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  1. Johnny_Moneto

    Game lacks anti-snowball mechanics.

    You describe the status quo where the OP has made suggestions how to alter the current situation. He at least tried while from your side comes only a "I can't think of anything so it must be impossible" destructive reply. Instead of encouraging a coversation you try to slam the door shut.
  2. Johnny_Moneto

    How do patrol fighters count damage?

    Have you tried that on tier 6? I know it works on 8 and 10, haven't yet tried that below.
  3. Johnny_Moneto

    How do patrol fighters count damage?

    Which is, of course, the counterplay to fighters.
  4. Johnny_Moneto

    Vehicle restoration issues

    Premium ships work differently, your above is unfortunately not applicable.
  5. Johnny_Moneto

    I quit this game

    Don't forget to change your nick when you leave.
  6. Johnny_Moneto

    Pink Colour for Nautical Rules of the Road

    1. Rules of the Road are not in force in combat situations. These rules are only for peacetime. 2. If a team mate collides into you, take a deep breath, have a beer or a smoke and go on with life.
  7. Johnny_Moneto

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Do you still got the replays of those? I haven't heard that T4 gets matched with T6 under any circumstances other than a fail division. Would like to see that with my own eyes.
  8. Johnny_Moneto

    Chat window at score screen

    Who are you actually talking/writing to? Who do you think is reading this? if you need your ban to be discussed you have to go through Customer Support and create a ticket. Be ready to prove to them that you were banned for unjustified reasons (replay file).
  9. Johnny_Moneto

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It is a bl00dy tier 10 battle at 20:30 CEST. Please WG, tell me where I can play Random battles to have some fun? Kindly refrain from CV bashing as I had plenty of this before in "normal" ships and CV was actually my last resort.
  10. Johnny_Moneto

    Chat window at score screen

    I am under the impression that there was a function in the Team Score screen to chat to a player directly. This, however, is not possible nowadays. I assume the reason is to not make it too easy for the frustrated to verbally abuse others. If you want to write to someone from the battle, go to Team Score, right-click the player and choose "add to contacts". Afterleaving the battle and returning to your port you can start a conversation by selecting the player from your contacts list. A PSA style message to everybody is not possible.
  11. 1. Who has radar at tier 7? Premium ships. If you don't spend money you can only pray to get a radar in your team. Having and playing Belfast myself I can totally understand the frustration of others. 2. It is a philosophical question. Should all players have the chance to rank out by rewarding a win more than punishing a loss or should it be as you propose: only the best should get to the top? I think there is no right or wrong here. However, let anybody rank out sounds like something that is possible in Ranked Sprint already. 3. The frustration comes from the battles that you loose regardless how good you play. And you will not always save your star. A good player will still rank out eventually but how much punishment in form of poorly playing teammates are you willing to endure on the way? Not saying that I totally disagree with you but I also understand the frustration of other players.
  12. Johnny_Moneto

    Subs and CV completely contradict WG philosophy

    You will learn and get better at it.
  13. Johnny_Moneto

    get out

    I assume the Hipper is going to sneak around the edge of the map to ambush the CV. Imagine his disappointment when he finds out after 15 minutes that there is no carrier in the game.
  14. Johnny_Moneto

    Subs and CV completely contradict WG philosophy

    Of course you could scout for the first part, preserving your planes and wait for your team to reduce the AA of enemy ships. When they are low on AA or isolated you strike them. Just a thought...
  15. Best atmosphere of any map. Great job, WG. Don't change it please.