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  1. Wooden Horse on USS Helena

    Found a Wooden Horse on the A hull of USS Helena just in front of her aft starboard twin 5 inch mount, thought it was a nice little feature.
  2. UK Tech Tree Proposal

    I would suggest J3 for the tier 8 BC, with G3 at 9 and K3 at 10 Would also prefer York to be tech tree ship and Exeter to be the premium as stated.
  3. Dutch tech tree

    I would possibly give Doorman High Alert, reflecting that him and his crew were pretty much constantly at High Alert during the Java Sea campaign and possibly an improved Survivability Expert considering how many Battles He and De Ruyter had taken part in, such as Badung strait and the Makassar strait, and then countless air raids they had endured while in Surabaya. You could easily argue for others though.
  4. For tier 8, 9 and 10 British BCs, I would suggest J3, G3 and K3, my line is pretty much identical to the rest of yours, Invincible/ Indefatigable at 3, A Lion at 4, Tiger at 5, Renown at 6 and Admiral at 7 With a premium Repulse And I am all for a premium Lutzow!
  5. Dutch tech tree

    I'm after De Ruyter, Kortenaer and Java, would be nice as they were illegally salvaged recently. A Doorman commander would be nice too.
  6. CCT Summit 2018: Some juicy news from St. Petersburg

    I hope the night time works so we can have the possibility of a Cape Esperance Operation in October.
  7. My personal premium ship wish list

    I want HMS Exeter, Electra or Encounter, HNLMS De Ruyter, Java and Kortenaer due to them all being badly damaged by illegal salvagers. Want USS Houston also so we have a Northampton and can complete the ABDA Cruiser Force. Would love HMS Penelope aswell. Would also like an Agano and a SMS Lutzow.
  8. Idea's for a new operation

    Well from an Ironbottom sound map you could do 5 Battles, Savo Island, Esperance, Both Naval Battles of Guadalcanal and Tassafaronga. I've even mentioned this to @Tuccy But the historical maps and ops take a lot of time and effort to produce and some ships will be needed, such as Northampton and Canberra, but Northampton can essentially be made from either Pensacola or Indianapolis's model.
  9. Idea's for a new operation

    A Cape Esperance Operation is perfectly feasible as after Helena and Boise have been added, all ship classes involved will be in game, only thing required will be a map. For a historically accurate First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, only a Benham is needed. Savo Island would require the most new ships.
  10. The World of Warships ModStation!

  11. [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Nice Roma skin
  12. No rewards for completing a 5* Scenario

    You only get the rewards the very first time you complete it
  13. Possibly Varyag's easter egg

    Website called gamemodels3d I can only see the 1 mount, but maybe a reference to them?
  14. Good, Thanks MrConway!
  15. If the Imperial German Navy ensign is Ok, why dont yous put it on the WW1 German stuff? After all, the early Russian stuff has the Imperial Russian Flag.