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  1. Donnerturm

    Recommended Captain builds for higher tier UK DD's?

    Funny, I came to the same conclusion @The_Joker_1 One should not start to play with anything less than a 14 point captain. There you would get PT or PM (as mentioned: personal preference), Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Concealment Expert, and IFHE. Afterwards I'd take Basic Firing Training, and last Adrenaline Rush. But you might wanna switch that order, up to you. I just like to have the guaranteed faster reload on the guns than the maybe faster reload on everything.
  2. Donnerturm

    ST - Uboote

    Und als besonderen Service habe ich Euch Gameplay von Steel Ocean aus den Weiten und Tiefen des Internets herausgesucht. Protagonisten: Typ XXI, Trench, Gearing. https://youtu.be/yu7GS-xS6L0?t=5989 Da sich WG in Sachen U-Boot-Gameplay anscheinend eh bereits bei Steel Ocean bedient hat (besser gut kopiert als schlecht selber gemacht), könnte das einen Hinweis darauf geben, wie das Gameplay aussehen wird. Man muß natürlich bedenken, dass Steel Ocean ca. 1000 Mal arcadelastiger ist als WoWs.
  3. Donnerturm

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    And that's how we do it in the 21st century.
  4. Donnerturm

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    Wait... what? This isn't the real name?
  5. I have also a question: Since I play WoWs on two different computers (and your tool runs on both of them), can I merge mxstats' database somehow to have all stats in one location? I would like to avoid exporting everything into Excel and using it there. I'd rather stay within your program. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I am not able to install the update. I get the message in your program if I like to download the update - I click Yes - it downloads (some 105.2MB) It asks me to install - I click Yes, please. Then comes the User Account Control - I confirm to install. The next window is a dialog "Gathering information". At this point the process just stops. The dialog disappears, the install is not carried out. It works on a second computer I have, so it must be some local issue omn my PC. If you have any idea what I need to change, would be great.
  7. Donnerturm

    bots invasion

    @xXx_Blogis_xXx you are a bot!
  8. Donnerturm

    Time to uninstall the game

    Bretagne and Aigle have no bench on deck. If the new French DDs also come without benches I will surely uninstall the game. Also WG will not get anymore of my money until each French ship has its own bench on deck. WG, come on !!!!!!!!!!!11*! Edit: Topic moved into off-topic. Ex.
  9. Donnerturm

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Hi Crysantos, happy to give feedback. Could you maybe put in bullet points what WG tries to achieve? Then we can tailor our suggestion accordingly.
  10. Donnerturm

    Alle Schiffe im Forschungsbaum..?

    Das sind ja gar keine Schiffe auf dem Foto! Schummel.
  11. Donnerturm

    Kann mich nicht einloggen

    Kann es denn sein, dass Du auf eine deutsche Webseite verweist? Und das die nur die Anzahl der Meldungen von Seitenbesuchern zählen? Und das daher fast nur Deutsche dort gemeldet sind?
  12. Donnerturm

    Are the servers down again?!?!

    It must have something to do with the CV rework because I read that CVs broke the game. Surely they also broke the server.
  13. Donnerturm

    Die 3 Besten: Ultra-Krake

    Und beim nächsten (Mikro-)Update wieder gelöscht. Denn die Replays sind nur zur Fehlerbehebung implementiert. @Crysantos Ich muß jedes Mal wieder lachen/weinen, wenn Eure Entwicklungsabteilung und Eure Marketingabteilung sich widersprechen.
  14. Donnerturm

    Weekend Highlights – Ship Coupon Reset

    Or you can just sit back, relax, listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNowU63PF5E and smoke a booba.
  15. Donnerturm

    Best of 3: Ultra Kraken

    Kudos to all who scored 9 frags. However, I find the new format a bit boring and superficial.