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  1. Jellicoe1916

    Battlecruiser Line Proposals

    It's essentially a 3 x 3 Admiral with a bit more armour and speed
  2. Jellicoe1916

    Battlecruiser Line Proposals

    For the Royal Navy, I Would propose: 3: Indefatigable 4: Queen Mary 5: Tiger 6: Renown 7: Admiral 8: J3 9:G3 10: K3 Premiums: 3: Invincible 5: Repulse
  3. Jellicoe1916

    LEGO De Ruyter

    Hi Guys, just thought I would share a build I did last year of the Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter I am not 100% on the camouflage scheme and I am aware that the anchor is missing, I was unable to implement it in a way that I liked Any suggestions will be appreciated as I'm sure I missed a few things It currently has 3656 blocks, is 172 blocks long and 16 blocks wide.
  4. Jellicoe1916


    I don't think it's been announced yet, she is still in development at the moment
  5. Jellicoe1916

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    It isn't wrong, it was asymmetrical, meaning the starboard side was different to the port side
  6. Jellicoe1916

    [ALL] ModStation

    Issue Resolved
  7. Jellicoe1916

    RN Battlecruiser Tree

    Agree with your choices, I think WG would put Indefatigable at 3 in the tree with Invincible as a premium, similar to what they did with Dreadnought, having the revolutionary one as the premium. More or less Identical to what I'd suggest though, mine would be : Indefatigable at 3, Queen Mary at 4 (As name Lion is already used), Tiger at 5, Renown 6, Admiral 7, I would then do J3 at 8, G3 at 9 and K3 at 10 With Invincible and Repulse as premiums, many argue Repulse for 6, personally I'd put her at 5.
  8. Jellicoe1916

    Propose WW1 Buttle of Jutland Premium Ships

    You could easily get a full British Battlecruiser Tree, with Indefatigable/ Invincible at 3, Queen Mary at 4, Tiger at 5, Renown at 6, Admiral at 7, J3 at 8, G3 at 9 and K3 at 10. Would also have Repulse at 5 as a premium. Could quite easily get a German one to 7 or 8 as well, not too sure after that, probably got some designs somewhere in the archives though
  9. Jellicoe1916

    Supertest - Changes to Test Ships

    You really do seem to hate the Royal Navy. You nerf their real armour to give them gimmicks like smoke, then remove that gimmick and don't fix the armour.
  10. If you're doing camouflages then could you please fix Perths?
  11. Jellicoe1916

    Azuma, coal or steel?

    Would like her to be a coal ship as non of the Large Cruisers have been sold for that, however, knowing WG she will likely be steel
  12. Jellicoe1916

    Lets Collect all easter eggs on ships :)

    Believe this maybe Exeter's, got the battle honours of herself and the previous Exeter's from 1763. Battles are: Sadras 1782 Providien 1782 Negapatam 1782 Trincomalee 1782 River Plate 1939
  13. Jellicoe1916

    HMS Exeter Battle Honours

    Found the Battle Honours board on the Aft superstructure of HMS Exeter while looking at her model on thedailybounce.net, 5 Battles are: Sadras 1782, Providien 1782, Negapatam 1782, Trincomalee 1782 and River Plate 1939.