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  1. Jellicoe1916

    Battlecruiser Line Proposals

    It's essentially a 3 x 3 Admiral with a bit more armour and speed
  2. Jellicoe1916

    Battlecruiser Line Proposals

    For the Royal Navy, I Would propose: 3: Indefatigable 4: Queen Mary 5: Tiger 6: Renown 7: Admiral 8: J3 9:G3 10: K3 Premiums: 3: Invincible 5: Repulse
  3. Jellicoe1916

    LEGO De Ruyter

    Hi Guys, just thought I would share a build I did last year of the Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter I am not 100% on the camouflage scheme and I am aware that the anchor is missing, I was unable to implement it in a way that I liked Any suggestions will be appreciated as I'm sure I missed a few things It currently has 3656 blocks, is 172 blocks long and 16 blocks wide.
  4. Jellicoe1916


    I don't think it's been announced yet, she is still in development at the moment
  5. Jellicoe1916

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    It isn't wrong, it was asymmetrical, meaning the starboard side was different to the port side
  6. Jellicoe1916

    [ALL] ModStation

    Issue Resolved
  7. Jellicoe1916

    Opposition to Mikasa

    Hope WG do add more