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  1. T0L0S

    Submarines: the next step.

    If they stay in PvE I have no issues with them adding subs. If they add them to PvP im gone. We know WG will not be able to balance them correctly, they even said so themselves years ago. All I'm going to say is this. Anyone remember what happened when Navy Field added subs ?.
  2. T0L0S

    What should WG focus on improveing first?

    Helping new players get better and bad players get better, all day every day. The MM is fine as it dumps on everyone equally so therefore its ' balanced '. CV's are more than useable right now and played correctly and with a bit of luck can still rack up teh damage and kill, and for the most part ships are balanced reasonably well ( with a couple glaring exceptions ). The UI could do with being faster, but I'm kinda used to it now, so it doesn't bother me that much.
  3. T0L0S


    You think you deserve to make credits in a tier 10 when you play for free AND play a lower than bot levels of skill in most of your ships ?.
  4. T0L0S

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    Now go back and reread MY post. This time read carefully.
  5. T0L0S

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    I can understand why YOU think you can have zero impact in 7/8 games out of 10. But the fact is you are wrong. YOU may not have an impact in those games, but better players impact EVERY game they play. Reinforcing the OP's belief of ' its not me, it's the game ' does not help him.
  6. T0L0S

    Bismarck uptired every game

    Sorry but you're wrong, it HAS always been like that. There is a reason people call tier 8 the hell tier.
  7. T0L0S

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    For me personally, I think the change to AA was a good thing, but I do think WG as usual has over done it. Whilst I agree that the tier 10 CV's and to some extent some tier 8 CV's could get off 3 or 4 strikes, now CV's are lucky if they get 2 strikes. This wouldnt be a problem so much for a tier 10 CV in a tier 10 game, but any tier 8 CV that gets in a tier 10 room is basically going to be nothing but a glorified scout. I'm not defending, or attacking CV's, I just think WG have yet again proven they 'balance' with a broadsword, when it should be done with a scalpel.
  8. T0L0S

    What makes a ship OP?

    In my opinion what makes a ship OP, is if it is idiot proof. Some ship can be very strong when played by good players, if those same ships are very strong with idiots in them, they are OP.