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  1. Penguin_mafia

    Race to the Bottom achievement

    Can confirm that divisioning in co op with a CV still gives the achievement, got it in my sims with my friend in a ryuujou. You probably haven't hit a DD yet, I know I fired torps into a smoke cloud and got a hit, thought it was a DD but it turned out to be a cruiser or BB in the smoke that I hit ;-; Took ages to figure out why I hadn't got the achievement.
  2. Penguin_mafia

    Give Scharnhorst the Cruiser accuracy or alpha it deserves.

    Can confirm To OP, Scharn is quite possibly the best ship (tier for tier) in the game, it can fight anything and has no real weaknesses. putting 7k salvos of AP into broadside BBs is incredibly easy and boucing even 41cm shells is possible with perfectly angled armour. Hell, that iowa I killed was taking 5k AP salvos bow on because of its huge superstructure. Obviously it demolishes cruisers and any DD within 7.2km (or 7.6 with the sec flag) will get pounded by the secondaries, not to count the fast reloading main battery with good target tracking ability and the ships own stupid handling. Carriers don't fare much better, it has decent AA even with no investment apart from aft like my sec build. I have gotten away with far more stupid plays in this ship than any of my other ones, it can survive for ages under concentrated fire by multiple ships, long enough to run away and hide to regen health.
  3. Penguin_mafia

    Is it time to remove capping from the game?

    Considering domination is the best mode in game... no, capping should be here to stay.
  4. Penguin_mafia

    Commander, Captain and Admiral Presents...[merged threads]

    Bought 5 of the £4.21 ones, 5 lots of camo...... What The Fk
  5. Penguin_mafia

    Double Hard [edited] Mode Thread (AKA Tier 8 CA Drivers

    Not my highest damage game but the close quarters expert in an NO is too funny XD 47k damage and a few citadels on atago players sailing broadside to me and I killed a DD with secondaries.
  6. Penguin_mafia

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    At least EU is just getting shafted like normal now rather than super mega ultra shafted
  7. Penguin_mafia

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    Yeah boiii time to play some nearly stock NO with just rangefinder upgrade
  8. Penguin_mafia

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    The only thing I see people in NA complain about when it comes to being treated unfarily compared to us is that we get premiums first most of the time. We might get shafted when it comes to the big events like arp and project R, we might miss out entirely on sets of very good missions (like the set of missions NA got around Halloween, one of which gave 200% XP and could be done five times a day.) but at least WG EU lets us spend our money first on overpriced pixels that cost the same as a full game like civ 6 right.....right?
  9. Penguin_mafia

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    Can't believe I was actually considering buying prem time to grind this event easier XD. I even bought some dubloons and free xp'd my way to NO and the Benson just in preperation of Takao missions but I guess WG don't want or deserve any more money out of me, at least it means I can use the money on other games where the devs don't actively discriminate against a server just for being the most profitable one. There is no way I can get to tier 9 and play 100 games in two months, especially with university eating my time which is beyond annoying considering Takao is a tier 8. WG EU have really outdone themselves this time.......
  10. Penguin_mafia

    Is there a new mod which reveals position in smoke?

    As for the being spotted with no indicator I have had it a few times where I get fired upon with no indicator to show I was ever spotted. It used to happen a lot more but now it doesn't seem nearly as bad and I rarely see the bug (Never see it out of smoke any more and rarely while in smoke.) although it is beyond annoying when it does happen though. I had it in a sims game where I sat in smoke on a cap and a nurnberg used hydro and pew pewed me to death in a few seconds but I never saw any indicator.
  11. Penguin_mafia

    ARP Takao

    EU has always had harder ARP missions..... Don't get your hopes up for something as easy as 40 average games with 1k xp each to get it.
  12. Penguin_mafia

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    seriosuly though, I was beyond hyped for a dedicated CL line. I love my light cruisers to death, I have so much fun in my cleve and especially omaha, my favorite ship to play (if only the turrets could turn 360 though and broken MM screws them hard ;-;). The british cruisers are just.... a huge let down for me because they go against everything I want out of a CL, I don't want to play at long range sitting in smoke because everyone and their grandmother can citadel me while I do little damage back. I want to charge in and set fires, launch torps if I have them and either get away with a kill or die in a glorious explosion. Of course I don't play like an idiot and charge against multiple ships with no backup but it is hilarious to charge down a Lone BB, desperately trying to hit me as I go bow on and wiggle, dodging everything while firing 6 guns and setting loads of fires before launching torps and sending them on a trip back to port. British cruisers just can't do this and that's why I'm taking the free port slot and saving it for the eventual USN CL line because if they all play similar to the cleve I will have a blast in them.
  13. Penguin_mafia

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    Haven't played the iwaki but I think I figured out why the omaha and phoenix are fun despite being weak ships.... legend tells of a secondary ammunition type, one granted to those two ships that grants them the ability to damage and set fire to their well armoured enemies..... However the british cruisers were cursed by their creators to never have this ammo and thus are no fun to play.
  14. Penguin_mafia

    Current CA role in game

    I absolutely love my cruisers but they really are BB food at the minute. They are just frustrating to play especially compared to BBs, playing fusou and playing myoko straight after is depressing.