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  1. Loyalty?

    So you want free stuff for being a loyal customer, meaning that you play the game regularly. But by your own definition if you are required to play the game to receive a reward it cannot considered to be free but rather to be earned. Therefore no loyal customer can ever get stuff for free. You ask for the impossible.
  2. Ok, I understand now. I think our difference is that I don't want a perfect result, I settle for a better one. I truly believe that my proposal would lead to better game experience on average while it is easy enough to implement. Yet it will not be a great experience in every single battle. BTW, I really appreciate this discussion we are having.

    Have a look at OP date. The code expired some time ago.
  4. I have seen names of media and test accounts. This one was completely different.
  5. I did not promote such an idea at all. I propose rather to have them play in a pool of players who all have a low winrate and/or a small amount of battle experience.
  6. I don't quite understand how to bend the rules? You lose on purpose to lower your win rate? Then have a few good games as a seal clubber and then go back up? It still sounds better compared to the current situation.
  7. You can't help everybody. But I guess the average battle experience would increase for the majority of the players. I have given this reasonable thought before posting my proposal in the forums. I propose a very simple criteria set. It's up for discussion, that's why I posted it.
  8. That sounds like a valid point. If you split the player base wouldn't you learn some basic gameplay first and if you are good you will be lined up a bit later against better players?
  9. Make MM not too selective, keep it simple by splitting players into two segments. - total WR - yes, to keep it simple - no distingution between solo/div to keep it simple - should work like in Divs: the highest value counts Any other questions?
  10. Errrr.... any I played. Is that relevant? It is NOT CV.
  11. Here are my personal statistics, gathered by the tool mxstats. Reads like this: 108 battles played on tier 8 (ST). Average tier difference from top tier to my tier: -1.2, a perfect balance between being top tier, middle tier and low tier would read -1.0. As a comparison of tier 7: -0.7 (so your are heavily favored being top tier when playing t7 battles; nothing new really)
  12. And again: the game is not a simulation. Secondaries work only on automatic nad have a much shorter range then their counterparts in real life. You can find the range of your secondaries by pressing the H key ingame or in port by unfolding the Artillery section of a ship and hover with your mouse over the secondaries.
  13. Hmmm... you could also play with him. For me either way is not fun. He is only an extreme example but there many players who play this game like beginners. Usually when I look at their stats after the battle they have around 45% winrate.
  14. Err. ok. My bad. As I posted the following elsewhere already several times: Split the player base by looking at the random battle winrate and amount of random battles played. Just to throw in two numbers: Everybody below 51% win rate and/or <500 battles played: segment A. Everybody else: segment B. I think the player base is large enough to support this splitting. This would, hopefully, increase the good experience for everyone when playing random battles. Lower skilled players and newbies would be put together, higher skilled players would also be put together. No hard feelingsd towards anybody, just a bit more of homogenous groups. I think that split would be worth a try.
  15. But your reply has nothing to do with my post. It would be nice to split the random battle player base so that newbies like him (5 battles in random, that is a newbie by all means) can play with other newbies. By all means, he should be free to play whatever he likes. Just not in the same battles as the vastly more experienced players. I don't think he will enjoy too much getting deleted fast in his tier 8 German premium battleship. Nothing against this dude. And yes, he co-oped his way to tier 3, the rest is premium ships.