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    ?% chance for getting super-container

    I've opened 84 now and 1 of them was a supercontainer had 250 premium repair consumables. This was before the latest patch though
  2. MichaelWittmarks

    Polish Destroyer to be released in November

  3. MichaelWittmarks

    The Colorado... seriously?

    Trust me when i say, it's even worse in north carolina unless you go brawling and risk getting torpedoed
  4. Is there any way to change the angle from where you drop manual torpedoes? I know i can do that with automatic drop but i was wondering if its possible manually, having a bit of hard time in Langley fighting tier 5's all the time.
  5. MichaelWittmarks


    It's in premium shop now, anyone got any experiences with this ship? And yes, it's bundled https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/?utm_content=premium-shop&utm_medium=link&utm_source=global-nav&utm_campaign=wows-forum&item=1569
  6. MichaelWittmarks

    North Carolina will ruin you.

    I do like it, it's just not that easy to play. Only real problem i have with it is the shell velocity, and i've heard it gets better with the iowa. I hope so
  7. MichaelWittmarks

    The Colorado... seriously?

    can you read? judging from your post your level of intelligence (well, more like lack of it) points u don't. i said stock north cal is worse than upgraded colorado, why would u think i pay it with money? toxic kiddo
  8. MichaelWittmarks

    North Carolina will ruin you.

    I sold this turd and bought back the colorado which is a magnificent ship compared to stock North "Citadel" Carolina. Gotta save a couple of ten million credits to grind the iowa and as a man who has work to do i simply can't afford to buy year of premium and converting the free xp with hundreds of euros by grinding with a elite/premium ship.
  9. MichaelWittmarks

    The Colorado... seriously?

    When upgraded it's better than stock north carolina, so don't be disappointed once you get the nc..
  10. MichaelWittmarks

    BB North Carolina

    This is what i always try to do but with the guns on the front combined with the abysmal dispersion combined with the absurd shell velocity its hard to hit anything beyond 11km and if you do its usually 1250 damage. And if you ever, ever show your broadside to even a tier 6 cruiser may god have mercy on your soul. and credits. It's so awful i do twice better in a COLORADO. That's gotta say something. And no i'm not new to tier , nor battleships, i've had plenty of ter 8 battles in my new mexico and done 3 times the damage compared to NC
  11. MichaelWittmarks

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Being the only tier 6 in a full tier 8 match (excluding the enemy cleve) album: Didn't expect much tbh, maybe kill a cruiser if lucky. well i did, citadel city atago full hp, then almost took out a tirpitz & in the end rammed a full hp north carolina in the last 20 seconds before winning. had my + 50% xp and 20% credits flags on as well i laughed 10 minutes straight after ramming that nc since it was my 2nd time in this kind of match, 2nd time i rammed a full hp nc aha edit. also i wasn't in a fail division, just normal morning matchmaking
  12. MichaelWittmarks

    Minekaze.... what have they done !

    It's not just that, every time i take a hit in the flag mast or on a flag or on the bridge or bow or freaking aa gun the whole thing detonates and flies to lower orbit..
  13. MichaelWittmarks

    [suggestion] realistic battles mode (poll)

    Sounds good, +1 from me
  14. MichaelWittmarks

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)