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  1. sitting here spamining connect button !!!! wtf mon hurry up i’m going cold turkey
  2. Mc_Dumble

    HMS Hood Teaser

    i just read on the daily bounce of changes to hood , 1 extra km range on guns, a slight rudder shift buff the angle for pen changed, it was already supposed to have this. and aa consumable removed . still no krupp buff or sigma buff . and they nerfed the only good thing about it . STLL NOT BUYING IT . buff sigma and krupp and ill buy 2 if not then no chance i already have a real model of this ship i dont need al digital one. i already have enough port decorations.
  3. Mc_Dumble

    1940 Hood is T6 material

    it will work great at tier 7 if they buff sigma and krupp!!!!! if not i'll not be buying her don't need more port decorations !!!
  4. Mc_Dumble

    Duca d'Aosta (Impressions) Share your thoughts!

    would be an awesome ship if it had a little more range on the guns . but because your ALWAYS bottom tier it's really a bit weak. if wg aren't going to fix mm then they really need to start making tier 5 and 6 more competitive . this is 100% the last tier 6 port decoration i'm going to buy !!!!!
  5. Mc_Dumble

    Karma, reporting, the whole Shebang.

    i totally agree ! i made a ticket the other day my karma was at 49 and in the space of three days "starting at the easter holidays" i'm now down to 25 karma! so i made a ticket and sent a bunch of time stamped replays explaining to them how broken there karma system is ! reported for playing well, reported for not following that lone dd into a cap right at the start reported by a team killer who torped me because i called him pinky and to learn how to use torps and so on and so on! out of holidays and weekends karma goes up , holidays and weekends karma goes down. it's just a crappy thought out broken system . i'd also like the system in wot where 1 player can only report 1 player once and no more . that would settle it out a bit . i hate those idiots that spam all there reports on one player, if there is one thing that shows the report system doesn't work it's that! one player giving another player 7 reports and it takes 7 karma points from you !!! gj wg
  6. Mc_Dumble

    the hood looking like a bad ship to buy

    and you think turrets that are as fast as warspites at tier 7 on a ship thats half cruiser is acceptable? shell speeds slower than most of her counterparts ? look i get this is still in super tester state and things change but come on it doesnt need to be op but with those stats it aint even an average ship it will be bad buy . and you think this is a whine you wait till its sold and it has stats like that this whine will look like a compliment . yes its an older ship than scharhorst even though she had refits after scharn was at sea but hey who cares about balance give brawlers 19k range let people that should be in close snipe and screw ships that dont have turtle back armour force them to be ahead of the sniping brawlers
  7. just seen the stats for the hood on zerrachannel on you tube . and i can honestly say im not impressed one bit ,turrets as slow as warspites shell speeds of 700ms ,16km spotting range 17km firing range. my grandad my grandads dad my father my uncle john my great uncle aleck all worked on the same ship yard this ship was built and i can honestly say ill not be buying her if she is like this. but im not surprised that wg would make her this bad . but it is early days and things do change.just one question though scharnhorst has further range on its guns when it is supposed to be brawler but a ship everyone is saying has weak armour will get worse range ? PLEASE WG DONT MAKE THIS SHIP BAD JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR THE NAME. you didnt do it to the german ships so why do it to the royal navy. the navy that kept russia in the war with the artic convoys .
  8. Mc_Dumble

    Which of your ships didn't survive 0.6.3?

    ACTUALLY what you will get is dds unwilling to share there smoke for you as there there guns are the only way to do guaranteed dmg. they will be less likely to cap as if they fire there guns everyone will see them . and shimas with 20km torps will become worse than before .and bbs have made it worse for themselves as there will be a lot more ru dds SPAMMING he than ever before . if you think stealth fire was an issue wait till there platoons of ru dds every game. the salt will be real . but again bbabies will cry and wg will say there changing something to make the game more fun when really all there doing will be nerfing RU dds. bbabies will be the death of this great game!!!!
  9. Mc_Dumble

    Akizuki: the verdict

    i have had her since release and have great stats in her !! they will stay that way as 2 games in her today has shown how bad a ship she is and ill no longer be playing her EVER . . RIP AKIZUKI
  10. Mc_Dumble

    HMS Hood Teaser

    i wish i hadn't seen this !!! because now we will need to wait till maybe xmas to get it ,that's xmas 2018 knowing how wg work! it will have slowest turrets on earth and will fire HE only. but i'll still buy it as my grandad and grandads dad worked on the ship yards that made it, when they were not fighting in war . rule britannia
  11. Mc_Dumble

    The Grozovoi saga (nerf, actual status, news...)

    the grozo is a really bad ship . tier 5 gun range bad torp angles aa that is only as good as the gearings!! it's really bad but i tell you how ever bad it is it's only a start of things to come !! think this is bad what do you think akizuki is going to be like when stealth firing is removed . grozo and akizuki are very similar but grozo has the alpha on its guns that akizuki could only dream off . it's all down hill for anything but bbs from here guys . so i'd like to thank wg ! because i waisted money getting grozo and that i was so shocked at how bad it is , i went and bought a new game "the division " so i'll be spending my money there , id of never tried another game if i hadn't been so angry ! iv waited all this time for royal navy bbs that i'm fed up now . and what use are doing to dds is absoultly shocking .
  12. Mc_Dumble

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    lol i just said that 12km range 33knotts welcome to akizuki worst tier 8 dd in game ! coming soon
  13. Mc_Dumble

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    are they removing stealth or stealth firing ?because if it's only stealth firing you would still be able to disengage and stealth up! if they remove stealth then the game will be really crap
  14. Mc_Dumble

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    so many dds are going to need serious buffs if they remove stealth firing !!! the russians get away with it because of there speed but ships like akizuki with its 12km firing range and 33knott speed will become worst tier 8 dd in game benson would need torp speed buff and firing arc buff as most of the time at range you have to walk in the shots and with out stealth firing good luck trying to turn hard and walk in those shots !! i think bbs have a lot to answer for you know the type they heal one fire then cry because they burn out . this is going to ruin so many dds well all but the russian dds suprise suprise !!
  15. Mc_Dumble

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    the battle cruiser amagi is doing quite well isn't it ? top clans using them in competitive fast lots of fire power ! i think people will be suprised by hood and the actual armour it had . and this is a game and there are detonation flags like they had in real life right lol .bring on the hood it will be more tanky than people think . especially if we get the refit hull it never got ! and remember there are already ships in game with hulls they were going to get but never did !!