. None of those clans have any real statrequirements
  8. Strikken75

    TAW is recruiting

    Always, just go to taw.net and press "JOin Now!!" in the right corner. Regards Strikken
  9. Strikken75

    TAW is recruiting

    Good morning, teambattles is lurking behind the corner and will be upon us with the next patch. Come join us for good teamwork and lots of fun Oh, we might have cookies... you never know
  10. Strikken75

    Swedish Clan

    Ni är välkomna till taw.net Vi har flera svenskar men kör allt på engelska då det är alla möjliga människor inom EU som är med. Vi har folk online större delen av tiden. Skicka ett meddelande till mig här på forumet om ni är intresserade så fixar vi teamspeak adress o lösen Mvh Strikken
  11. You guys are never online on your mumble
  12. Strikken75

    Looking for an active clan

    Fell free to come by our teamspeak and we'll have a talk and see what we can work out I will send you a msg with the serveradress and password
  13. Strikken75

    two players looking for a clan

    Hi there. Feel free to check out taw.net We use teamspeak and englishspeaking only online. If you are interested, just send me a msg here for Teamspeak server info and password Regards Strikken
  14. Strikken75

    Looking for an active clan

    I would love to invite you to join us, but we do have some practices that you need to attend I wish you luck and I will see you on the battlefield Regards Strikken
  15. Strikken75

    2 players looking for clan

    If you guys (all 4 of you) are ok with speaking english, feel free to check out taw.net We use teamspeak and if you are interested just send me a msg here for ts adress and password Regards Strikken