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  1. British Ports

    Scapa flow in the 30s would be nice, could have some of the German Warships being salvaged too.
  2. HMS Fiji research cost

    That is with Leanders hull upgrade included, as that must be researched before you can get Fiji.
  3. Should I re-buy Pensacola before USN Cruiser split?

    You would get the tier 6 Pensacola, tier 7 New Orleans and the tier 8 Baltimore after the split if you had Tier 7 Pensacola and Tier 8 New Orleans before the split
  4. Should I re-buy Pensacola before USN Cruiser split?

    Normally, you get the ship and it's replacement, so if you have tier 7 Pensacola, you will get the tier 6 Pensacola and the tier 7 New Orleans when the split occurs
  5. No, not the bow ones lol, shouldve been more clear, but some stern ones could.
  6. HMS Hermes

    Just found that image on the internet by searching HMS Hermes camouflages, i imagine you should be able to get a model of her with it though
  7. HMS Hermes

    Hermes would be a nice ship to have, give Vampire her consort she was sunk protecting. Hermes also had some nice camouflage.
  8. IJN standard grey camouflage

    I would've liked the one sided fjord camouflage for tirpitz as it was a very nice camouflage, wish you's would release it as it is done already
  9. HNLMS/RNLN De Ruyter

    I would prefer the WW2 De Ruyter and Doorman as a legendary commander to go with her considering she was illegally salvaged. Also want Exeter, Encounter, Electra, Java and Kortenaer for the same reason. They could do the post WW2 one as Almirante Grau and have her in a Pan-american line if they do one, as Argentina had a few cruisers and Brazil had a couple battleships, so did Chile.
  10. Aftvent Calendar day 9 bugged?

    Unusual, kind of glad I didn't end up doing it now.
  11. Issue with gold and premium ships

    Kutuzov got removed from sale in 0.6.13, you probably have the extended tech tree mod which includes many ships that can only be bought in the premium shop but Kutuzov, Belfast and Perth all got removed from sale as they were effected by the smoke nerf, you can't buy it because it can't be bought anymore, whether it's via the premium shop or tech tree. Perth is the only one that might return in the future. That is also not wargamings fault, it's the mods fault.
  12. Wonder if they'll get Varyag out for the anniversary of the Battle of Chemulpo Bay in February
  13. They were torpedo/ mine launchers.
  14. I can't wait for Varyag, been wanting her for ages, should be a good tier 3, nice looking one aswell. Hope they give us Rudnev as a legendary commander to go with her!