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  1. Shagulon

    so i got this devonshire cruiser

    She has best stats of tier 6 CA (except Graf) although it’s still very early days and the sample size is very small. I started badly with her but last few games she’s coming good. The guns are excellent.
  2. i bought the Gorzia, seems like the best investment. Gets you the first three directives eaiser, and you get the doubloons back when you reach the ship at dir 3 so seemed like a good investment. Having said that, it is so complicated that in all honesty i have no idea if I can achieve the build in time... mission achieved WG!
  3. Shagulon

    Buff the ZAO

    If you think the zao needs a buff you’re not playing her very well, or you don’t have her yet and you’re making a flawed hypothetical statement
  4. Shagulon

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    Bismarck buff incoming for secondaries is it not (better pen). i think the ship is fine too. It has an unusually high number of games so it is being driven by more casual players. Stats can be misleading.
  5. Shagulon

    Upcoming Battleship buff

    I like the concept of the change. It gives heavy cruisers a role. Haragumo and Wooster were too deadly to all ship types. So this is a buff to heavy cruisers. Incidentally ifhe dds love to farm cruisers too. True bbs also benefit though. im more worried about the blanket armour changes. A mini shouldn’t have the same armour scheme as a Moskva which is how I read the changes listed in the forum.
  6. Shagulon

    Hill worse than Nicholas?

    As per all us dds, it’s a good ship. It’s premium meaning it doesn’t need a dedicated capt so it can have that 19 point captain in her. Premiums are not supposed to be outright better than the silver ships...
  7. Shagulon

    The 100 Kraken members club

    229! Thanks for making me look it up. Feel good now. One every 80 games, but of course I didn’t really get any krakens for the first couple thousand games.
  8. Shagulon

    Why report, total waste of time!

    GDPR has no influence on telling how they punished a player. It’s about your personal data like name, address and things you do associated with that data. If they told you their name and email address as well that might be different.