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  1. Make the superstructure saturate much quicker, like 15k health. After that BBS would be quite strong. Maybe reduce the repair/heal cool down slightly.
  2. And yet those same people outplay in tech tree ships too...
  3. They killed anything that made ranked special. Now it’s just 18 wins and stop.
  4. But nobody would do that. Even probability would make it very unlikely.
  5. You are wrong. I did use doubloons but it cost 1500. Seemed an ok deal. perhaps you could explain the 52000 dubs ref?
  6. You do t think fearless brawler makes much difference. 1v1 duel with DDs is major and 10% dpm with no concealment penalty is HUGE.
  7. I have roughly 150 tech tree ships in port, each with a captain. I’m fairly competitive and like the best captain builds. Let’s say 50 are bbs. So I have 100 ships, many with high level commanders to pay to respec? JOKE.... not in WG.
  8. Shagulon


    I’m not prone to overreactions, so believe me when I say, no free reset on other classes as well as BBS is making me wonder if I should abandon this game and company. Really poor....
  9. Shagulon

    Here's how to reduce toxicity by 500%

    Naughty words that the automation system checks for should just be filtered if they’re not allowed. End of problem and end of crazy chat bans that last a month for saying “tard”
  10. Shagulon

    Legality of dicounted store prices

    There are no products to my knowledge permenantly discounted. If you mean e.g. 10000 dubs at 15% discount, it means compared to buying 1dub. Or a bundle at 15% discount compared to buying what’s included separately.
  11. Shagulon

    @WG: How u test new ships?

    And now the actual point of the thread is revealed
  12. Shagulon


    A single game with too many DDs needs a thread and a WG patch? How about I post one where there are 5 BBs in a ranked match? Maybe then we get a limit to BBs?
  13. That's unfortunate that you only play a broken ship class and receive the brunt of the annoyance players feel that should be directed to WG. Did you know you can turn off chat? When I get salty it is normally because some bad player is being very vocal about everyone else - turning off chat does actually lead to a more serene experience. The downside is that you can't really communicate with your team in a meaningful way so you are handicapped a bit. That said, in your case I think it might actually help :)
  14. That would be true if there were any explanation included with the ban, but giving people a long list of all rules isn't really cutting it for most people. In those rules I see violations from multiple players in every match and they don't seem to be chat banned. Of if they are, everyone in the game is being chat banned quite regularly. In either case, it isn't working. That said, now you have (sort of) explained what's going on, I for one can try to correct what I am doing that is getting me banned so much. The ban length getting longer and longer is probably why the system feels like it has lost any perspective.