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  1. Was on the ultimate frontier map on the public test and spotted this resembling an Elephant.
  2. Hopefully
  3. Looks like my hopes of a Prince of Wales have evaporated.
  4. Top cruiser looks like Scharnhorst, I would love to have more Pre-dreadnoughts in the game, want armoured cruisers aswell. I think they would be fun in scenarios.
  5. Can we have some British Heavy Cruisers please? Exeter would be nice, especially since she has been illegally salvaged over the past few years.
  6. With the state Huang He has become, where WG don't seem to know what they want to do with her, id honestly say just putting her at 5 is probably best, and no, the excuse of, but her AA is 51 cant be used as Texas has a similar rating, so she would basically just be a tier 5 cruiser with the same gimmick as Texas. Also think I would've preferred her to be called Chungking. I would like Penelope to be the tier 5 British premium, we have several Omaha's so I don't see why we cant have 2 of them as they will have completely different armament set ups.

    Thanks, thought they would've updated this too though

    0.6.12 when?

    Any idea when this will be updated?
  10. Can't wait for Abruzzi, T61 looks nice too!
  11. Id Love Java, De Ruyter, Tromp, the Admiralens and the Gerard Callenburghs.
  12. It's the portal that you had to escort Transylvania to in last year's Halloween Scenario "Saving Transylvania".
  13. I've seen it before but I've never really looked into it, I know the Russian Icebreaker Yermack is next to the central island on the far right of the map.
  14. Hope WG do add more
  15. However, it's possible they may add the WW1 Hull as a tier 5 premium under a different name, such as Emperor of India. I want the WW1 Hull as it was that hull that Jellicoe used as flagship at Jutland.