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  1. captainhaddock_2015

    New US Cruiser line :)

    Hmm looks interesting, time to get my Derp Moines researched!
  2. captainhaddock_2015

    uss colorado any good

    I enjoyed my time in the Colorado despite its well known shortcomings, its just that well the North Carolina is a lot nicer.
  3. captainhaddock_2015

    What Was In Your Crimson Containers? - Revolutionary Rewards

    Got my first loot box, after much keyboard smashing frustration got 2500 schmekels. Worthit
  4. captainhaddock_2015

    concept: Handicap mode

    Isn't handicap mode just playing random battles at the weekend when all the potatoes come out to play?
  5. captainhaddock_2015

    USA DD line or wait for the Pan Asia line?

    I ground up to the Gearing, bought the Gearing, played a few games, absolutely hated it, sold Gearing, now the Fletcher is definately worth the effort to get to though, the gun/torp aa combo is very nice.
  6. captainhaddock_2015

    King George V - wtf is wrong with that ship ??

    I've found the KGV to be a decent ship and i enjoyed it, but i have had absolutely terrible luck in it including a keyboard smashing 8 game losing streak in it. The armour is weak relative to some other T7's but with premium heal and superintendent as well as decent speed and stealth if you play smart you can usually last the whole battle and keep dishing out fairly consistent damage with both he and ap.
  7. captainhaddock_2015

    I401 . oil collectors clan - naval base for solo players

    Application sent, i have a few friends who may also wish to join, this is just what we're looking for.
  8. captainhaddock_2015

    How is repair cost calculated ?

    A nice solution to campers and cowards would be to increase the repair costs for BB's which have no damage inflicted on them by the end of the game, be nice to see all those Bismarks and Tirpitz's penalised for not getting stuck in.
  9. captainhaddock_2015

    So... Endless queue issue

    It was you who mentioned the 2-3 minute wait in your OP, I simply find it amusing you seem to be wholly unaware of the definition of the word endless. Also it is actually bloody quick if you play something other than a BB, maybe you should try that if your attention span is so short that a 2-3 minute queue time feels endless
  10. captainhaddock_2015

    So... Endless queue issue

    "Endless queues" *waits a whole 2 minutes for a game LMAO* Also play DD's profit from all the noobs in BB's
  11. captainhaddock_2015

    Are RN BBs going to shift the meta more to camping?

    People camp with German BB's so i can't really see how much is going to change.
  12. captainhaddock_2015

    next lavel gameplay guides: german battleships

    Top notch guide, now I realize i have been playing my German BB's all wrong
  13. captainhaddock_2015

    Ranked Season 7 Discussion

    Finally got to 10th having stalled for a week and 40 games between 11 and 12, switching from a BB to Gallant has made a huge difference, while I'm not farming points i'm doing all the grubby work which no one likes doing, like getting caps and spotting and general harassment of brain dead BB players. Prior to that i was using Warspite and Bayern which i like a lot but their lack of mobility just kills your ability to project power around the map.
  14. captainhaddock_2015

    Konisberg problems

    Its a super accurate glass cannon
  15. captainhaddock_2015

    Even a 3 year old could program a better matchmaker!

    I've had a few iffy games balance wise (not that it stopped me enjoying them) but i don't think you can make a particularly informed judgement about it when player numbers are low and tier 10 carriers are only available to a select few.