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    Assigned to the Royal Navy Atlantic Fleet
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    Pretty much any history, with a particular interest in military, railway & British history. Plus Sci Fi (MASSIVE Trekkie) and Fantasy.....in case you had not realised yet, I am a nerd...geek...anorak...general loser.... :P

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  1. HMS_Worcester

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    How is the fleet doing? Glad to see the number of members has gone up.
  2. Well....why not give it another go? What can possibly go wrong? :Smile_amazed:

    1. MaxxyNL


      Good luck & Have fun Captain :Smile_honoring:



    2. HMS_Worcester


      Luck I am definitely going to need, feel very rusty! :Smile_teethhappy:

  3. HMS_Worcester

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    Thanks again Cpt Coles, and everyone in the society. I look forward to checking back and seeing more members in the future - Alex
  4. Thank you all for your words of support, it means so much to me. I think Cpt Coles is an excellent person to take over and a new thread would be the easiest way to do it. I will keep an eye out on the forum for when it appears. I will pop in now and then in the future to say hello, see how everyone is doing and have a drink in the officers mess. Good hunting chaps - Alex
  5. Goodbye everyone, it's been fun :)

  6. Dispatch to the fleet A farewell message from Captain Alex H of HMS Worcester After an awful amount of thought and careful consideration, I have made a decision....and I'm sorry to say this is goodbye. This decision is not about WoWs, but about gaming as a whole. Gaming has been a massive part of my life since I first got my N64 what feels like an eternity ago. But now I just feel like gaming has run it's course in my life. For a good few months now I have found myself not wanting to play games.....and hardly playing at all. If I played 2 hours a week that was as much as I was doing. I do feel that much of it is due to my new job. I spend so long working and then when I get home I am shattered. Any free time I do have I really just want to spend with family and doing my other interests. I just don't care about games anymore. And something that happened in WoWs is a good example of that. Like many of you I was waiting with massive anticipation for the Royal Navy to make an appearance. But then when I got back from holiday and saw they had arrived, despite some initial happiness I just sat there and thought "ohh, well, that's nice...." and it hit me that all the excitement I used to feel playing games had just gone. I have really enjoyed playing with members of this community over the last few months, but my time with games has come to an end. But I leave with a smile. I am still blown away by how much this crazy idea I had one day has just exploded. There is no way I EVER imagined we would end up having 77 members in this group! It has been a lot of fun and I hope all of you continue to enjoy what you do for many more years. - Alex P.S. If anyone wants to take over running the society please feel free to copy the main post and open a new thread. Or just keep posting here, I hope the society will continue without me.
  7. Welcome to the fleet captain
  8. Not a problem, and I completely understand your reasons. Good luck in all your future battles.
  9. Welcome to the fleet captain And might I just say, nice profile pic.
  10. Fair enough, and consider it done. Thanks for letting me know
  11. Ahoy captains I have returned from my week-long sojourn to Kent (still not died of man flu that tried it's best to blight the holiday) and must say I had a great time. One of the highlights was Chatham Historic Dockyard....what an amazing place! What I found very moving was the memorial next to Cavalier dedicated to all the RN destroyers lost during WW2. Saw some quite famous names on there (including HMS Worcester) written on the back. Despite feeling awful I had a wonderful time and would strongly encourage any of you who can to go there one day. - Alex
  12. Any excuse to drink more tea is fine with me!
  13. Off on holiday tomorrow, 5 days in Kent. Looking forward to visiting Chatham dockyard while I am there. Bloody typical though that I have just come down with a cold am dying of man flu...
  14. HMS_Worcester

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    As far as I know they will, but until the others are announced we cant be sure. It would be nice to see subs with names like Victory, Hood, Warspite....