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  1. It's the portal that you had to escort Transylvania to in last year's Halloween Scenario "Saving Transylvania".
  2. I've seen it before but I've never really looked into it, I know the Russian Icebreaker Yermack is next to the central island on the far right of the map.
  3. Hope WG do add more
  4. However, it's possible they may add the WW1 Hull as a tier 5 premium under a different name, such as Emperor of India. I want the WW1 Hull as it was that hull that Jellicoe used as flagship at Jutland.
  5. Still doesnt mean we cant have Penelope as a premium, Omaha is a tech tree ship and she has 2 premium sisters. I doubt they'd do Enterprise as the only real differences between her and Emerald is the twin forward turret and the bridge structure. For Arethusa to be a tech tree ship they'd need to either change her with Emerald, or have a sub branch. I also doubt many would buy a premium Emerald seen as she doesn't exactly have the best reputation as a tier 5, maybe as a tier 4 she would be good but she's very big so still an easy target for BBs.
  6. If Huang He is going to be a tier 6 chinese premium then can we get Penelope (or Pepperpot) as a tier 5 British Premium please? You've done multiple sisters in the past, such as Marblehead, Omaha and Murmansk so I don't see why not.
  7. I cant wait for them but in my opinion, Huang He should be a tier 5 cruiser as she's basically just a toned down Perth/Leander. Perth and Leander have more HP, Guns, Armour and torpedoes, Huang He may only be better AA wise so why would you choose Huang He over those 2?
  8. The new proposal might be interesting however she'll only really be useful against BBs as they were thinking of giving her deep water torpedoes
  9. My British BC line is : 3 Indefatigable, 4 Queen Mary, 5 Tiger, 6 Renown, 7 Admiral, 8 J3, 9 G3 and 10 K3 For Germans I think id do, 3 Von Der Tank, 4 Seydlitz, 5 Mackensen, 6 O class, 7 Ersatz Yorck then not sure for 8, 9 and 10 Premiums: British: 3 Invincible, 5 Repulse German: 4 Lutzow Then Yavuz at 4 in ottoman service but she can train German commanders as her crew remained German during WW1
  10. Looks like a heavy cruiser based on the Emerald class, I know the Emeralds were the basis for the Almirante Cervera. So it's possible that they may have used the Cervera's hull design but changed the turrets, as it looks pretty similar to Cervera.
  11. I think doing the British Destroyers vs the HSF would be fun, be very chaotic and confusing
  12. I think the run to the south would be a nice scenario once the battlecruisers are added
  13. I opened 2 daily containers yesterday, both credit ones, got a collection piece in each, opened 1 container so far today, didn't get one in that credit container
  14. You've got to have sympathy for McVay though, he was really used as a scapegoat for the higher officers. Hashimoto even stated that he could've easily sank her even if she had been zigzagging
  15. He did a mapping of Ironbottom sound in January 2016. From the images I've seen id say Indianapolis is upright with her bow detached and lying on it's starboard side. My favourite Japanese carrier was sunk at Midway, Akagi shouldn't be in too bad of a condition. Kaga maybe in several pieces, however the piece of hull they found in 2000 may have just fell off the hull or she might have imploded like the stern of Titanic. Can we have McVay as a legendary commander, as it was really unfair how he got all the blame when it wasn't his fault, which survivors have repeatedly stated.