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  1. Flying_Dutchman__

    Ustrzel dostęp do Closed Bety!

    G3 . G4 . C7 . D7 . J10
  2. Flying_Dutchman__

    [Soutěž] Vyhlášení nejlepších tipů

    Uz ziadna sance na kluc , uz sa predavaju cez premium shop takze , budeme cakat na Open beta.
  3. Flying_Dutchman__

    Kódy do WoWs beta

    Náchodou nema niekto kluc co mi daroval?
  4. Flying_Dutchman__

    Suggestions for the game!

    Hy all u check this! Iam not playing the game i am unable to get a beta key , no matter how hard i try!But iam watching a lot vids on YT and Twitch.And i have some ideas that probably would be great ingame. 1. It is about the small plane indicatore around the aim sight. -----they should work like : if the plane is so far he cant spot u the indicatore color should be light orange and when the plane is closing distance to you the colore should change fade to red , if he can spot you the indicator pops up in 1.5x size for 1 second so it gets your atraction. This could be the normal way the indicator works or just a perk for the captains!!! I know the indicatore is red already by close planes , but it dont look that it is working like i suggest. 2. The torpedo tubes on the damage panel are normaly grey.Only when using they are changing. ----- I would like to see the following on the damage panel all the time not only when using them: Reloaded torpedo tube - green color Fired torpedo tube- orange color Destroyed- remains the red cross So u can always know which side is ready to fire since u dont get counters for each side only when u switch to torps. But with this little modification u will always know which torps are ready and u dont have to switch between aim mods. 3. I dont know about the voice chat ingame , nobody is talking about yet.But if it works like in wot i have an idea to make it better.They should add volume controle to each member in the platoon or division .This is a huge problem in wot every man has diferent microphones so the sound is a bit weird , someone is too loud and someone not. I would like too see those volume controls for each member separately. Dont be hard on me cause of my english And forgive me if iam wrong in something , iam smart only from the videos i watch i dont have acces to the game yet. I just want to help!
  5. Flying_Dutchman__

    Pochváľte sa vašimi úspechmi

    Ja som uz videl vsetky videa o wows na youtube cca 10hodin uz ma zadok boli!
  6. Flying_Dutchman__

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    If WG is not stupid it will ban mods!Thay should add 3more custom aim sights and thats it u can chose if u dont like the stock , but not more!I wanted to buy the tier 7 destroyer Sims but i saw that there are this cheats with aim , so i wont invest money in this game!It will be same as WOT with a mod u can be a lot better player cause u see a lot of information without knowing anything about the game(mods which gives u info about penetratin or not the armore u are aiming for, or minimap mods what shows where are players aiming ) it makes me sick!With this mods and a bit money u can be a pay to win player , spam gold and listen to the mods thats all.I hope this wont be happening in world of warships this game have potencial in it , i hope that al mods will be banned from the game!
  7. Flying_Dutchman__

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    BAN the freaking mods!
  8. Co by som rad vydel na loading screen: 1- Tipy ako mierit na lode ,podla dialky. 2- Ako funguje strielanie , vsetky naraz, po jednom atd s vizualizaciou. 3- Rady tipy pre vsetky klavesove skratky co sa daju pouzivat. 4-obrazky ktore vysvetluju mechanizmus penetrovania roznyh municii. 5-Lod sa pri otacani do stranoch ma drift. To ale vsetky s malymi videami nie len obrazky. Prepacte ze je to tak vela ale , este by som vedel napisat aj dalsie .