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  1. i trully believe he can be the unicum king of coop battles!im just encourage him to stay there..he has a great career in that mode seriously....i know the competition is hard there but only the greatest players can survive that field and i have to much faith to this kid!!!keep COOPing bro!!!!!
  2. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep playing coop op...coop is good coop is the best coop is the future!!never stop playing in that mode... p.s walter3kurtz plz think before u type..looooolhahahahahah
  3. No fun, no money

  4. Hallo

    dude u forgot your pills...
  5. jean jacques honore

    i like the idea!i think it would be fan and engaging expirience
  6. jean jacques honore

    thnx mate i just asking because i want to use in tier 10 ship..and im thinking of henri iv low touret traverse maybe help and is more valuable than in bbs
  7. jean jacques honore

    in which tier 10 ship do u consider to put the new france special captain(19 points), in ca line or bb line and why?
  8. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    i totaly agree..and i want to add that there are many other reasons of those stats diferences between ships..example diferent patches and ingame mechanics that have change from the start of the game until know..so u cant compare a ship that is from the bigining of the server and a ship that exists only few months,,even the player skill has changed from the rellease of the server until know(more tutorial videos ,in a new born game all the players start with the same experiense of the game when the time passes some getting better etc.........)
  9. i opened my last 7 containers ..i need 3/7 non duplicates to complete the collection..the rng trolled me and i had 0/7.all duplicates..lol hahahahha
  10. Game Balance terrible + 2 ffff annyoing things

    hahaha those threads.lol i would like to be in a corner of a room while those OPs are writing these kind of threads and see their reactions it must be funny
  11. Very disappointed

    i think the captain is more important..cause in some weeks or days the bb line will be relleased so..and even if u had a bb mission u cant grind the line yet
  12. Emblems and insignias huge success

    they could give some rewards with them (small ones like flags)..also i wish we could put to diferent ships deferent emblems
  13. are u crying for your favourite cruisers again..lol what a surprise!!
  14. Why are the servers down?

    ok go to announce section to see again the new appology thread from wg..also i didnt came here to complain about an imaginary server down again.neither the other players i quess!!!!and most important sto being smart##s!!