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    Punishment/Penalty for withholding fire to make last shot/a kill

    It's only obvious to a human player who sees it happen. An automated system cannot possible judge if player B held his fire on purpose or if the guy was on the phone, to give but one example. In this particular case he may have admitted it in chat, but even that can't be monitored unless you get the NSA on board (no pun intended). Imagine the following: you get into a similar situation but this time, behind the scenes, this BB captain has detected, or is suspecting, a threat to come from a different direction and turns his turrets accordingly. That threat turns out to be false or it's taken out before he can fire. He then turns his turrets back to the cruiser you're attacking and fires. Hell he might not even turn his turrets, but just holds his fire because he's waiting to see if that other threat pops up. Once he's certain it won't or if he finally decides that the waiting is taking too long, he fires. According to the system you're proposing this BB captain will get punished. This is just one scenario I can think off where you're system won't work. Seikin (a few posts above) provided several more. Punishing people for kill stealing could only ever work if every single game was being monitored by human ''referees'', and I do hope I don't have to explain why that's impossible. The very reason this game awards credits/exp for damage instead of kills is to make sure that kill stealing doesn't get you anything, to make sure it doesn't matter. The system you're asking for is unneeded and impossible to implement.
  2. FakeMessiah27

    Punishment/Penalty for withholding fire to make last shot/a kill

    But again, how would you detect kill steals? I honestly doubt that could be done in the first place.
  3. FakeMessiah27

    Dutch fleed

    Having the Dutch ships in a Minor Powers tree would be nice. However... they haven't even finished the Soviet or German trees, they haven't even released the RN, France or Italy.... so it could take ages for a Minor Powers tree to be released, if ever. A premium ship as part of the RN could therefore be added a lot quicker, which would also be nice... Both options have their merits I suppose. The Minor Powers option might mean more Dutch ships though, so that would be ideal but yeah, it would take years before we would see them.
  4. FakeMessiah27

    Dutch fleed

    Yeah, the Germans can indeed get some CV's going I guess. I just used them as an example since that line had already been mentioned somewhere else in this thread. Overall I was just trying to make the point that we don't absolutely need to have all of the lines filed out.
  5. FakeMessiah27

    Punishment/Penalty for withholding fire to make last shot/a kill

    It would be pretty hard to make an automated system that could accurately recognise someone deliberately holding fire in order to killsteal. They could be looking around at other things, who knows. Even if they're just not paying attention or are slow of mind, you can't tell on your end, and an automated system sure as hell won't be able to. The risk that you'll end up punishing innocent players is way too big. Just think of another automated punishment system that is already in place: team damage. Now that is a lot easier to track and even that system isn't perfect; just look at the amount of complaining on the forum about it. Although it might be frustrating if this happens to you, a system like this would miss its mark by a mile. At the end of the day, even a human observer can't be 100% sure your teammate is indeed holding his fire in order to killsteal, without seeing the guy sitting behind his pc; so you can never expect an automated punishment system to achieve that. It's just one of those things in an online game you have to put up with. EDIT: One thing I have to get off my chest though: for the future, please make your polls less biased. Looking at the different options, you immediately start implying that anybody who is against this idea and wants to vote negatively is painted as a troll or an ***hole. If you're going to include a poll in your thread in order to prove or reinforce your point, you should make the options fair and neutral so that people who disagree with you have a way of doing so.
  6. FakeMessiah27

    Dutch fleed

    Aren't there several nations in World of Tanks that lack some lines? China and Japan especially are quite bare. Until recently the Japanese only really had medium tanks, yet they were in the game. So wouldn't it be perfectly possible to add nations without filling out every single line? The same thing could go for German CV's. They might never be added in the first place.
  7. FakeMessiah27

    USN Tier IV Cruiser (Phoenix)

    The Phoenix really isn't that bad, but coming from the St. Louis you may have to alter your playstyle a little. The St. Louis is like a small battleship as far as its speed and manoeuvrability are concerned. The Phoenix (as well as the Omaha) relies a lot more on dodging incoming fire, rather than absorbing it with thick armour.
  8. FakeMessiah27

    3 daily Torp missions. HALP lol

    I've had a similar problem, but with the ''shoot down x number of planes'' missions. I don't play BB's at all and only stick to DD's and eventually started playing cruisers as well. I had three missions to shoot down aircraft that carried over from the CBT, and I didn't complete any of them until I had the Omaha. Especially in the beginning I focussed entirely on DD's and therefore had no chance of completing my daily missions.
  9. FakeMessiah27

    cleveland howitzers

    A Cleveland driver
  10. FakeMessiah27

    Transformers, warships in disguise!

    That's some pro level teamwork
  11. FakeMessiah27

    Mark of Excellence

    I'd love to see a Mark of Excellence in WoWS. It would be amazing to earn one on that one ship you love and continue to play long after you've unlocked the next tier ship in the line.
  12. We could make a remembrance medal, maybe as a forum avatar?
  13. I'm currently grinding my way through it and I hated it at first. I've got all the upgrades now and I don't dislike it as much anymore. I certainly don't love it and I won't be coming back to it after I get the Aoba, that's for sure. But at least I get a few decent games in it now. It just feels like such a sluggish ship when you're coming from the Kuma (now there's a ship I love). Perhaps that's why it gets more hate than it deserves though. The Kuma, The Phoenix and the Omaha are all ships that are very manoeuvrable and have decent guns and often amazing RoF. So if you're used to playing those kinds of ships, it's a world of difference when you take the Furutaka out for a spin.
  14. FakeMessiah27

    Ships in divisions need to spawn closer together.

    Some ship classes will suffer more than others, if you have two or more BB's in a division and you spawn on opposite flanks, it might take a while before you're anywhere near each other. Maps also make a difference. In the above example, if it's a map where going through the middle as a BB is suicide, you end up with the BB division member(s) on one flank having to go all the way to the other flank, or decide not to work together for that particular game. But in that case, what's the point of playing in a division? You want to work together after all. If the spawn locations are randomised then it's just bad luck when this happens, but if it is indeed designed to split up divisions, then I would find that a strange design decision indeed.