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  1. Greenmarine00

    first fleet!

    we can decide it together !
  2. Greenmarine00

    Sooo...whats the point of long range japanese torps again?

    japan is just the best nation for torps... if u like use dd u cant have a better nation!
  3. Greenmarine00

    Let the Galaxy quest begin...

    guys do u like this event? not for me, is more funny normal game! u can win only money
  4. Greenmarine00

    first fleet!

    hi guys i want to create a first fleet on game! if some 1 is interested just pm me, i send you ts3 address! i stream on twitch and we can play all together! we speak italian and english!
  5. Greenmarine00

    [Guide] Basic CV gameplay

    very good guide guys thx so much!
  6. Greenmarine00

    Troop Carrier

    nice paint ^^
  7. Greenmarine00

    Progress in this game doesn't make any sense.

    guys please remember... this game is in closed beta!
  8. Greenmarine00

    [YouTube] AdoredTV | World of Warships Thread.

    wow i see only very good videos on this forum! good job guys!
  9. Greenmarine00


    hi guys im not new in-game but im new on forum! I posted only now my first message here! ^^
  10. Greenmarine00

    Update - 07/04/2015

    wg team pls fix battleships range bug!