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  1. Johnny_Moneto

    Where did my extra permanent bonuses go?

    I am afraid your numbers are not correct to begin with. Astolfo's post is long but the best answer. Go with what he wrote.
  2. Johnny_Moneto

    what economic bonus to buy for the tokens ?

    Prices are linear, so you get the same bang for the buck no matter what you chose. Personally I only got blue ones. Reason: I can still break them into green or grey ones as long as the token thing is running. The other way round, to stack several greens to a blue one is not possible. I'd suggest the following thought process: If you think you'll play a lot of battles, get green or grey ones. If you play rarely, the blue ones are the better option. Furthermore: WG will give out more greys and greens than blues. Again, you won't be able to stack bonuses.
  3. Johnny_Moneto

    Anyone else has Doubloons prices increased?

    63.49€ and 162€.
  4. Johnny_Moneto

    Where did my extra permanent bonuses go?

    Everytime you switch your permanent camo the game also switches the permanent economic bonus. It is just hard to see because all camos for one ship have the same values for the economic bonus (as it was before).
  5. Johnny_Moneto

    Update 0.11.6 - Bug Reports

    Just to add for everybody reading this: DDs, that have the same concealment value as per the client's info, don't necessarily have the same concealment value in game. E.g.: Two DDs, each with 5.9km concealment. One has 5.94km in reality, the other 5.88km. First one is Z-46, second one is Z-44. Latter has 60m spotting advantage even though the values in the client are the same. That difference is the already notable "Han Solo shot first" effect.
  6. Johnny_Moneto

    Update 0.11.6 - Bug Reports

    Old base value was 8.46km - the formula is 8.46km * 0.97 * 0.9 * 0.9 which equals 6.647022km (got displayed as 6.6 in client). New base value is 8.21km - the formula is 8.21km * 0.9 * 0.9 which equals 6.6501km (gets displayed as 6.7 in client). The real difference is 3 meter. That has no impact in game. @Seraphice: You guys could bring the base value to 8.20km. That would correct the display and give Le Terrible 5 meter better concealment compared to before (6.642km). Should also be not much of a difference gameplaywise.
  7. Johnny_Moneto

    Nein - hier liegt kein Fehler vor :D

    "Öh, hallo Schatz. Es ist nicht das, wonach es aussieht."
  8. Johnny_Moneto

    Pointless mechanics in WOWS

    Just in case you wonder what I was referring to: https://youtu.be/kKN5YB1fhB8?t=933
  9. Johnny_Moneto

    Pointless mechanics in WOWS

    Strange, I experienced that as well. I noticed it prominently on Izmail. I was able to score citadels reliably. At some point I registered less citadels and more overpens. My average damage output decreased significantly. I wondered if WG altered the model how shells bounce around within the target once they hit it, possibly a silent bug fix. (In case you did not know: AP shells get deflected by the layered armour plates inside your target once they penetrate the outer shell.)
  10. Johnny_Moneto

    Update 0.11.6 - Bug Reports

    Internally the game uses concealment values with two digits after the point (possibly even more) but it displays only one digit in the client. Le Terrible might have had 6.64km before and now it might be 6.65km. Would be a difference of 10 meter but the client would show it as 100m difference.
  11. Johnny_Moneto

    Update 0.11.6 - Bug Reports

    Training Rooms: Weather setting for "with cyclone" / "without cyclone" gets arbitrarily changed. 1. Set up a training room with a map that allows for the weather setting 2. Set to "without cyclone" 3. Play a battle 4. Play another battle right afterwards the first one. => chances are the 2nd battle will have a cyclone
  12. Johnny_Moneto

    Terrain Avoidance Torpedos?

    All you need to do is upload the replay of that particular battle. Then we can all see it.
  13. Johnny_Moneto

    Economic rework needs improvement

    Well, I gave you an explanation. What about it did you not understand?
  14. Johnny_Moneto

    Economic rework needs improvement

    The thing for 2900 dubloons shows you exactly what you'll get. This is the replacement for the previous bonuses from permanent camouflages. The thing for 100 dubloons is just cosmetics and offers no bonuses whatsoever. This is an offer for people who like to have a different paint than haze gray on their ships. It really is only eye candy.
  15. Johnny_Moneto


    My record is 6 years between selling and contacting support. All ok.