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  1. Tor_den_Daer

    HSF Harekaze !!! > ?

    Thanks! It's all OK now...
  2. Tor_den_Daer

    HSF Harekaze !!! > ?

    Got the Harekaze long time ago. The HSF camo never came with it, and now the girl commander has disappeared. Any solution to my missing goodies? <edit> When I look closer, it seems my ARP Myoko also has disappeared. Or maybe it was another ship, that dragon thingy... I don't remember...
  3. Tor_den_Daer

    my udaloi should be elite, but is not ...

    -- forget it..
  4. Tor_den_Daer

    A new way for [edited]

    I remember those days when you aimed at the enemy, it was impossible to turn pink even how many teammates ran into your torps.. It was a must aim at frenly to become pink.
  5. Tor_den_Daer

    A new way for [edited]

    Number of pink players nowadays suggests there are many [edited], both in game and here in forum...
  6. Tor_den_Daer

    A new way for [edited]

    Running into frendly torpedoes. Before, they could sink several ships not turning ping, now they make others pink, and make others pay credits for damages done. [edited]
  7. Tor_den_Daer

    Lag Spike

    actually, i'm from norway. But i'll guess it's close enough. And yes, your symptoms are like mine...
  8. Tor_den_Daer

    Lag Spike

    me 2. last 2 days
  9. Tor_den_Daer

    Engine damage immunity

    You need commander skills 'Last Stand'..
  10. Tor_den_Daer

    I killed a team mate 0.4.0

    Yeah, could be that situation. thanks
  11. Tor_den_Daer

    I killed a team mate 0.4.0

    Have no idea how, it just happend. Got no warnings that I was slamming shells into him, and when he sunk, the message was simply "we have sunk a cruser" or something. Nothing about 'frendly' or 'enemy' cruser. He must have been sailing close to me, and I did'nt see him tru my sigth... North, 19.06.2015.22:31