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  1. Donnerturm

    Sichtbarkeit der Schiffe

    Du kannst Dich natürlich auch innerhalb des Clans über so etwas informieren. Replay gochladen, dann schauen wir uns das Problem an.
  2. Donnerturm

    Spotting and XP

    This particular point leads to a great discussion when it comes to Ranked Battles (currently not available) as the top XP player of the losing team will keep his star.
  3. Donnerturm

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    And I tried really hard to give a clue by inserting the word "funny". Too subtile, @Aotearas? To get mocked by a German about humour gives you, I am afraid, -1 Karma.
  4. Donnerturm

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    I just figured it out. It is so simple, why didn't I see it before? We ditch the idea of skill based MM for ... drum roll... KARMA based MM. Put together 24 people. The 12 with the highest Karma form one team. This would also finally bring some sense to the reporting system. Two problems solved in one go. You can all thank me for this magnificent solution by hitting the funny button in the lower right corner.
  5. Donnerturm

    What is ?

    ??? Not where I am playing. I had DD games topping the score board by capping till the don't shine.
  6. Donnerturm

    What is ?

    Hats off to you. The above is exactly the formula used to calculate base XP. How'd you figure it out?
  7. Donnerturm

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I become tired of having this discussion with you. First you proclaim an opinion tobe the truth, now you are bending my statements. If SSE is for every smoke ship than IFHE is for every ship. That would be your reasoning but not mine. Can't you read, comprehend what you read or are doing it on purpose just to have the last word? Eithet way, that ain't a discussion in my opinion. Goodbye Dfens.
  8. Donnerturm

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    In that it is a rather special skill for a certain kind of ship, hardly useful for any other ship. IFHE = 152mm and below SSE = RN cruisers and Perth. Haida also. Might loose its value in the high tiers as people are getting too accurate at smoke shooting and one's own rate of fire is too high but at mid tiers it's really worth 2 points. But that's not the point. With your above statement you continue to make your personell experience the truth for everybody. I don't find your opinion but your attitude disappointing.
  9. Donnerturm

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    How you mark your opinion as a fact... astonishing.
  10. Donnerturm

    Server Problems

    Maybe the flux capacitor is not fluxing? https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/9826c767-8983-4654-8e91-d649e685dc88
  11. Donnerturm

    Server Problems

    Ah, so you guys are to be blamed!!!!
  12. Donnerturm

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Other than SSE, which miraculously doesn't work well on other CLs (except Perth)?
  13. Donnerturm

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to join the lottery.
  14. Donnerturm

    Neptune running costs

    Can't be too long until Ranked with tier 9. On topic: the economy seems to be build around random game mode. Co-op is the appendix to the random bowels. But I like that OP plead his case. Good luck. Just a thought: do you use premium consumables? That would seem a waste of credits in co-op.
  15. Donnerturm

    Storms in WoWs

    This topic was discussed quite often before. Kindly use forum search and have this thread closed.