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  1. Ssubotai

    Dispersion / Penetration in 0.5.1.

    Can you overpen a citadel on an armored cruiser? I believe the "waterline armor" has gotten better, one usually just get 1/10 of the max dmg for doing the old citadel shot at the waterline from 10k range. This is different if you are at close range as the angle gets different. I feel I citadel cruisers better if they are angled, probably because this shows more deck instead of waterline. I also citadel from extreme range. It might just be that no players have knowledge on how the new armor works. Maybe the Yamato has to HE a Pensacola's guns and superstructure at a certain range, since it will not be able to pen for any serious dmg. If this is the case, one should improve the accuracy a lot on the BB's, since you have to make extreme range shots and aim for the smaller superstructure etc.
  2. Ssubotai

    Ranked battles

    Once you have played ranked,random is such a bore. Had hoped they would bring it back with the new patch.
  3. Ssubotai

    Insta win bug

    Or you can blame the developers for making a feature that their users are not able to understand.
  4. Ssubotai

    Insta win bug

    Ok, I read what other people said, and understood that you get 1000+ in points when holding both caps. I also understand that it is communicated in patch notes with an icon in the mission screen. Still I do not feel people understand it. With the cap sounds on the caps without points, the team understand that they are under pressure. Today people just move away, or focuses on targets outside the cap (like the previously mentioned Cleveland that was lying behind cap and trying to shell me instead of shelling the DD and Omaha in their CAP. If this had been properly implemented, loosing sound would have been implemented in the interface. That is why I feel it is poor patching although it is mentioned in patch notes and in the mission screen when loading. The effects of this poor patching is that a lot of games fails for the players playing it. It hurts just as much when winning prematurely as it does loosing prematurely. "Capture enemy cap" winning in the old mode was still good since it forced the team to try to defend cap or abandon any hope of winning. In these games players just do not get it, and you end up stealing a 40k silver win, spending most of your game driving the ship towards the enemy. to Doolio: The reason I posted several times was that this happened over and over again and the enemy team did not seem to react to it. Only once did they react, but then I had to do a "to All:" INSTAWIN shout to make them aware of it. Now I have to micromanage the enemy team in order to make the game playable #Instawin to Allufewig: The difference is that they now behave to the user, almost as regular point counters and not as win caps. to Drycon: You are right there are no instawin bugs, but there are poorly implemented instawin features. If you try to communicate a key feature to the users of a program and a lot of people don't understand it, it is you that have failed communicating. to Kenliero: It might be failed situational awareness but above all it is failed patching.
  5. Ssubotai

    Insta win bug

    Another instawin. If it had not been hot patched into the game, it would have had warning sound to the team. If you play random you can not expect to coordinate this with your team, you simply can not micro manage 12 players in these battles.
  6. Ssubotai

    Insta win bug

    Another instawin, enemy cleve behind cap tried to shoot at me (since I was a juicy NY in the middle of the map) instead of defending cap. The players do not get that the game will insta win. It is poor patching since they made this without features to make the team understand it, and it will lead to premature ending of the game.
  7. Ssubotai

    Insta win bug

    That is just broken since point cap is caped extremely fast and does not have game winner count down to alert team. I would be inclined to just reroll such maps, since winning so early just seems like a waste of effort.
  8. Ssubotai

    Insta win bug

    Point based open sea map, gives sudden instant win to one of the teams. Have happened a lot lately. Not sure if this counts for all two point circles map. But you go F%@¤/!! when you have circled the whole map and kill of both carriers and the game goes to insta win. Could seem like something grants 1k points to one of the teams.
  9. Some BB's have better secondaries than others, but does these stats matter at all? Vs DD's: You could get extremely lucky and have one of the 150 shots fired at a DD mag it, but apart from that you never seem able to kill a DD with more than 3k health. vs Cruisers: With a fully secondaries upgraded Nagato, all relevant captain skills,flags and modifications I hit with 14 shots of a 121 fired against some cruisers. Ok I deal 6k damage which is not the worst for 14 hits but the thing is hitting only 14 shots while cruisers at this distance is dealing a lot of damage. vs BB's: The only thing secondaries seem to be good at is if you stay angled in a brawl against BB's and the secondaries set fires. The hit rate can be better against BB since they are big targets, but apart from the fires you can end up dealing around 50 damage pr hit (80 hits with the Warspite dealing 4k damage). The secondaries will not help you out with nimble targets that your slow moving main guns will struggle to follow, since the secondaries only seem to hit sluggish targets. You will probably always be better of from having the precision upgrade to your main guns since this will help you score more citadels against the cruisers and give you a better possibility of hitting the DD's with your main guns.
  10. Actually this is my only complaint about the game now. Even at tier four with no wait time, the MM puts a single carrier in one battle and three in another. MM should strive to make carriers even since they are such of an oddity in this game.
  11. Ssubotai

    EU server down?

    Do you just keep waiting or keep closing restarting?
  12. Ssubotai

    battleships and the deal with He vs AP

    I just played with the Nagato, not my favourite ship, but I now score a lot more citadels and make a lot more damage on the AP Hits. So AP and big guns are better after the patch, still it will not protect you from team players like Eneraa passing you two torpedoes.
  13. Ssubotai

    If I were a WW2 ship builder

    I would build them ships with those small guns. Get that nice accuracy, reload time and plenty of guns. Back in WW2 it is like they didn't even know, they like completely daft and stuff, going like my gun is bigger than yours and not focusing on gun efficiency. Those Japanese were on to something with that Fuso, more guns, better reload time and accuracy. Then again they mostly used it as a reserve ship because like, it had small guns. HA HA no wonder they lost the war. They were afraid like the enemy gonna laugh at them and stuff, "look at those small Japanese guns".
  14. Ssubotai

    Concealment how does it work?

    Thanks, where did you get that information?
  15. Ssubotai

    Concealment how does it work?

    Will I be spotted when firing guns from 8 km with 7 km spotting distance or will only my gun fire be visible? and If I am in a smoke cloud would I be visible if I fire a shot from it? and Why do people talk about turning of AA on DD's when often the range of AA is shorter than spotting distance? and Are there anywhere else I can find a summary of game mechanics?