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  1. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Will the Nikolai ever return

    Compare it with BBs not with CVs that are currently really crap and might not even deal damage due to AA.
  2. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    It's an IJN DD infestation not a DD infestation, Take IJN DDs from the equation and the numbers add up nicely.
  3. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Are they extinct?

    Nikolai makes Arkansas obsolete.
  4. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    USA DDs GOT BETTER TORPS ..WHEN DO IJN DD get better guns?

    Please go away with your cruiser talk. You actually seriously compare IJN DDs to USN DDs? IJN DDs can take 0 risk whatsoever inorder to do damage, Just ninjatorp people out of invis, While US DDs have to count on either our lackluster torpedo(Even at goddamn T10 it gets spotted wayy before the Jap one) Let alone the fact we have 5 less torpedoes at T10, Or at lower tiers torpedoes are way slower and again get spotted earlier. Allegedly US DDs are gunships right? How come Japanese DDs have better turret health and fire chance on their guns then? I had instances when I hit people more than 240 times and got maybe 1 fire, Yes a single fire with a gearing, Allegedly a T10 DD - Which only half of its HE shells actually deal out damage - Since that is also bugged. Besides most USN DDs actually have to aim where most IJN DDs(Especially Shima) Just carpet bomb a whole area with torpedoes which requires oh so much skill. (it doesn't ) And when was the last time your torpedo tubes have been destroyed? Oh it doesn't happen right? Well my guns get rekt in 1 hit on my Gearing(Happens in about 50% of games and I'm not exaggerating), I actually got hit by a single salvo and lost all three and a torpedo tube, So yes enlighten me how amazingly OP USN DDs are in comparison to poor poor IJN DDs which seem to be doing better in every single tier than their USN counterparts. How my amazing "Tier 10" Gearing looks like in about 50% of matches, Notice both destroyed forward guns
  5. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    I really dont understand giving cruisers limited defensive AA.

    All of those ships you've mentioned can kite the other ships indefinitely, Except the DDs.
  6. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Des Moins VS Hindenburg

    Getting close is actually a huge challenge since T10 matches are long range slugfests because nobody really wants to pay the bills WG set to encourage us not to play T10.
  7. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    I really dont understand giving cruisers limited defensive AA.

    Sure, a T8 CA vs a T10 CV, Why should you have a chance though? do other classes get a chance against classes two tiers above them? Do you get a defense matrix that can intercept a Montana's shells if you play as an NC? I get the CV hate but a Mogami shouldn't have a chance against a T10 CV unless it's grouped, Especially after CVs got nerfed to the ground.
  8. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Different premium ship credit bonuses?

    Nikolai doesn't make that much money for me either, If I had to rank them by Exp+Credit gain it would be 1. Tirpitz/Atago (After it got buffed in the latest patch it's crazy) 2. Warspite 3. Murmansk 4. Fujin 5. Imperator Nikolai I
  9. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Different premium ship credit bonuses?

    Damage isn't flat out damage, It's relative to the HP of the ship you're hitting. I.E you can kill 4 DDs entirely and have like 45k damage done and still get loads of exp, Hit a yamato for half his HP(about 50k) and get worse exp.
  10. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Something is seriously broken with AP shells hitting cruisers

    I think you guys haven't been playing high tier lately if you think it's a BB fun ground. It's mainly Shimakazes and Kageros that benefit of the lack of CVs.
  11. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Something is seriously broken with AP shells hitting cruisers

    Cruisers can basically dodge entire salvoes as long as they keep their distance, I can toss a spread at a BB up close and he'll eat it whole without having a chance. BBs are countered by teamwork, Just like every other class in this game. Besides cruisers deal more damage reliably than a BB, and a DD getting wrecked by a BB is doing something wrong.
  12. MarcusFuriusCamillus coming - fix for the patch

    Gearing hitting for 0 with HE? Dogfighting expert giving 100% bonus?
  13. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Blyskawica in the Premium Shop

    He's probably basing that statement about reality, The size and impact of the Polish navy in WW2. He forgot he's dealing with WG, If they could resurrect the famed Soviet navy(That most of it's naval crewmen actually served as infantrymen because there were no ships) they could do anything to cater to their majority fanbases. Well we shouldn't be surprised if they manage to pull a Polish navy off since they've all but announced a Chinese one..
  14. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Tier X CVs almost dissapeared.....

    I know, But it evaporates T6 planes, Does it make sense to you that a player would not be able to attack it because of faulty MM? T6 CVs barely have any spare planes..
  15. MarcusFuriusCamillus

    Tier X CVs almost dissapeared.....

    They should let CVs be able to be matched without an enemy CV again, I can't get a single game at T9 unless it's at peak times. Besides the new CV MM is bad because it only cares that both CVs are at the same tier, I got a T6-T6 CV match up and the enemy's BB's were North Carolinas, They took down my planes as if they were flies.