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  1. @WG Can we have a special captain called Chuck Norris?

    lol he could spend 50 skill points because is jack norris hehehehe..and ofcourse he could be cptn in all nations because lets face it is JACK NORRIS special skill: he can ram anyone and dont even take damage because u know why lol Another special cptn could be that guy:
  2. British Cruisers ??? Whats the point

    high tiers are way better..worth to give a try at tier 7 fiji as u are to close to grind..she is a very nice ca if u play it corect i enjoyed much as i played her
  3. STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    For Japanese Tier Х cruiser Zao, we have added the option to mount alternative researchable Type93 mod.3 torpedo modules with the following characteristics: maximum damage: 23,767; range: 12 km; The armor belt thickness in the fore and aft ends of Soviet cruiser Moskva has been increased from 25 mm to 50 mm. plus a new cruiser(american) line with concilement same as her radar.great rate rof.hydro,god level a/a +other consumables.. I think u are a little bit CA drama queen and u are overeacting dont u think??
  4. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    so when i told u about your freeloader attitude in your posts (including your free xp thread i insist) ..was my own personal critisism not strawman argumentation... and for the last time, in free to play platforms there are 2 ways to have in game goodies either u pay them or u get them free by giving a lot of your precious real life time to the wow company by playing the game and let them use u as a regular player base...thats the deall and thats why they make missions with that structure..and no they dont put in the same category the player that will log οn the game for 10 hours for only one day of the weak with the player that will log οn game every day(10hours average per week) to complete his mission.because the second kind of player that will get ingame with the intention to do only the mission every day he will stay longer in the game than he used to and he will increase the average of their daily player base more REGULARLY ..and thats the strategic plan behind the missions in a ftp platform..if they had your strategy they would going more to a ptp platform plan because they are not hobbyists u know.....from some players they need their time and from others they need their money.so chose your side .tu comprends....
  5. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    yes english is not my primary language...but lol who is the strawman right now
  6. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    yea sure mate, that was the problem. wasnt that u have generaly a freeloader attitude that doesnt make sense in a ftp platform...
  7. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    ok dude whatever u say... also better make a thread asking wow to give u a monthly salary because u play their game and u are to valuable and irreplaceable to them lol (thats my conclusion for all your posts including your free xp thread)
  8. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    i can see your point but u have to understand that your point is corect only from the prespective of a player not to a company that wants to earn money in a ftp platform...if everyone for example had a not limmited time to earn this premium ship..after that noone player would have to buy it later as it would be free thats lost in money profits for the wow..and if the strategy that u mentioning and suggesting(like free xp) goes on would be more lost profits and the game will become p2p.. i think u dont get it
  9. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    this kind of example u gave is hypothetical and more individual...they are company they ll make strategic plans for their bigger target group...ofcourse they like to please all their players casual or regular..but i want u to answer me according to their moves which u think is their target as main player data base?
  10. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    my eyesight is prety good... as i told u for both kind of players that u mentioned they have already introduced campaigns that they are permanent and they dont have any timetables.. missions ,colections are mostly for the more regular players because they want to make the game more interesting for them as they are the main player data base..so or u dont get it or u dont want to get it. for example me i have 14000 battles i play the game more than 3 years and i have still lost rewards from missions because of real life..but im not whining about that ..im just looking for the next mission as i enjoy this game
  11. Suggestion: Alternative free xp conversion

    if they make free xp and all that staff that u propose in other threads too..then there would be no point for those they are curently pay to buy staff like free xp or premium time etc.so none would pay WOW and the will not exist anymore ,so what are u talking about?????u havent think this prety well..
  12. Please some info!

    if your premiums have a clock like rentals..they probanly gave u some to test them as a newcomer so later u could buy them if you like.. if they dont have the clock probably u earned them by the sc u bought
  13. hey me too..i put him temporary at my missouri/montana captain as there i can get mostly the confiderate achivement and i can use the main turret turn perk..if anyone has any different sugestion it would be helpful to hear it. p.s i had the steven th cook there and now i think im gona use him in tier 10 cruisers
  14. Suggestion: Alternative free xp conversion

    i think u havent get the point how a frp platform works...Some players have to pay..
  15. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    actually they do this..they have i think 4 unlimited time campaigns for all the kind of players..with prety nice rewards..but as i see your comments and your account u have the clasic ''im an new/ casual player, that im so greedy, that i need the rewards the regular players getting by playing the game but i dont want to put any special effort or my hand in my pocket'' syndrome..