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  1. Musashi P2W

    so if u see the problem in that u sould be the first to act for..common sell your gremy.scharnhorst.belfast.nelson...u said that u see a problem with premium ships and 2 days ago u purchased nelson that is hipocritical mate..the most of your played shipps are op premiums
  2. Musashi P2W

    u are total hypocrite..nelson is the op bb of tier 7 check the stats(as u like them so much).....the only thing is that u hadnt the free xp to buy musashi..A TOTAL CRYING SALTY JELOUS HYPOCRITE
  3. Musashi P2W

    no i m just saying the truth..how can i respond to this nonsense things? but in reallity i cant expect any serious conversation about the game with u..so goodnight..maybe after few months that u will remember again that u are beta tester in a game that called world of warships u will come again to open a thread and say noob things..cheeers!
  4. Musashi P2W

    i believe if players like u will own her after a year, the average damage wiil be worst than kongo
  5. Musashi P2W

    i didnt say anything that u are not a close beta player i can see it under your nickname.. i said that if u are such an old player from close beta and u have only 2000 battles u dont know much about the evolution of the game..the most people that have problem about the mechanics in the evolution of the game are those that are committed in a single class..no mater which class....
  6. Musashi P2W

    if u are from close beta and u have play less than 2000 battles you know nothing john snow..and because i am an old player too..and i remember a meta that shimas were camping behind bbs and spam 2o km torps so dont tell me nonsense things..the population of players has been increased sinse then,,u could wait for minutes to play a battle in random..now only seconds.. as about the stats u are wrong again u cant compare stats with ships that they are years in the server (way diferent metas and patches and evolution of the game)and to add that even the average joe has played them,with a brand new ship that the majority of the players that own her know what to do in game...compare stats when the ship gets old in game ..
  7. Musashi P2W

    MacFergus first off all since cbt doesnt mean anything if u dont play regularly the game. second test server played by players that are testing ships and mostly by new players that they dont have the opportunity to play the high tier ships in the real server..so the random games in test servers are not the ideal to see how a ship performs... finally u present this ship like to be an op ship that if the average joe pay to buy her he will be unicum...thats absolutely NOPE even close..ask your friends notser and flamu and whoever cc u want
  8. Musashi P2W

    yes but i cant understand with what experience in high tiers u can judge if a high tier ship is op or not your backgroung in high tiers is 0 thats a fact...none of the ships in the meta high ,med or low tiers are camper ships..the players that playing them are campers..
  9. Musashi P2W

    so if u dont have the need to get in high tiers whats the point of your complain for a high tier ship that is op in your 0 high tier experience??maybe u get yesterday nelson and deep inside u wanted badly the musashi .................. and how u know that nelson needs more skill than mushasi??nelson is 100% more noob friendly bb than musashi u like it or not.. and finally when silver ship yamato s@!t ,then musashi was born
  10. Musashi P2W

    yea teach me more about it......bro nelson is more op in her tier that is facing than musashi but u cant understand it cause u dont have expiriense in high tier battles thats y u think musashi is a god ship lol as u said u need some money to be converted is not free xp so............that doesnt tell me anything at all..
  11. Musashi P2W

    what skill spam he and have super heal at tier7???u are just jelous for musashi just admit it!!!!
  12. Fix your Servers

    ok guys lets help fix the servers
  13. Geting Free XP fast

    free xp is 5% of total xp u gain in a Batlle. example:5% of 1000 xp= 50fxp the free xp flags multiply this 50fxp.. now u will get more free xp if u put those signals(papa papa/ouroboros) in ships that u are grinding and put on them camos.xp flags.daily bonus xp and if u have premioum account.. example lets say u are grinding a ship with all those above..u gain 10000xp total in a battle free xp will be: 10000 5%=500fxp with papa papa and ouroboros will be: 500 + 3*500+500*7.77=5885fxp
  14. IFHE on French Cruisers?

    now i wonder what u know about the game machanics about penetration if u are answering like that for your favourite line..maybe u are good only in complaining in chats.