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  1. LT_Nimitz

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Hi Staff I need some help. I played so many games to unlock many of the arpeggio ships including 3 of the Arp fuso class and 2 of the Arp Myoko class plus I have just unlocked on my last game the TAKAO. Appeared on my carousel of ships but when I clicked on it only the Yubari was displayed (which I also have) and the Takao would not appear in the middle of my port. So I restarted the PC thinking was a PC problem but when I entered the game again all my 6 Arp Ships I had unlocked vanished!!! Please help me to get those ships back!! I played so many games to earn them especially the Takao!!! I got left only 4 Missions to finish. Please advice what to do or if I need to write to some support to have them back. Thanks!
  2. LT_Nimitz

    [0.5.14] Msg to devs and mod makers

    Guys I did not play for a year as I was overseas and coming back I find now not players at all at tiers 2-3. What is going on??? Are you trying to attract new people to the game? It sucks now as I always need to play 3 vs 3 or something like that after 5 minutes waiting time. I hope you are aware of this problem and are trying to solve it.
  3. You should see what happens to the Mogami when you unlock it! It will be like going with a paddle boat against The Yamato. I played mostly cruisers since Beta and has been fun. Since last updates they seems made out of paper against BBs. I don't play this game anymore as much as I did before as I am enjoying it less. The Mogami was heavily nerfed just after couple of days I had unlocked it and it took so much time to do that. Now after all the time unlocking it when I play I fund myself only playing with the Myoko. Fix the ships WG! A Tier 8 needs to feel like a superior Ship from the one of the tier before not much worse and Fix that damage done by BBs with AP as it is just wrong. One salvo with couple of citadel hit I am a goner?? Cruisers lovers with higher tiers unlocked will probably dedicate less time on this game now. I know I do.
  4. LT_Nimitz

    Mogami and its Citadel

    Took me so long to unlock the Mogami and absolutely I hate Her. Each single game does not matter how I play there will be a point int time you get in range of aTier 7-8 BB and you are simply DEAD by one of their salvoes especially North Carolina. It is disgusting. A Tier 8 cruiser with full health should not die so easily like this each single time even using angling. The AIMBOT may play a part but Jesus this ship is made of paper. I hate every inch of it. Used to be a good ship now it is crap with her slow turning turrets and paper thin armor. Also do we want to talk about the useless range?? Mogami Tier8 with 15km against Tier7 Myoko with16.1km of or the 16.1km of the tier8 American cruiser? Well Done WG you done it again!!
  5. LT_Nimitz


    Guys would you consider to upgrade Mogami's guns to 203mm now that for the 155 the traverse speed is 51sec? which one would you recommend? I just unlocked this beast. Before was a clear choice for me with 40sec rot speed to keep the 155 but now I don't know. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  6. LT_Nimitz

    warspite back on sale

    Sorry WG I will never buy bundles like this. When you will release something in-game I will consider it. Until then I will have a lot of fun with what is provided for free as there are already tons of ships to use. Live long and Prosper WG!
  7. WG I play from Asia at the moment and I am in the European Server. It sucks not to be able to switch server to where I am now as during my day time not one is on. 1500-2000 people at best and the MM is just plainly cruel. Very often we play with 2 less members on a team. If I want to play I need to play at this time onwards which is 00:30 am. Is insane. Also this 3 tiers difference in a MM must stop. I cannot play a tier 5 ship Omaha with a range of 12.5km vs a completely full enemy team of tier 8 ships. This must be fixed. This brutal MM happens often even during pick hours like my last game I had and in the servers there were 18000 people. Giving us the possibility to switch server and in MM not go over couple of Tiers difference will make the experience much more pleasurable. For me personally more then pleasurable as playing always after midnight to find players start to drive me crazy.
  8. LT_Nimitz

    Stop nerfing my stats by screwing me over

    Agree with you on your last example. Ships like The Cleveland, St. Louis, Aurora and Minekazi that are little better then all others and can make a real different in the game especially if several one of them are in one team should be equally evenly numbered in both teams. I play often with the Aurora and several times I landed on a team already with 2-3 St. Louis while in the other team only 1 St. Louis and no Aurora. When that happen we always end up winning with 5-6 ships to spare. I always wandered why I was not put on the other team or why 1 or 2 St. Louis was not allocated on the other team to balance the match. Same with the Minekazi often I see them 2 in a team and none to the other that gets 1 or 2 wakatake for example. Why not allocating 1 minekazi in each team? This should be implemented in the future by WG. In a perfect match you would have the same exact types of ships in both sides but we all know it is not possible but at least the ships that performs much better on average would be better to spread them out evenly.
  9. LT_Nimitz

    Why me?

    Happened something similar to me only a DD shoot a salvo at me without reasons sending me on fire. I told him to be careful next time and not to shoot at friendly Foes and he replied he also will torp me lol. I said he could try and see how good he was to sink me. I was kind of pissed having to use my repair kit. He shoot the torps and missed me so after I shot mine in retaliation (I was on a Omaha) and I sunk him. He was at 3km range. He spent all match insulting everybody after that and we all reported him. I did not get the Team kill status. Don't know why. He also said he wrote down all the names of the players of our Team so he could sink them if matched again together. lool. Some crazy bastards out there with serious issues.
  10. LT_Nimitz

    Murmansk in 4.1

    Don't say too much good things about this ship if not they will nerf it like they did with almost everything that was good. Their habits on changing ships or tanks for that matter bought with real money really pisses me off big time. If changes must be implemented they need to apply only to new buyers and they need to explain very clearly the changes they made to it so we can make an informed decision. People buy ships with hard earned money because their specs if they change that specs refund must be offered to unhappy chaps that already purchased it. When we buy premiums with real cash we need to have guaranteed that will not change in the future neither in good or in bad. They could just easily sell only overpowered traps to attract thousands of buyers just to change and nerf the crap out of them later. Can you please reply WG and let us know what is your idea about purchased premium items? Do you think is really fair to change it after has been sold with certain specs that was the main reason for the purchase? Thanks for your reply!!
  11. LT_Nimitz

    Is Patch 4.1 hitting EU on the 26th also?

    We don't need the Tirpitz if it will be sunk by 2 CVs in one team and none to the other. Release a quick patch fixing the battle matchmaking asap as it is screwed. After you can release the rest of the patch that is not working and need to be fixed. This should be your first priority not putting an other premium BB ship in a screwed matchmaking.
  12. LT_Nimitz

    Stop selling your Premium Ships!

    mmmmm I was about to sell my Albany... actually I tried several times but at the end I couldn't.... She looks too cute and too useless to sell it. I felt pity for her. So I covered it up with a huge plastic cover so wouldn't rust and garaged for life. Who knows how much will be worth in 50 years from now????
  13. LT_Nimitz


    Bro the Cleveland before the nerf was a destroyer killer (and it is a damn right of every Cruiser to do so). Now after the nerf hitting with only one shell a destroyer is like a man trying to fly without wings. I experience with the Cleveland now the same frustration in hitting destroyers I got so used to with battleships just with more shells just for show. That stupid ark is an exaggeration and it is laughable.
  14. LT_Nimitz

    sims in 4.1

    Nerfing premium ships that someone has purchased with real money because that someone loved the specs of that ship is plain wrong. That makes for what concerns me all future purchases closed. Would be fair changing the specs for only new purchases so that spender can make an informed decision to buy or not. For people that already purchased that ship should stay as it as the specs was the main reasons to purchase in the first place. I simply cannot believe they actually changing ships to people that purchased them with real money. Never a premium ship for me.
  15. LT_Nimitz

    sims in 4.1

    Is the Sims been nerfed with the Guns like the Cleveland atm with the huge ark??