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  1. aph_73

    Friedrich der Große and secondary build!?

    Yes, having the same issue with the FDG. Secondary guns can score literally hundreds of hits against BBs for almost no damage. Do find them somewhat useful against DDs as well as Cruisers.
  2. aph_73

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    The problem I have with Radar in the game is seems incompatible with the "grounded in realism" that WG proudly boast. I appreciate WoW is an arcade game not a simulation, but why does radar see through islands? Surely radar could be made line of sight and balanced with increased range or duration? It seems to me that if planes can see over obstacles (as they should), radar can see through smoke (as it should) and hydro can detect torpedoes (as it should), that we have three uniquely useful gameplay assets that increase realism without sacrificing the fun arcade nature of the game.
  3. aph_73

    World of "Every island has an HE spammer behind it."

    Ultimately the game designers are battling reality. A cruiser is not really a match for a battleship. A battleship is not really a match for a aircraft carrier. A destroyer is not really a match for much more than an enemy destroyer or submarine. Hence Cruisers etc need to be provided with a way to be competitive that is objectively nonsense. When players identify the tactic they employ it because it would be daft not to. Hence HE spammers behind every island....
  4. aph_73

    How to counter a DD HE spam in a battleship?

    Yes of course this situation is absurd when compared to reality. A DD or even a heavy cruiser should not be able to sink the majority of BBs with gunfire alone. But if the game was realistic everyone would play BBs or CVs. HE Spam, concealment, and so on, are required to make the game playable for small ships.
  5. Range isn't a problem, the problem is correcting on to the target when you don't know the position of the firing ship as it is hidden in smoke, not just firing through it. A correction of "200 left" will give a different result to different ships firing from different locations within a smoke screen.
  6. This would not have worked in the time period in question as guns were aimed visually by warships. Any attempt by a third party to give grid references for the target would have been hopelessly inaccurate at sea. To correct up, down, left and right from observed fall of shot would require a bearing from the firing ship to the target.
  7. aph_73

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    I believe the French turrets had internal sub-divisions to prevent all four guns in a quad turret being knocked out by one hit and this was proven to work at Mers-el-Kebir when the Dunkerque was hit by a British shell knocking out the right side of a turret but not the left. It would be nice if Wargaming modelled this feature of French ships.
  8. aph_73

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    I think Scharnhorst would be the tough one to play - 11 inch guns on a battleship (as there is no BC class).
  9. aph_73

    What does it take to sink a ship (semi-OT)

    Thanks for the link, it's is a really interesting read. However I think the author will be disappointed if he wants to see coast guard ships armed with torpedoes. If the US or any other country urgently needed to sink a large merchant ship I think the most likely course of action would be to dispatch fast jets with bombs - bombs had no problem accounting for ships during the Falklands War and aircraft will make the interception vastly more quickly than any ship.
  10. aph_73

    Abillity to turn off chat completely

    Yes, plenty of the written chat is appalling - "noob", "idiot" etc. Team play should be encouraged but people should be able to avoid online abuse if they choose.
  11. aph_73

    Indirect Fire

    Hi, In another life I was in a mortar platoon. We would set up on reverse slopes (i.e. facing uphill, because enemy artillery could not hit us) and hit targets conventional artillery could not hit (because mortar booms follow stepper trajectories than artillery shells). In WoW I usually drive a BB. I've noticed a lot of players hiding their cruisers/destroyers behind islands and shooting at other ships - shooting at ships they do not have line of sight on (indirect fire). Often I can hit them if I launch my scout as I can then see "over" the island and target the enemy. If I can't launch a scout I often can't shoot back because even though I know where the enemy is my sights will set the range based on the island in the foreground not the target behind it. I was just wondering if this is an intended gameplay feature or an exploit? Does anyone have expert knowledge? Thanks, Alex