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  1. JubaM24

    0.6.3 Public Test update

    TBH these Cruisers dont need an accuracy buff but 2.5% buff is not a big deal anyway. For Ibuki + Zao , i think what they really need is a faster reload about 10s also 10km torps for Zao
  2. JubaM24

    Dasha Perova as RU captain (random thought)

    Also an option to switch Citadel icon for a belly dancing Dasha Perova.
  3. JubaM24

    Explain the new Camos plz

    Can Amagi equip it ?, im thinking of buying the Amagi again and stick to it and maybe buy this camo
  4. JubaM24

    Explain the new Camos plz

    Oh they are not Permanent, this clears it out for me ty. I see my Izumo can get Type 16 (+100% XP, -10% repair cost) Camo for 4000 doubloons, what other ships could buy this camo ? (Amagi?) and is it worth it ?
  5. JubaM24

    Explain the new Camos plz

    So on my Atago i have the default premium camo which gives 50% XP Now the new camo gives 100% XP. My questions : * Are new Camos better than the premium ones that you get by default with a premium ship ? * What about the Money gain ? is it the same if i bout the new Camo ? * Why Premuim ships does Not get these Camos by default ? * Is this p2w ?
  6. I have Atago and i love it but all the good things i hear about MK make my hands itchy. Should i buy it considering i already got Atago ?
  7. JubaM24

    An answer from the developers please.

    Amagi is the best BB out there. You can fire all your guns while still keeping a good angle to the enemy, at the current state, Amagi beats both North Carolina and Tirpitz
  8. JubaM24

    ARP Missions (Q for Mods)

    The real tough one was the 30 DD kill. The Planes killed is easily done with Bogue CV in really few games, the fires is easily done with Cleveland with Demolition Expert was getting about 100 fires a day, in 3 days im done.
  9. JubaM24

    What is the worst premium ship in the game?

    Haha that so mean man. Atago is the worst premium ship ever
  10. JubaM24

    Königsberg Infestation?

    I just wish for a premium Königsberg
  11. JubaM24

    Königsberg Infestation?

    This Königsberg is an amazing ship and restored my faith in Cruisers. but in the same time, a well placed salvo is all it takes to kill it
  12. JubaM24

    So i returned to BBs...

    Amagi is the best BB out there. Just fully upgrade it and buy the "Gun Fire Control System Modification 1"
  13. JubaM24

    New patch, where is the ARP Myoko challenge?

    I'm still stuck in 30 DD destroyed
  14. JubaM24

    I found my Cruiser

    I unlocked Nürnberg late yesterday and played for one game. The thing is, its the same ship but you get harder MM games, but i noticed that it can AP BB better than Königsberg (hidden gun stats maybe?)
  15. JubaM24

    Premium Port Music

    This place is where our Ships goes to, when they get destroyed