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  1. Jellicoe1916

    HMS Sirius?

    We need a new British Premium Cruiser, Belfast was the only one and she was removed last November, its ridiculous that we still don't have another one. They could do 2 (heck 3 even) Types for the Dido's, a 5.25" and 4.5" variant. My RN Cruiser wishlist is Exeter, A county, Penelope, Charybdis and Cleopatra, a Mountbatten Pink Manchester, Newcastle (My Home town) and Jamaica would be nice too. @MrConway
  2. Jellicoe1916

    An in-depth proposal for Java as T3 premium Dutch CL by Lert on NA

    Would insta-buy this if it were a premium
  3. Jellicoe1916

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Can you enable the Blue Master (splinter) skin pack again please?
  4. I'm surprised De Ruyter isn't in game yet, especially after the illegal salvaging over the past few years. Doorman would also be a nice addition as a legendary commander.
  5. Jellicoe1916

    Adding H.M.S Repulse?

    Repulse was not by any means state of the art, she was a 25 year old Battlecruiser from WW1. Sure she had been refitted over the years but that still doesn't make her state of the art. While she did get sunk that day she also managed to avoid the first 19 torpedoes fired at her, it was only through a pincer attack that they got her. Prince of Wales meanwhile was hit by a torpedo early in the engagement which effectively crippled her by damaging her steering equipment, even after that hit she still took 3 more torpedoes and a few bombs before she went under. The torpedo hit on PoW was more a matter of luck than by ship design. The exact same thing happened to Bismarck and she was on her maiden voyage.
  6. Jellicoe1916

    Adding H.M.S Repulse?

    My Proposal for a British BC line is Invincible/Indefatigable, QM, Tiger, Renown, Admiral, J3, G3 and K3 Repulse should work as a tier 5 premium with 30kts and 30s reload, while her HP should be between NY and Kongo.
  7. Jellicoe1916

    Adding H.M.S Repulse?

    I agree that she should be tier 5, she was not modified anywhere near as extensively as Renown which I would put at 6. While she does have large guns for tier 5, she doesn't have many of them, Kongo and New York meanwhile have smaller guns but they have more of them, which should offset Repulse's larger guns.
  8. Witte De With would be a nice addition to the game, this game needs a Dutch ship, ideally before another Russian one. We also need another British Premium Cruiser with the removal of Belfast, and Exeter is a must-have-premium so would be very fitting.
  9. Jellicoe1916

    British Carriers

    Because I think WG dont want to add any new carriers before the aircraft carrier rework, which I believe is the same reason why GZ hasn't been released. Currently I'd like to see another British Premium cruiser, as currently, there isn't any because Belfast got removed.
  10. Jellicoe1916

    Can't sell any ship.

    Right click on the ship you wish to sell, 3 options should appear, Remove/Add to Primary ships, Modules and the one you're wanting, Sell. Hope that helps and welcome to the game :)
  11. Jellicoe1916

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Could you please re-enable the Blue Master camouflage pack, as I really liked the historical ship skins in it.
  12. Jellicoe1916

    Gerard Callenburgh Class Destroyers

    The Gerard Callenburgh Class Destroyers were a class of destroyer designed in the 1930s by the Dutch. They were built in response to the latest Japanese destroyers which completely outmatched the previous Admiralen class destroyers. The new design featured 5 120mm guns in 2 twin and 1 single mount, one twin fore and aft, with the single superimposed over the aft twin mount. It also featured 2 quadruple torpedo tubes, 4 12.7mm Vickers Mk III machine guns and 4 40mm AA guns, they even carried a floatplane. The class were to have a top speed of 37.5kts and a standard load of 1,604 tons, increased to 2,228 tons at full load. The class was to be composed of 4 ships, namely the Gerard Callenburgh, Isaac Sweers, Tjerk Hiddes and Philips Van Almonde. The Gerard Callenburgh was laid down on the 12th October 1938 at the RDM Rotterdam shipyard, and launched a year later on 12th October 1939. As she was fitting out, the Germans invaded the Netherlands on the 10th May and the Royal Netherlands Navy decided to scuttle the destroyer on 15th May to prevent her from falling into Germany's hands. However the Germans managed to refloat the ship on the 14th July and towed her to the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg for repairs on the 11th October, the Germans renamed her the ZH1 ( Zerstörer Holland Eins or Destroyer Holland One). The Kriegsmarine did not make any modifications to the ship because they wanted to see how the ship compared to their own designs, they did however, replace her AA armament with German ones and as completed she had 5 120mm guns, 2 quadruple torpedo tubes, 2 twin 37mm guns and 4 single 20mm guns, after numerous delays she was finally commissioned into the Kriegsmarine on the 11th October 1942. ZH1 spent most of her career carrying out exercises and operations with the 8. Zerstörerflottile (8th Destroyer Flotilla) based in Le Verdon-sur-mer, these included escorting numerous blockade runners and the Japanese Submarine I-29, which was on its way to Lorient. After word came of the Allied Landings on Normandy on 6th June 1944, the commander of the 8. Zerstörerflottile, Kapitän zur See Theodor von Bechtolsheim ordered his three remaining destroyers (ZH1, Z32 and Z24) and the torpedo boat T24 to sail for Brest, France. On the night of the 8-9th June, they set out from Brest , but were intercepted by the 10th destroyer flotilla. During the Battle of Ushant, ZH1 was badly damaged by accurate fire from HMS Tartar and Ashanti, with all power knocked out, ZH1 drifted to a halt. Later, after opening fire on HMS Tartar, ZH1 had her bow blown off by a torpedo from Ashanti, despite this, her forward turret remained firing but due to her hopeless situation, her captain ordered her to be scuttled with depth charges. The Isaac Sweers was laid down on November 26th 1938 at Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde in Flushing, and launched on March 16th 1940. After the German invasion of the Netherlands, the ship was evacuated to the United Kingdom where she was completed. As completed by the British she had 3 twin 102mm guns, 2 quadruple torpedo tubes, 2 twin 40mm bofors and 2 quadruple 12.7mm Vickers Mk III machine guns. Isaac Sweers was commissioned on the 29th May 1941. Isaac Sweers was part of the 4th Destroyer Flotilla, which also composed HMS Maori, Legion and Sikh, during the Battle of Cape Bon on December 13th 1941. During this battle, 2 Italian cruisers ( the Alberico da Barbiano and Alberto di Guissano) carrying oil and supplies to forces in North Africa, were sunk. While escorting convoy MW 8B to Malta, she also towed and saved the entire crew of 240 men from the destroyer HMS Gurkha, which had been torpedoed by U-133 on 12th January 1942. Isaac Sweers was torpedoed and sunk on November 13th 1942 during Operation Torch by the U-431 and sank with the loss of 108 of her 194 man crew. The remaining 2 destroyers, Tjerk Hiddes and Philips Van Almonde, were laid down on the 1st October 1938 and the 2nd March 1939 respectively. Tjerk Hiddes was the only one of these 2 that was launched, which occurred on the 12th October 1939. Hiddes was scuttled after the invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940 and subsequently raised and scrapped by the Germans while Almonde was blown up on the slipway after the invasion and her remains were scrapped on the slipway. This class provides the possibilities for 3 different in game ships, each with a different model and playstyle. ZH1 could be a German Premium Ship with her German armament layout and the standard German Hydro, Wargaming also showed ZH1's model in Haida's naval legends video, which may mean they may be planning on adding her at some point in the future. Sweers meanwhile, could be added as a Dutch ship with her British 102mm armament which will differentiate her playstyle significantly from the other 2 destroyers of the class, and Hiddes could be added with the original design that included the floatplane, this would make her unique as she would be the only destroyer in game with a floatplane. Overall, This is a very interesting class that has some good history behind it and would be a great opportunity for wargaming to introduce a new nation and some new playstyles, Thank you for reading and Good Luck In Battle Captains! ZH1 in Haida's Naval Legends video
  13. Jellicoe1916

    Lets Collect all easter eggs on ships :)

    I found the Trojan horse on Helena a few weeks ago
  14. Jellicoe1916

    A little project - This Day In History for July

    July 13th 1943, Battle Of Kolombangara. A US Task Force engage a Japanese force off Kolombangara. Japanese cruiser Jintsu and US Destroyer Gwin are both sunk and the cruisers Honolulu, St Louis and Leander are badly damaged by torpedoes.
  15. Thought I would compose a topic for those who are interested in the history of the destroyers of the British Destroyer Line. Tier II - HMS Medea, Medea class destroyer The Medea class destroyers were a class of destroyers originally ordered by the Greek Navy. They were armed with 3 101.6mm guns and 2 twin 533mm torpedo tubes. They were capable of 32kts and weighed about 1,040 tonnes. The class was composed of 4 ships, All named after figures in Greek Mythology, namely HMS Medea, Medusa, Melampus and Melpomene (ex-Kriti, Lesbos, Chios and Samos respectively). HMS Melampus accidentally rammed and sank the submarine C16 on 16th April 1917. All but HMS Medusa were scrapped in 1921, HMS Medusa was rammed and sunk by HMS Laverock on 25th March 1916. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2098484807144522/?type=3 Tier III - HMS Valkyrie, Admiralty V Flotilla Leader. The Admiralty V Flotilla Leaders were originally designed to lead destroyers such as the R Class destroyers (Phra Ruang, Ex-HMS Radiant) into battle. This batch consisted of HMS Valentine, Valhalla, Valkyrie, Valorous and Vampire, of which Vampire is already in game, albeit in a different configuration. Valkyrie herself was commissioned on the 16th June 1917 and had 4 single 102mm guns as her primary gun armament with a torpedo armament of 2 twin 533mm torpedo tubes, as did 3 of the other leaders, only Vampire differed from this, having 2 triple 533mm torpedo tubes for a total of 6 tubes. They weighed 1,188 long tonnes and were capable of a top speed of 34kts. 3 survived the war to be broken up, HMS Valentine was badly damaged by German aircraft and beached and abandoned off Terneuzen on 15th May 1940 and was salvaged and scrapped in 1953. HMAS Vampire was sunk on 9th April 1942 by Japanese Aircraft who also sank her consort HMS Hermes off Sri Lanka, and is now believed to be resting in a deep water trench in over 1km of water. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2098486630477673/?type=3 Tier IV - HMS Wakeful, Admiralty W class destroyer. The Admiralty W class comprised 21 destroyers, and were a follow on to the Admiralty V class destroyers. Of the 21 vessels built, Wakeful was the first vessel. Their primary gun armament was 4 single 102mm guns and their torpedo armament consisted of two triple 533mm torpedo tubes. They weighed 1,100 tonnes and were capable of a top speed of 34kts. Of the class, 11 were wartime losses, Wakeful herself was sunk on 29th May 1940 by German E-Boats and is now designated as a War grave. From the Dev Blog, we can assume that this ship will have an armament upgrade module of 120mm guns, which would make her B hull model more similar to that of her Modified Admiralty W class sister Wolverine, who was completed in 1920 with 4 120mm guns and 2 triple 533mm torpedo tubes. Dev blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2098487713810898/?type=3&source=48 Tier V - HMS Acasta, A class destroyer The A class destroyers were a follow on to the HMS Ambuscade and Amazon. They were armed with 4 single 120mm guns and 2 quadruple 533mm torpedo tubes. They weighed between 1,350-1,360 tonnes at standard displacement and 1,778-1790 tonnes at full load, they were capable of a speed of 35kts. The class consisted of 20 ships, of which 10 were sunk. Acasta and sister Ardent were both sunk by the German Battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau whilst escorting the Aircraft Carrier HMS Glorious. Whilst Acasta and Ardent were much smaller opposition, the destroyers fought fiercely against the Superior German Battleships, with Acasta scoring a torpedo hit and a few shell hits on Scharnhorst which forced the German Battleships to head to Trondheim after the engagement, the Battle flag was lowered on Gneisenau to honour the fight the Acasta put up before being sunk after roughly two hours of engagement. We have already seen one of their sisters in the game, HMS Anthony, which some of you will remember from Operation Dynamo in June-July last year. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2098489817144021&id=1909055039420834 Tier VI - HMS Icarus, I class destroyer. The I class destroyers were a follow on to the G and H class of destroyer. The I class had 4 single 120mm guns and 2 quintuple torpedo tubes. They weighed 1,370 tonnes at standard displacement and 1,888 tonnes at full load, and had a top speed of 36kts. Of the 13 ships that were completed, 6 were sunk. Icarus was one of nine destroyers to accompany HMS Warspite in the Second Battle of Narvik in April 1940, Icarus then formed part of the escort for HMS Hood and Prince of Wales on their voyage to engage the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, but they were detached before the Battle to search to the north, Icarus returned to the site of Hood's sinking to help rescue survivors, but all 3 had already been rescued by Electra. She later took part in Operation Pedestal, throughout the war she also helped sink numerous U-Boats and was finally sold for scrap in 1946. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2098490650477271/?type=3&source=48 Tier VII - HMS Jervis, J class destroyer. The successors to the Tribal class, the Js were armed with 3 twin 120mm guns and 2 quintuple torpedo tubes. They weighed 1,690 tonnes at standard load and 2,330 at full load, they had a top speed of 36kts. Being amongst the Royal Navy's most powerful destroyers at the beginning pf the war, they were committed extensively, due to this, many were lost during the war, with 6 of the 8 Js being lost during the war. HMS Jervis was dubbed 'Lucky Jervis' due to her ability to survive dire situations, an example of this luck might be in January 1944 her sister Janus was sunk and Jervis had her bow blown off by a Henschel Hs 293 bomb. Jervis had to be towed stern first to safety but incredibly, not one of Jervis's crew was harmed in this incident, and she even helped rescue 80 of Janus's crew. Jervis and her sister Javelin both survived the war and were broken up in 1949. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2098586560467680/?type=3&source=48 Tier VIII - HMS Lightning, L class destroyer. The Ls were the successors to the Js at tier 7. Whilst they all had the same torpedo armament of 2 quadruple torpedo tubes, the gun armament differed, four of the Ls had 4 twin 102mm guns (HMS Lively for example) whilst the other 4 had 3 twin 114mm guns (HMS Lightning). They weighed 1,920 tonnes and had a top speed of 36kts. During the Second World War, 6 were lost of the 8 Ls completed, 2 of the 114mm Ls and all 4 102mm Ls. Lightning herself took part in numerous operations including Operation Pedestal which aimed to resupply the beleaguered island of Malta before being sunk by German Schnellboots off Annaba on March 12th 1943, she was replaced in Force Q by non other than her Polish-named equivalent, ORP Blyskawica. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/photos/a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834/2098587440467592/?type=3&source=48 Tier IX - HMS Jutland, Battle class Destroyer The Battle class destroyers were the successors to the Weapon class destroyers. The 1942 Battles had 2 twin 114mm guns and 1 single 102mm whereas the 1943 Battles had 2 twin 114mm guns and 1 single 114mm gun. Both Variants had 2 quintuple torpedo tubes. The 1942 Battles had a top speed of 34kts and weighed 2,315 tonnes at standard and 3,290 at full load. The 1943 ones had a top speed of 35.5kts and weighed 2,480 tonnes at standard and 3,430 at full load. Non of the class were sunk and all were scrapped post-war. HMS Jutland was a 1943 Battle with the 5 114mm gun set up but she was not commissioned until 1947 and therefore saw no service in the Second World War. HMS Jutland in game appears to have her original hull with the 5 114mm guns for her A hull and the proposed design for Danae and Delight with 3 twin 114mm guns as her B hull. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2098582487134754&id=1909055039420834 Tier X - HMS Daring, Daring class destroyer. The Daring class destroyers were essentially the Royal Navy's super destroyers that were built after the conclusion of World War Two, they were the pinnacle of British Destroyer Development in the Second World War. They were armed with 3 twin 114mm guns and 2 quintuple torpedo tubes. They weighed 2,830 tonnes at standard and 3,820 at full load with a top speed of 30kts. They were built between 1949-59 and in commission from 1952-2007. Of the 11 Darings that were completed, 3 served with the Royal Australian Navy and the remaining 8 with the Royal Navy. One of the Australian Darings, HMAS Voyager was rammed and sunk in 1964 by HMAS Melbourne. They saw use in the Indonesian Confrontation and the Vietnam War. 2 of the Darings (Diana and Decoy) were sold to the Peruvian Navy and renamed BAP Palacios and BAP Ferré respectively, Palacios was decommissioned in 1993 and Ferré in 2007. The remaining Darings except for HMAS Vampire were scrapped, Vampire, however, is preserved as a museum ship in Sydney in Australia. Dev Blog Post: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2098589313800738&id=1909055039420834&set=a.1914529002206771.1073741828.1909055039420834&source=57&ref=m_notif¬if_t=feed_comment_reply Sources: Wikipedia Dev Blog