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  1. Maybe it's just me but it's become a very strange game over the last few updates. Odd features such as radar/hydro through island have been with us awhile. We now have BB/CA launched fighter squadrons, but CVs that can't provide fighter cover. We have unlimited CV aircraft but weird AA that can't shot down any planes in a minute, before suddenly killing 6 planes in 5 seconds. DDs that can soak up 16" shells, BBs that spam HE. BBs with steel decks that are always burning. Radar that can see over the horizon but which only lasts for 30 seconds. "Sector reinforcement" that sees anti-aircraft guns magically transported from one side of a ship to the other. Torpedo tubes that can be reloaded in seconds with magic buffs. Planes with a flight time of seconds. Is it time to stop referring to WG games as "wargaming" and start calling their games "fighting fantasy" or something similar? Surely "wargaming" is a more minority pursuit for armchair generals/admirals who want to refight historical battles? So are WG games genuinely "war gaming"?
  2. aph_73

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    For me T10 is not great and I agree mid tiers are best. At T10 I find I know how I should play the game...I just don't want to. If I'm in a BB I watch the other BBs all pretend they haven't spawned in yet and not move for the first couple of minutes - I know that's the right thing to do if you don't want to be hit by 5-10 HE shells every second, but I can't help myself, so I hit "W" and watch the shells rain down on me from their launch positions behind various islands. If I'm in a CA I know I should get behind an island, finger hovering over the mouse button to rain HE on any enemy that dares push- but I just can't, that is so tedious. If I'm in a DD and there's CVs about I know pushing into a cap will invite unending rocket attacks but again, I can't help myself. I'm just very bad so I prefer tiers 6-8!
  3. aph_73

    Does realism matter?

    Interesting point. I must admit I'm inclined to assume WoWs players are older than average gamers
  4. aph_73

    Does realism matter?

    It seems to me that we see quite a lot of threads in which people complain they have been sunk in counter intuitive circumstances, or are moaning about unrealistic gameplay e.g. ships sitting behind islands. We've also seen ships actually physically altered from their historical form for balance reasons e.g. lowering of citadels, extra AA guns, alternative main guns. My question is, does it matter?
  5. aph_73


    Got to love this thread. A thread complaining about being insulted by people playing other ship types.......that includes lots of insults for people playing other ship types.
  6. Teacher, foster carer. Former carers in the RAF and in a mortar platoon.

  7. aph_73

    Battleship against Cruiser or Destroyer

    I felt sympathy with the OP because I know what is coming when these threads start; however the truth is (as others have said) this is very much a "game", not a "simulation". After all most naval battles dragged on a long time because hitting the target was really difficult. Average in game hit rates are over 20% compared to 1939 real world expectations of about 4%. The tension amongst the community arises from the fact that people drawn to this game usually have some interest in real naval history, and are therefore looking for the game to play in a certain way, which it doesn't. Hence many situations in game are quite counter-intuitive to the naval enthusiast. For example the real Scharnhorst was basically defenceless against the Duke of York in a 1 on 1 engagement (yes, I know about Belfast etc being there.) , and had no choice but to run away. In the game Scharnhorst's rapid fire HE and torps give her an even chance even if her AP can't penetrate. DD's can fire more torps than a modern SSN can carry as a full war load, but how else does a 2000 ton DD with a crew of 200 compete with BBs with a crew of 2500? The game has to take liberties to keep players picking a diversity of ship types and making the game interesting. That said I do think the current game is too gimmicky with my particular pet hate being using radar to see through islands, and my personal bet is future revisions to the game will see a rebalancing in favour of gunnery over other game mechanics.
  8. aph_73

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    I have some sympathy with that point of view
  9. aph_73

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    I live in a civilised country where once was what considered acceptable is now regarded as offensive
  10. aph_73

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    I meant you seem to be saying you yell at people who are hopeless ;) As an aside I don't really understand how people have >60% or <40% win rates. I've been terrible, we've won. I've been great, we've lost. One ship doesn't influence the game that much? But to be frank I do think the chat in WoWs random games is fairly appalling. It doesn't stop me playing and I just ignore what I don't like. But I do worry about kids and vulnerable people taking some of the abuse to heart.
  11. aph_73

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    I think that's called an admission of guilt :) MRGTB wins.
  12. aph_73

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    I've got to be honest ,I've thought about starting a thread like this because truthfully I think much of the chat is appalling. I rather accept the fact that if 12 strangers get thrown together for a random game then the team play will be poor in 99% of cases, so I 'm not throwing my toys out of the pram whatever happens. It is rather dull when players announce they have sunk with "OMG f***ing team of noobs" and so on. As someone else has already mentioned the community in Elite Dangerous, both in game and in the forums is far more universally friendly; so by my reckoning the environment in WoWs is fairly toxic.
  13. aph_73

    Has anyone noticed changes to GK?

    Hi Wilkatis_LV, I know that fire damage is not the same as other damage, but afaik it can still destroy you. Now I am too old to remember high school maths but I think that if I remember formula correctly than a Zao hitting with a full HE broadside has about a 94% chance of setting one or more fires (if a full broadside hits, not allowing for defensive modifiers) every 4.5 seconds. British BBs also very high fire chance etc. I'm fairly new to the GK but my experience is that go forward too quickly and expect to have multiple fire set within 30 seconds of opening fire. So I get why this ship is hard to play at the moment. Better players may have a different experience. I also only have a 10 point captain for my GK. However I share the OPs experience that playing the GK can be difficult, (due to constant HE hits from ships I can't shoot back at), better players may have counter strategies. On spotters, I don't get why the game would allow more of a resource than can be used, just wanted to check I wasn't mad. Thanks, Alex
  14. aph_73

    Has anyone noticed changes to GK?

    Sorry mate, not understanding you. I am working off this video As far as I know it's still legit and as you can (or will see) pen is not required to significantly hurt your ship. As for the spotter plane thing, by my reckoning the game would need to last a minimum of 57 minutes to use them all ( I might have spotter mod applied). Wondered if I was missing something. Thanks.
  15. aph_73

    Has anyone noticed changes to GK?

    On the subject of the GK, can I ask what is the deal with her spotting planes? Far too many to actually use in a 20 min game, or am I suffering from brain failure (it does happen)? thanks, Alex