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  1. HentaiKaiser

    Help with benson torpedoes

    Well, i havent played Benson yet but i think torpedoes from US dd are slower than IJN counterpart, its already hard to hit the target even with ijn torps. U should use ur torp as a zoning tool, to force enemy out of position. If US dd are really bad, why do Benson always appear in almost 100% teambattles ?
  2. HentaiKaiser

    Back to WoWs after a year being sick

    No, actually the German is dominating the high seas atm, turtleback armor layout plus insane secondary guns and aa.
  3. HentaiKaiser

    Gneisenaus guns make me cry .....

    i really like Bayern due to her perfect concealment, 13,4 km for a tier 6 bb, i used to rely on it to gave careless CA/CL devastating strike =))
  4. HentaiKaiser

    Gneisenaus guns make me cry .....

    no iam using Sec Mod upgraded, i tried Aiming system but it is still the same (at least for me)
  5. HentaiKaiser

    Gneisenaus guns make me cry .....

    Well, im playing the Gneisenau atm, the guns is frustating because of its dispersion, but the pen value is supprisingly high. Inaccurated guns are not matter since my play style is getting closer as possible to unleash 7.6 km HE secondary guns.
  6. HentaiKaiser


    sure they need to buff the concealment of Izumo -_-
  7. HentaiKaiser

    more high tier japanese destroyer changes

    So another nerf for IJN dds. For ijn dds, no torps no live , and they nerfed Torps again, gj WG !
  8. HentaiKaiser

    Does the rest of the IJN line have anything for me?

    IJN cruisers are fun to play, i havent tried atago yet but i think her play style is just like myoko plus she can take some punishment with ur heal and bigger HP pool. Tier 7- 9's playstyle is similar, but its doesnt mean boring. Just grind IJN CA line until u get the mighty Zaou. Best lucks to u !
  9. HentaiKaiser

    Montana Dispersion changes?

    WG declared that Montana was buffed, but i think not too much or may be the decription in the ship details hasnt been changed yet. Still, it sucks vs Yamato
  10. HentaiKaiser


    Izumo is a good ship to play, but its really frustrating when u get harrassed by HE from CAs and long rudder shift time plus huge hull (bigger than Yamete) means hard to dodge torps. But she has very accurate guns( compared to iowa) and good aa. Playing Izumo means forward or reverse, when u turn, u are dead ). Its also tough when u play against Yamete, she can punch ~ 10 k dmg in ur face even when u are angling. Against Iowa and Montana, no problem ! )
  11. HentaiKaiser

    Battle of Dominance and IQ of players

    may be a bad day for u i guess