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  1. Chibisaur

    Op zoek naar nederlandstalige clan

    Hey Fabo! Bij OPPAI zijn we altijd op zoek naar gezellige nieuwe spelers. We hebben een internationale groep spelers maar ook een hechte club van 6 nederlandse vrienden, compleet met Nederlandstalige channel in onze Discord. We hebben geen richtlijnen voor hoeveel of hoe vaak je online moet zijn maar je bent altijd welkom om wat potjes mee te spelen of aan te sluiten bij Clan Wars. We hebben een aantal erg goede spelers die je tips kunnen geven maar lol hebben in het spel is voor ons het belangrijkste. Stuur me maar een berichtje als je interesse hebt en dan kun je eens komen kijken op onze Discord server! Groeten, Chibisaur
  2. Chibisaur

    OPPAI recruiting!

    Hello beautiful people of the internet, We're busy gathering people for clan wars because we want that juicy steel. If you think you meet our requirements then please send us a message, if you don't think you meet them, still send us a message and we'll play a few games to see if there's some chemistry. Hit me or Chikirin up in-game or in the forums, or leave a reply and we'll get back to you! Chibi out~
  3. Chibisaur

    OPPAI recruiting!

    Gonna go ahead and bump this a bit. We're gonna be gathering that juicy coal and steel from clan battles next season and the more people we find the more games we can play!
  4. Chibisaur

    OPPAI recruiting!

    Hi Rekarler! I've sent you a discord link in a PM, join our server and we can see if you're a match for our clan! :D
  5. Chibisaur

    OPPAI recruiting!

    You caught me when I had just gone offline, but luckily our beloved leader is now here to pick up my slack. Hope to see you on our discord soon!
  6. Chibisaur

    OPPAI recruiting!

    We're even playing right now! And I can confirm everything that has been said above. We're a fun and skilled group looking for anyone who would want to join us. Also if you're just looking for some people to casually game with without dedicating yourself to the clan, feel free to PM anyway and you can see for yourself how much fun we are!
  7. Chibisaur

    Which achievement is hard for you?!

    Honestly I think getting clear skies is pretty much impossible unless you're in a CV, cleveland or des moines... and even then the enemy CV has to be asleep for most of the game. Solo warrior is just too dependent on both teams in a match and I've only gotten it in dd's so far, basically running and hiding after my team died with a giant points lead.
  8. Chibisaur

    So you think the Montana is getting buffed.......

    Well Montana is obiously overperforming and it must be brought in line with other very strong, yet balanced US ships like the Pensacola, Omaha and Colorado. /s
  9. Chibisaur

    Rant: Teamkiller status after 173 HP dmg

    You have destroyed glorious Russian cruiser, clearly you must pay!
  10. Chibisaur

    Keep milking us....

    I wish we'd get the missions so I wouldn't have to keep my wallet shut now that all these juicy santa crates are dropping... But if WG decides they're not giving us the same content as other servers, I'm deciding I'm not giving WG the money I'm spending on other games.
  11. Chibisaur

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    And here I was, thinking I might actually buy myself the Tirpitz before the end of the year. But you know what WG? If you go out of your way to make sure we get shafted in comparison to other servers, to milk cash from us for things that are given for free in-game in other servers, I won't give you a single cent anymore. I think I'm gonna buy myself a AAA game instead and save myself a lot of frustration. Clean up your act WG, your player base is getting fed up with the **** you've been pulling lately.
  12. Chibisaur

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    So festive! Count me in!
  13. Chibisaur

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Hey guys! You're my heroes for arranging this giveaway, don't mind if I join in! ID: Chibisaur Ship: Molotov
  14. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some fun people to play with since I often find myself playing solo. I'm not necessarily looking for a clan since I'm not interested in mandatory participation or anything like that. I play for fun and I want to keep it that way, but if your clan is focussed on having a good time then you can count me in. I'm 24 years old and Dutch, and although a dutch group would be great I'm also fine with an international/english speaking group. the ships I mostly play with are tier 6 and 7 cruisers and dd's but I'm also working my way up the japanese BB line (tier 5 atm) Let me know if you want to play together sometime!