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  1. No more Auto-Pilot.

    go to your control settings maybe you will find anything there
  2. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    this will be our revenge to newbies as they play tier 10 ships in randoms and they dont have a clue what they are doing lol
  3. what you dont understand there are NO 2 diferend WRates.. it is just one as it is now INGAME ,you dont get that if the 45% player passes the 50%wr he will play against the 50+wr field(MM) players so if he has improved he will stay, if not back to 50%-(MM)..so if he want to be a 65%wr player he better has to improve a lot... imagine like the protected MM that already exists for new players..with a small diference and more general in all players. Instead of stopping in the first 50 battles it will stop when the player passes the 50%wr limit and he will match up with 50%+wr players..if he go again 49.9% WR the MM will change again for him and he will match up against 50- % wr players and goes on..and all will be happy no sealclubers for new players no bots for more experienced players...
  4. sorry but i dont think so..50%+wr and 50%- fields have big spectrumes of players wr %..so in 50%+wr field good player they would not facing bots in their team..and in 50%- the average players would not face seal clubers..is a win win situation..and doesnt even need 2 diferent modes is just a simple MM improvement
  5. nope !if we supposed we have 2 diferent MM fields 50%+ and 50-..the player that has 45% he wiil play in 50- MM field if he reaches the 50% win rate he will just play in 50%+ MM field ,if he go again 49.9% he will go back to 50%-.. i dont say to have to deferend WR numbers..it doesnt afect anything only the MM
  6. i think OP is not asking for a strictly skill based matchmaking.he is talking about 2 diferent random MM..for example one MM for players with lower than 50% wr and the other higher than 50%..or something like that the % are random in my example..i think it could make sense and the games in randoms could be more enjoyable with 2 deferend logic WR MM fields in randoms...and the queu would not take so long..
  7. Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    i dont have premium account right now and i opened only the free containers.tier 5,6,7 royal navy dds are in my port already...so stop b*&*^ing and take out the carrots from your head, if you wanted a RN dd for missions you could buy it instead of spending your money in premium containers Also I want to add something to your cute fairytail..You never buying premium time as you claiming that you play all the time with premium..anyone can see that from the average xp and from the number of battles you have last year(or better you dodnt have)
  8. Being shot by team for not 'obeying'

    i will sumarize your situation in one sentence.....YOU EDIT AT DDS
  9. Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    yea thats true ..i got 3 since then from standard free containers(but i have grind them all even from dunkirk operation+ 2 free bonus containers) .tier 5,6,7..tell you the truth i strongly believe that till the end tier 8 will come to my port too hehehe
  10. Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

  11. Players that do best in battles

  12. Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    i smell free premium container for those waiting for so long their hall of fame containers..WG do you smell it too?
  13. Fed up

    i think OP has a point though..i have meet teams(mostly medium tiers) that from the start in standard battle they agree to go all togeather one side like lemming train to enemies.the enemie team split as usuall so the one team cut their atack and the other they easily cap their base with no or minimum resistance.. and ofcourse all of the leaming train team is far away to defend their base and its a lose even if they have killed the most enemies as they dont have the time to come back..I Think too that stick all togeather in standard battles is a wrong tactic
  14. Sovereigns only for 0.7.09 then

    Please note that the Royal Navy category and the ability to use Sovereigns to obtain its contents will stay available in Update 0.7.10, so you'll have plenty of time to choose the items you want. With the release of Update 0.7.11, each Sovereign in your possession will be exchanged for 25,000 credits.
  15. suggestions for future naval port (clan base) bonuses

    Oil can be earned only with democracy..