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  1. aph_73

    Shells STILL falling short

    I've been playing the game after a while away and I've noticed this - aiming at the waterline of a ship, broadside on, at quite close range only for my shots to all fall far short. Assume something has changed fairly recently.
  2. aph_73

    The current meta

    When the game was new WG had a simple rock-paper-scissors game mechanic. BBs killed CAs, CAs killed DDs and DDs killed BBs using their torps. CV's were always a bit of problem being unstoppable in some tiers and useless in others, but, basically the game worked. Problem is a "free to play" game depends on new micro and not so micro transactions to keep going. The original Cleveland was about the only HE spammer and it was regarded as OP but not game breaking. Each new line has needed distinguishing from the rest and that means gimmicks which has particularly affected CA and DD game play. We now have CA's with insane rates of fire that are actually lethal to BBs. We have DDs that have no/few torps but insane rates of HE spam. The long range of CA HE spam is a real issue. Where as the original Cleveland was a dangerous opponent it would get flanked if it camped behind an island. Now, the likes of the Smolensk can sit behind an island and throw out such firepower that a BB will be slag long before the cruiser is flanked. Worse, the current meta has stopped ships from performing their original in game roles that (somewhat) resembled their real life counterparts. Cruisers don't scout, don't spot, and don't shield BBs from DDs because they are stationary behind islands or hiding in their own smoke. DD's still have the ability to spot and scout but only if the MM is kind with regards to radar ships and there are no CVs. The only ships in open water are BBs - and their only defence against the HE spam is to keep the range high. It's ironic that games now often feature CA's and DDs stuck behind islands or in their own smoke spamming the "I want intelligence data" and looking for BBs to spot for them - a complete reverse of the old game style. I've enjoyed this game and I am grateful to WG for many hours of fun but I really struggle to see where we go from here.
  3. aph_73

    server interruptions, 19h

    I blame ranked battles. The severs can only handle so much Smolensk HE spam at one time...….;)
  4. aph_73

    server interruptions, 19h

    No joy in sunny Manchester...any official news yet?
  5. I recently shot down 92 planes in a ranked battle...and was sunk by the CV which I was pumping 16" shells into. I find this all wrong. I'm not arguing for simulation like realism but shooting down 92 planes is bonkers, the CV still having planes is bonkers and the ability of the CV to absorb 16" hits is bonkers. I wish CVs weren't in the game because they are impossible to balance. I am dreading the introduction of subs because the balance issues will be even crazier.
  6. Unless of course we are talking Russian BBs with rail guns...
  7. Yes. Grozovoi is my AA destroyer of choice.
  8. Good CV players at higher tiers can determine the outcome of a game, but it does depend on the builds of other players. Anti-AA destroyers are a nightmare for CVs.
  9. Jesus, forgot I posted this OP after a few shandies, logged into the forum with like 20 notifications. I still like the game, but I think it shouldn't be called wargaming, maybe "fighting warship fantasy"?
  10. Maybe it's just me but it's become a very strange game over the last few updates. Odd features such as radar/hydro through island have been with us awhile. We now have BB/CA launched fighter squadrons, but CVs that can't provide fighter cover. We have unlimited CV aircraft but weird AA that can't shot down any planes in a minute, before suddenly killing 6 planes in 5 seconds. DDs that can soak up 16" shells, BBs that spam HE. BBs with steel decks that are always burning. Radar that can see over the horizon but which only lasts for 30 seconds. "Sector reinforcement" that sees anti-aircraft guns magically transported from one side of a ship to the other. Torpedo tubes that can be reloaded in seconds with magic buffs. Planes with a flight time of seconds. Is it time to stop referring to WG games as "wargaming" and start calling their games "fighting fantasy" or something similar? Surely "wargaming" is a more minority pursuit for armchair generals/admirals who want to refight historical battles? So are WG games genuinely "war gaming"?
  11. aph_73

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    For me T10 is not great and I agree mid tiers are best. At T10 I find I know how I should play the game...I just don't want to. If I'm in a BB I watch the other BBs all pretend they haven't spawned in yet and not move for the first couple of minutes - I know that's the right thing to do if you don't want to be hit by 5-10 HE shells every second, but I can't help myself, so I hit "W" and watch the shells rain down on me from their launch positions behind various islands. If I'm in a CA I know I should get behind an island, finger hovering over the mouse button to rain HE on any enemy that dares push- but I just can't, that is so tedious. If I'm in a DD and there's CVs about I know pushing into a cap will invite unending rocket attacks but again, I can't help myself. I'm just very bad so I prefer tiers 6-8!
  12. aph_73

    Does realism matter?

    Interesting point. I must admit I'm inclined to assume WoWs players are older than average gamers
  13. aph_73

    Does realism matter?

    It seems to me that we see quite a lot of threads in which people complain they have been sunk in counter intuitive circumstances, or are moaning about unrealistic gameplay e.g. ships sitting behind islands. We've also seen ships actually physically altered from their historical form for balance reasons e.g. lowering of citadels, extra AA guns, alternative main guns. My question is, does it matter?
  14. aph_73


    Got to love this thread. A thread complaining about being insulted by people playing other ship types.......that includes lots of insults for people playing other ship types.
  15. Teacher, foster carer. Former carers in the RAF and in a mortar platoon.