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  1. I've seen vessels try to dodge torpedoes in the channel between the minefields and enter the minefields accidentally, thing is, once you enter the minefields if you try to turn you'll more than likely get sunk by mines, best way is to reverse out the way you entered but the bots aren't programmed to do that
  2. Who is Jack Dunkirk? None of the commanding officers at Dunkirk were named that, none were nicknamed that either, the closest being Dunkirk Joe (William Tennant)
  3. I'm still after Prince of Wales, she's the only ship missing that was present at the Battle of the Denmark Strait, then you also have her AA Set up of the pom poms and unrotated projectiles like on Hood, Hood kind of needs her companion against Bismarck and PE.
  4. Id love to see HMAS Canberra (D33) in game
  5. 0.6.8

    I think Dunkirk was fine before, don't see why you had to make it harder, I had troubles getting 5 stars before as you need many players to survive in order to shoot all the planes down, otherwise you just lose to the German fighters and that's one star gone. I think the first Dunkirk was much better than this one
  6. I think it's a QE with a trunked funnel
  7. I wish lol
  8. Force K: Force K is an English Speaking clan mainly focused on providing an easier way for players to form divisions/ teams for Operations. TeamSpeak is not required. If anyone is interested just send us an application form and we will try and accept it as soon as we can. We look forwards to meeting any of you who wish to join! Force Ks Badge, created by Combat_Hamster.
  9. We focus on providing a clan for those who wish to form a team for operations
  10. french

    I don't think Danton would work at 3 as she only has 4 12" guns,
  11. french

    Id put Courbet at 3 with Danton at 2, if they did her. Bretagne at 4 and Normandie at 5. Normandie would have a smaller gun than NY but makes up for it by having an extra 2 guns. Normandie wouldn't really work at 6 as NM has the same number of guns but hers are bigger
  12. I think a Malaya style funnel would've been more likely by trunking the 2 into 1
  13. It is indeed a fictional rebuild, just like what Kaiser, Konig and Bayern all have. I'm actually glad they haven't gave Orion one, just stuck some more guns on her WW1 Hull, expected her to be rebuilt fictionally aswell As she was Jellicoes flagship at jutland I would like the WW1 as the stock hull instead, just like how Bayern has her WW1 Hull then the fictional rebuild
  14. No it stays with the ship incase you buy it back again in the future