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  1. LBTaylor1984

    Mod advice

    Greetings peeps. I've seen some videos recently that show people playing with extra visual cues to the targeted ships positioning. Some seem to show you the angle between your hull and the enemies. I'm only interested as I'm having a bit of trouble working out the angles and if other are using these mods I feel at a disadvantage. If there illegal of course then i'll have to continue to try and learn the angling better. If there are any useful mods does anyone have a list or a link to pages showing what they do? Thanks.
  2. LBTaylor1984

    US BB tips please

    Thank you to everyone whos got involved on this. I'm actually really into the game but since using the NC and Iowa i've been lost. I'll try your suggestions and post back. Thanks again.
  3. LBTaylor1984

    US BB tips please

    Ahh ok that was my biggest concern. I'm losing money hand over fist at this point so i was a bit curious about how to change that. Sure I get it's free to play but it went from playing a win some, lose some. But now it's like i'm losing 30-40k a match. More premium ships I guess lol.
  4. LBTaylor1984

    US BB tips please

    Hi peeps, can anyone give me some tips on playing US BB. I've got the NC and the IOWA and they seem like complete junk. They take a stupid amount of damage so i'm always angled or bow tanking, but the shell dispersion is god awful, the armour is weak. i've tried hanging back the shell dispersion is making it impossible, I get in close and i get wrekt. Seriously I played all the proceeding ships no real issues, I can play RN BB and again all is well I just don't get it. Did the patch ruin US BB or something? If i do play these ships and survive I lose tens of thousands of credits, so clearly something is wrong. Prior to the NC I was making 50-125k a match?
  5. LBTaylor1984

    Suggestions thread

    I've been playing a while and one thing that always bothers me is that turrets can't fire individual barrels. One it would look cool, especially if you had the barrels change to a loading position, you'd know when you were safe from being fired upon by the enemy ship too. Two you could micromanage firing so you don't end up dumping all your shots and waiting 30 seconds before firing again.
  6. LBTaylor1984

    Casual> I'm done *uninstalled*

    [edited] I gave time to write my post so Wargaming know what some of the community are thinking, however your post was neither constructive or useful.
  7. LBTaylor1984

    Casual> I'm done *uninstalled*

    Sorry, but enough is enough. The gameplay IMHO has gone down the pan in recent times, CBT I loved this game you couldn't get me off of it. I've finally got back to where I was and it's a utter grindfest. Battles are long, boring with no action, or extremely short with loads of it. The game used to make war fun, now I can't even be bothered. Sure probably sounds like a ragequit, but i'm dying inside a bit as I love the game concept but it's F2P model I think is a bad idea, and frankly combat has gotten silly. Someone in a north carolina pinned me for 3 citadel hits in one salvo, I couldn't even cause significant damage, to make them stay away. I've tried shooting people all over the place to damage them, but even the range is an issue, the dispersion of shells is awful now, feels like i'm using a scatter gun, not rewarding those with a good eye. Dunno i'm pissed off and angry, but equally sad and upset, I really want to like this game, but it's driving me to a point where i hate it. So good luck peeps, i'm done and i wont be back for a long time if at all. I hope you find joy in this mess, but as someone whos not a hardcore i really see nothing to stay for. Good bye.
  8. LBTaylor1984

    World of DD

    Games totally [edited] since torps became OP. Disappointed in the updates in the past 6 months, until it changes it's [edited]for any large ships. Just got torped by a DD in open water which i couldn't see, no smoke. frankly it's insulting as your visual range is piss poor giving you know time to avoid. Meanwhile you can't hit the [edited]because they made main battery spread on BB awful. I think in trying to level the playing field it's slid completely the other way making the smaller faster ships OP. Until this is fixed the game is utterly utterly broken.
  9. LBTaylor1984


    Its a crossfire / SLi problem with windows 10 unfortunately the dev has been sitting on their hands doing nothing about it. Works fullscreen windowed fine, but fullscreen uses both cards and it goes mental.
  10. LBTaylor1984

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    UK player same issue, It's literally impossible when the action heats up, til a fix i'm shelving this too.
  11. LBTaylor1984

    Battleships = play a different game

    I agree with kevlarised. I played since beta and used to love this game but the detection range of other ships is now a piss take and the issues he listed also compound the issue. I'm not a brilliant player, but I know whats stupid and dumb vs whats fair and fun. BBs are all over the page with shooting, sometimes decent accuracy then you'll fire another salvo and it will be a shotgun. Frankly it's insulting to these beasts. Sometimes hits which land on a DD do like 2000hp? merely rubbing the paint off a DD, thats ridiculous the weight of the shell would smash it in half. yet other matches they do 6-7000, I can't find any logic to it. I can't make head nor tell anymore to the point i'm just bored of it, people say all manner of things but the only thing applying is BB got nerfed and now there borderline pointless. I have the New Mexico and the Warspite. Both now do little to the enemy and frankly can't hold there own, as a BB exclusive player i'm finding were getting patched into obvlivion. Then Torps The invisible ships and there zero range torps. I got shafted tonight by 15 torps which came from nowhere, i'm sorry but common logic needs to apply, no smoke, no nothing just a DD categorised as too far away to see. You can't make any effort to avoid as you have no idea their there til you get that ill fated warning which is a 2 seconds contact til impact. I could continue about Cruisers dropping BB like hits endlessly and making the BB redundant due to the sheer amount of damage being dealt. seriously if there is something i'm missing do tell. but whether matchmaking is teaming me up with higher tiers or something but I never stand a chance and tonight, my friend who plays co-op just logged out and said "i'm done." Something isn't right for all that is being said ans WG need to look at there changes and sort this, because only the really hardcore can be bothered with this anymore.
  12. LBTaylor1984

    Game currently broken (game mechanics + OS issue)

    Been through it all, just flickers like mad until D3D runs out of memory, never had the issue til Win10, guess WG couldn't be bothered updating it. All the time, if you've got no repair slots available, you just burn for like 70% damage it bloody stupid and annoying as hell. it's like someone doused the ship in kerosine Welcome to the new World of Boreships Come on today for some gaming and between divisions being too small and playing with utter morons, to the CV being stupid it's just a mess I was playing this all night after work, now I play it as downtime from bf4 hardcore and arma 3
  13. LBTaylor1984

    Torpedo Bomber too effective

    Torps are OP After tonight i'm done til it's fixed. CV needs to be nerfed or something, as the game stands it's dull and boring because of aircraft. 3 of my friends walked on the game tonight, same reason.
  14. Tonight a small patch landed. WTF have you done WG>? This game is totally knackered now. I've played since CBT and the game seemed well balanced. OBT was a bit iffy with broadside spreads being ridiciously wide, but ok i'll work with it but as of today Torpedoes are completely overpowered. Torp planes drop too close, too wide a spread mean you are going to get hit regardless of your efforts, while dive bombers have a unearthly fire burn time twice tonight I lost over 50% of my health in this manner in a Battleship. CV hide in the corner of the map and have to most powerful weapons to boot, meaning your chances of taking them out is zip. Leaving you getting bombed and torp'd to death. This is no longer fun, it's boring and uninteresting, my friends walked tonight after having enough, and i'm done until you patch this. I've already seen i'm not the only one who feels this way on the forums, but as it stands you've lost a couple of people until it changes. I don't want a barrage of people telling me i'm wrong, this is my opinion, and my feedback. In addition to your Torp madness the game still doesn't play fullscreen on windows 10 final release and has to be played in a window, I think you need to get that sorted as a priority as well. Peace, Luke.
  15. Hi all, just wanted to report in that in windows 10 i'm unable to play fullscreen, if I do the screen flickers with either little or heavy banding, if left long enough the is a out of memory error from D3dd which I presume is the direct x engine. Fullscreen is either black nothing, flickering, corrupt with triangles appearing as I move the mouse over different elements. HOWEVER if windowed fullscreen works fine, no issues Any and all help welcome, if not ill post a screen shot tonight for the Dev's to look over. Thanks, Luke.