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  1. Th3_R34p3r_125

    Laptops, they do Exist.

    Look, the game is perfectly playable without a mouse. Can you please stop implying that I am an idiot for not owning one. But the point of this is to show tha absurdity of starting the battle in a zoomed in view which is useless.
  2. Th3_R34p3r_125

    Laptops, they do Exist.

    Thanks, I may have one lying around but it will take a while. Very kind offer .
  3. Th3_R34p3r_125

    Midway and Essex nerf

    I understand the point but they will never get fixed. I understand this is a problem for all carriers. They're just being nerfed into RNG uselessness, rather like WoT arty.
  4. Th3_R34p3r_125

    Laptops, they do Exist.

    I do not own one and I am merely pointing out the absurdity of such a zoomed in view.
  5. Th3_R34p3r_125

    Laptops, they do Exist.

    I'm just asking if you could perhaps remove the feature that occasionally causes me to start the battle zoomed in. It renders the game unplayable as I cannot zoom out without a mouse. Please remove this!
  6. Th3_R34p3r_125

    New Update Crash "WorldofWarShips has stopped working"

    A full reinstallation worked. I think it was the .KILLME. I recommend checking for such a file if your game crashes.
  7. Th3_R34p3r_125

    Midway and Essex nerf

    Is all this US nerfing because the Russians can't face that the west is more powerful than them? Anyway, from what I've heard (I have no experience in CVs) the Japs dominate the mid tiers. SO WHY WOULD YOU NERF THE TOP TIER AMERICANS?! It's unfair on people who want to play the historically BETTER ships because a bunch of Russians can't get over Cold War strife.
  8. Th3_R34p3r_125

    The USS Sims

    What you must realise is that the not touching premium applies only to Russian ships. You people said only the Gremmy was like its CBT form and that the Mikhail was given a buff. What do these ships and Wargaming have in common? They're Russian. Same applies to them adding a half-made up line of RUSSIAN destroyers, instead of adding one of the largest navys in the world, the Royal Navy. This is all just Russian bias.
  9. I just spent my entire afternoon downloading this yesterday, six and a half hours. When I press Play on the launcher o get to the screen that says "Game Loading" . Afterwards I get the following error message, "WorldofWarShips has stopped working" Windows then forces me to close the program. Please help. UPDATE I have discovered a ".KILLME" file in my game files. I also have a few missing files. Please tell me what to do if these happen. I am also reinstalling the game. Can someone please give something useful. Thank you.