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  1. HoppouChan


    API scheint auch grade down zu sein. Aber nur EU
  2. HoppouChan

    Ist WG rassistisch?

    Ich stelle mal die steile These auf, dass ein großer Teil der unterdurchschnittlichen Performance von Schiffen der Achsenmächte auf einen überdurchschnittlich großen Anteil von Wehraboos, die diese Schiffe fahren, zurückzuführen ist.
  3. The reasons why this is not even an option: Have you ever seen a ship in KOTS driving without a camo? No. Because the "slight" buff of 3% concealment is too significant to ignore it. Same thing with combat flags Do you think that will change if it is 5% to hp or whatever? No. To stay competitive, you *have* to get any Buffs you can get. And it is just not funny how well decently skilled players can roflstomp average players with the things that are already in the game
  4. Dieses Gefühl ist absolut richtig. Immerhin kennen wir uns alle ja überhaupt nicht aus
  5. Kann ich laut gestriger Aussage des Claneigenen Quotensoviets bestätigen
  6. Ich würde sagen zum zweiten Mal. Das erste Mal war "Die anderen Server haben bessere Events"
  7. Thumbsup für die Signatur :3

  8. Wenigstens hab ich Hasenohren! °^°

  9. aye, yours too, hai-furi? i've recently watched the 1st episode and the story looks promising and i loved the plot twist

    1. HoppouChan


      I still didn't start Hai Furi, currently I'm watching Ore wa Imotou ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!

      Started today at 4AM, finished the first season at 8PM. With 9 hours of school in between^^


      My avatar actually is Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer, the "ship" is the TOG II*.

    2. Flukeyluke


      phone screen was too small to make out the tog, now im on my pc i can see clearly that it is indead a tank, whoops lol

    3. HoppouChan


      Well, just look at the measurements of this old lady.

      There is a reason why they say it's in the false game :3


      Still didn't start Hai Furi :/

  10. Awesome avatar, added.

  11. I am a simple man. I see Takao, I add :P