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  1. Shagulon

    Stealth nerf to XP earned

    I am having the kind of games that would previously be earning me 2000 XP +, but at the moment I seem to get 1600XP instead. Am I imagining it?
  2. Shagulon

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    Only read the first page. Would remind you that we are not post cv rework, we are mid cv rework. I’m sure lower tier will get some love if needed.
  3. Shagulon

    Why cant certain ships not win games?

    With the double negative in the title of the thread I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking...
  4. Shagulon

    Daring crap

    wow those stats speak for themselves... as has been stated, you need to drop back down the tiers and learn the whole ship line if you want to be good. also suggest watching some youtube
  5. Shagulon

    Lost Richelieu permanent camo

    Ah yes, thank you for the tip. It was indeed hidden by my own filters (decorative). Thanks for the help :)
  6. Shagulon

    Lost Richelieu permanent camo

    Hi all, Just noticed my permanent camo for the Richelieu has disappeared. The one with the golden statue, can't remember the name. I logged out a few times to see if it would fix it, but it seems to be gone for good. Anyone else lost it or any other items?
  7. Shagulon

    CV Rework Discussion

    Three different strike weapons, one squad of three planes. How do you choose/change weapon? Wait for recycle? Seems clunky. Call in fighters? I think I’d rather see no fighters. Not sure I like the concept. How do you defend your own cv and move around?
  8. Shagulon

    Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    It seems to me that there is no smoke without fire. That is to say, I’ve bumped into my own clan in my team in ranked before and I didn’t get banned. I can only hope that you were recorded as being on a team with your clan mates on multiple occasions. I suspect there is more here than the OP is telling....
  9. OP claims hacks with nothing other than a feeling to back up accusations. everyone points this out to him, blames everyone else for being paid fanboys. theres no helping this one...
  10. Shagulon

    ideas to change bb playstyle

    My suggestion is - if you want to know how to counter "uncounterable HE spammers", "ships in smoke" and "too many DDs" is to play said ships yourself. Learn how other people counter you. It will make you better at the game.
  11. Shagulon

    My dragon flags are cursed

    I thought it was just me...
  12. Shagulon

    Enormous difference in winrate between Iowa and Missouri

    The difference is the way you play the ship. You're probably trying to make use of the radar and get close. Try playing less aggressive at the start and use the radar towards the end game.
  13. Shagulon

    Buyer's Remorse - Asashio edition **BUY HAREKAZE INSTEAD**

    She does currently have double the average damage of other DDs at tier 8. I don’t have her though so that is all I have to say on this subject for now.
  14. Shagulon

    Asashio.. Please shelve

    I really don't think this type of ship is good for the game at all. Too specialised in the way that the old IJN DD line was too specialised. I hope they change her.