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  1. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    it was the response to someone else... and i cant be arsed to create two posts just to make that clear. And how exactly are they so different? The difference of the grind is the time it takes and thats it so i i wouldnt say its that different at all.
  2. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    the def aa active time gets balanced by a longer cooldown in between which makes a ship far more vulnerable than a shorter period def AA with a shorter cd. Heal is nothing special at all. you can punish mistakes heavily but thats just the concept of the ship overall. The HE resistance again is no speciality to it only and it just puts more emphasis on creating proper crossfires. If it didnt have good guns there wouldnt be any reason to bring it which is why the moskva doesnt see play. And we´re seeing 1 Stalin per team if you really think that is a win condition i dont know if i want to waste more time on here. We´re playing 10s to create endgame content for exactly these. Its the same for the Stalin in that regard. As i said i dont expect you to be of my opinion but if you want to be the best you put in the effort to get into the best position there is and that includes playing CBs and ranked for this or you dont and you play different and adapt. It is a longer grind than a t10 thats fairly obvious but if you want to exclude that factor for every team there is you might aswell make it low tier to exclude that factor all together.
  3. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    those screenshots are straight after release and the meta has now settled in a different way. Youre not gonna see Stalingrad spam and there is a reason there is no moskva spam either.
  4. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    I´ll stick to what i said about how strong the ship is and i dont think im in "denial" either. Again ill ask of you an explanation of why it is "totally broken".
  5. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    I disagree on the reasoning to move comp to t10. From my pov it was simply a push to create a proper "endgame" and have some actual use for the last 2 tiers. Probably the point you made played a minor factor too but i dont think it was the determining factor. Now in regards to availability. If you dont share my opinion fine but i see it as follows: This tournament is currently basically the duell for the pinacle of the server. If you want to achieve that youve got to put in the time and effort and if you cant field a certain ship you either work around or go grind it. And regarding your question: It doesnt bring any benefit to the table but is that what should determine if a ship is allowed or not? I wouldnt agree to that. And in regards to the availability: EXACTLY! TWA could field an entire team of them so could we. There is a reason its not happening in trainings and we´re seeing not a bunch if them stacked together.
  6. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Well Earl in that case go ahead and share exactly why? Im curious.
  7. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Tell me then how will it ruin competitive? I wish someone would forward some fresh arguments/scenarios.
  8. Mr_Dced

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Ok, let me take some parts of your comment and speak my mind and a few facts. First of all we´re talking about competitive here so just weighing up ships in an 1 on 1 fashion isnt really what its about. Second of all you´re talking about "cheat" frontal armor. You do know that the majority of the bow is 25mm, right? Only a small part at the waterline at the bow is covered in 50mm that can bounce everything once angled. it has exactly the same radar as the moskva offers (which btw factually has stronger bow armor). And yes it has plenty of HP but its spotted from the moon aswell. Its one of the few remaining ships that can be very easily perma spotted by the CV. Thats a huge factor. So maybe go more in depth on why you think it should be removed.
  9. Mr_Dced

    Ranked season10 rant ( rank 1 )

    Kutuzovs discord
  10. Mr_Dced

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    @Blechhaube In essence its about Stalingrad isnt outright broken because of major tradeoffs that are being completly ignored in the average showcase and the overall perception of average joe. harugumo isnt outright broken people just see big damage results and thats not really what makes or breaks a ship since or is needed to win games. worcester has an interclass interaction problem and needs to be adressed otherwise an apparant problem will result in DDs seeing less frequent use. The last part is about current issues with the modes and some thoughts on how they can be adresed.
  11. Mr_Dced

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    im still waiting for the so called obvious trait that makes the ship so incredibly broken. At least try to come up with another argument than the current performance statistic wise and actually look at the ship as a whole. The only even remotely fact based argument is the one on overhanging nose armor plate at the frontal citadel. To that i agree its not really necessary but if youre being real how often does that come into play? not that often and you dont need to citadel a ship through the bow to kill it. Penetrations alone will do you just fine.
  12. Mr_Dced

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    Yes, thats something that should be integrated into the client ASAP. People need to be able to view armor models of every ship in the game without having to research multiple pictures online.
  13. Mr_Dced

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    i started writing it in here but it capped out so i changed to this format.
  14. Hi, i kinda felt the need to at least write up some sort of short view on current topics of discussion so I sat down for a bit and came up with a few things on the following 5 topics. 1.) Stalingrad 2.) Harugumo 3.) Worcester 4.) Role of the DD 5.) CBs/ranked/competitive. Its about 3 pages so for those who are interested feel free to take a look and share your opinion too. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W74nNODMFxw0R-BwObUshyPKOnpXgn96d4bUgL2iipo/edit?usp=sharing Mr_Dced P.s: By the way i dont have a clue what if im doing stuff on here correctly so if im not... sorry in advance i probably didnt know better.
  15. Mr_Dced

    Graf Zeppelin is pay2win

    well god bless finally someone with a sense of decency showed up with actual factual knowledge. @Guy that created this post my god... at least differentiate your statements properly and if you´d play the ship im sure you ll find out very soon that the strikepower might be strong but is by no means OP.