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  1. UlleChamp


    Hey there Here is some small things i think you should add/change in the game: Add option to select inverted mouse. make it possible to select who you want to spectate, instead of the random shifting between players. Add feautures to the spectate mode such as: Hits and so on, like you see yourself when you fire shots. make it so you can spectate planes from carriers and projectiles being shot from ships. Maybe make a randomizer for placement of islands, would make maps more different than they are now. Add the option to make bigger divisions. Maybe even matchmaking so you can have two clans battleing against eachother. Make a punishment to people who TD or TK. Make it possible to mute/ignore people in the chat. There is sadly always people who try to ruin the community. When trying to add people to contacts' their name suddenly dissapear when you are about to hit the "+" button. Hope you can use some of the things Regards UlleChamp One more thing: when in a division, and you remove one or two guys from the division, you cant go into battle. You have to create a new division.
  2. UlleChamp

    Streaming :3

    i'll drop by
  3. UlleChamp

    Sweden in World of Warships

    Would be cool with even more ships added And even cooler with some Nordic power Volvo Ships incomming
  4. UlleChamp

    USS North Carolina - real life tour

    Damn that looks cool
  5. UlleChamp

    Highest attack

    What is considered alot of dmg in this game?
  6. UlleChamp

    Will i ever play. :(

    You just have to wait for the next wave of keys But i feel you
  7. UlleChamp

    1. of April

    Dont think they are gonna do anything, since the game is in beta
  8. UlleChamp

    What Music are you listening to?

    House all day
  9. UlleChamp


    Hello there