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  1. Ironvos

    French Cruisers-Looking Good!

    Allright, thanks for the info.
  2. Ironvos

    French Cruisers-Looking Good!

    Any ideas when the french cruisers are actually being released? The announcement post just vaguely states it being in april.
  3. Ironvos

    the "carry harder!" thread

    The weekend is always a hit and miss, this one was the latter. Was one of my first matchups after not having played for probably about a year. Now it was a T3-4 match and i had no xp bonus so maybe doesn't look as impressive as many of the other posts. Also have a video about it:
  4. Ironvos

    Smoke screen for cruisers

    More smoke isn't going to help. All it will do is make even more people play whack a mole. If they just made it so that hydro acoustic search amplifies the detectability range of anything within let's say 10km by 20% then it could be used to reveal destroyers that try to remain just out of sight. This would still make smoke a viable counter, but it would help cruisers to hunt DD in open water.
  5. Ironvos

    Patch coming 21th January

    I don't like the fact that they get rid of ships on the tech tree. They should do the reverse and put every single ship that's in the game on that tech tree even if you can't buy or win them anymore. Simply for the reason that this way you can look them up in game to see the ship's capabilities. You have to know what you're fighting against right.
  6. Ironvos

    That feel when 100% losses

    After 10 of those matchups you should have probably thrown in the towel for the day because continued loss is just going to drag you down. You'll soon start to doubt everything you do and think it's your fault, which is sort of a self fulfilling prophecy cause because of all that doubt eventually it does become your fault since you're not playing your 100% anymore. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, no reason to quit, just go with the flow.
  7. Ironvos

    Is aim "assist" a must have now ?

    If people need mods and cheats to improve their performance, well that's unfortunate. Would be great if WG did something about it. But for the time being i'll just take things as they are since it at least makes all those scrubs out there more worthwhile to play against. Really though, the only thing this affects is your stats, and plenty of people are padding those already by playing in divisions. But ideally i'd want this game, and any pvp game for that matter, not to have any modifications allowed to even out the playing field as much as possible. However i know that won't happen since too many people have already gotten accustomed and rely on their mods.
  8. Ironvos

    Myoko challenge

    'Stealing' kills is really a double edged thing. Sometimes it's just an outright steal, but sometimes finishing off that one DD with a sliver of health left before it can launch it's last torps at your CV or BB is a game changer. Leaving enemies alive because you don't want to 'steal' when the game is still not decided is just a bad thing anyway. I'd say, don't focus on the missions, just play the game and you'll get them done eventually. They are still going for a month and a half so there's no rush.
  9. Hello. Noticed that there's a new forum now for this sort of thing, so making a new thread as the old one is now in the wrong forum anyway. Open Beta and Release Here's the latest video highlights: Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments.
  10. Ironvos

    Nurnberg Cruiser Captain Skills and Upgrades

    Never leave port without Situation Awareness, for 1 point it's a steal. It's basically your spidersense to know if there's a DD around. It also allows you to turn broadside against a BB if you know that they don't know you're there.
  11. Ironvos

    What's with all the [edited] these couple of days? (RANT)

    It also depends a lot on your expectations, and the fact that a loss weighs heavier than a victory. I sometimes feel like i'm having a shitty day because of a few stupid losses even though i'd still have over 50% winrate for the day.
  12. I honestly don't care about the bundles. They are just there so that you spend more money on things that you don't need. I find the premium ships overpriced for what they are, but i also have no urge to buy them. There's so many free ships already in the game, i see no reason to buy more when i can unlock more ships by playing the game. The only thing i am interested in are doubloon (for port slots) and port slots. If there ever was a bundle with these 2 things i might buy it, anything else is just junk to me. So, no i don't boycot, i just don't buy what i don't need.
  13. Ironvos

    Ranked needs to be overhauled somehow.

    What about just making it so ranks are ship bound instead of account wide. It doesn't make sense that people can just get into a high rank with one ship and then suddenly jump into another ship with which they might have no experience at all, or are just plain bad with. This would also allow people that get to rank 1 to keep on playing ranked with other ships. And this should also satisfy WG as it gives people more stuff to grind for without requiring much extra development time.
  14. Ironvos

    Cruisers as a support ship.

    I have no trouble with cruisers, i do fairly well and i'm totally fine with how they are as a ship. My issue is with how their role plays out during the match and how the game can shape them more into being a support ship without buffing and nerfing things into oblivion. The point different atm is very negligible considering how easy it is for cruisers to get killed. The kill/loss points for cruiser is 35/50, BB is 40/60 and CV is 45/65.
  15. Ironvos

    Cruisers as a support ship.

    Yes all i play with are cruisers, i don't have time to grind trough multiple lines so i stick to one instead. And yes, cruisers should be less of a target unless they are a threat or the only target. I'm totally fine with CV and BB being much more powerful, they should be as they are capital ships, but this should also be reflected in the points which killing one gives.