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  1. It's "Queue Jumper" bugged? I didn't get it at my first game and I also started several games while my ship was in battle, after getting sunk.
  2. I played 10 games today, never got Queue Jumper.
  3. PoorTanker

    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    Well, good concealment and maneuverability plus good torps is exactly what a torpedo boat needs. One can arguee that guns are being buffed, but I don't care about that if I want to just use my torps, and I'll use the guns in the cases that I'm using them actually, anyway. Much more if the turret rotation is even worse than now, according to the "leaks" we have. Right now in a knife fight, the biggest problem is having to worry about evasive manouvers and being able to shot back. This stops being a problem if you pick EM. If the new stats are true, EM will not help with this anymore. Anyway we will have to wait and sea, because we still don't know if this leaks are the real numbers. Edit: Trying to repair the citadels to english.
  4. PoorTanker

    Upcoming IJN Destroyer split

    So, basically, still worse guns than any DD, tier III torps. If this is the promised universalization, this is a very bad start. I hope this is not final at all.
  5. PoorTanker

    Kamikaze R, What is it good at?

    Mmmm weren't they going to put it on sale? I couldn't get it during the event and I'd like to purchase it.
  6. PoorTanker

    Some interesting info around the world

    Mmmmm. I've got bored of playing CAs on top tiers because I get deleted by a BB too easily even if angling when I try to go into more risky positions. The only way to avoid that is to play safely at long range, where I just wait until a DD or another CA shows. I suck at this, so I stopped completely playing them. I tried BBs until the North Carolina. I was quite succesful with the Colorado, but I don't find BB style to be very enjoyable either. It's just not for me. Now I'm trying ijn DDs. I'm loving to get close to the enemies and try to capture, or to be a scout and detect other ships while torping here and there. I even don't use the faster torps captain perk because I prefer to use the torpedo alert perk. I find it much more helpful to my team. Now you are saying that some CAs will get a button that will detect me, and even negate smoke if I do precisely what I should as a DD? I'll have to sit back and do torpedo walls as everyone does? People tend to forget that the counter to ijn DDs is already here. Other DDs. The ijn DD is not the faster ships on high tiers, apart of the Shima. You can't even flee if you get detected at close range and then you have to be very lucky to not die or found a hole to hide. Because yeah, the DDs are stealthy, but also have they die pretty fast when spotted. Edited: trying to English better.
  7. PoorTanker

    Aiming torpedoes is it that hard?

    Don't try what OP says with a Mutsuki or Hatsuharu. Most of the time it will not work.
  8. PoorTanker

    Project R is up on EU

    Now I hope I'm lucky and I can add another ijn DD to my team. I missed more than halft the event, but at least I managed to get the 150 required pearls.
  9. PoorTanker

    Proyecto R - Discusión General

    Yo he ganado lo justo para el sorteo, empecé demasiado tarde. Pero bueno, debo decir que el evento está muy bien y espero que tengamos otros similares.
  10. PoorTanker

    An evening with the Minekaze....awesome! ;)

    Nice. The Minekaze is a fun ship to play. Sadly I'm too prone to get out of concealment by accident and die.
  11. PoorTanker

    Ok, I'll pay!

    I was expecting some awesome, real, not rusted Cleveland or Minekaze camo. Oh boy, my sides hurts of so much laughing.
  12. PoorTanker

    Zao wont be good in the new patch when released

    Losing 4k hp is not that bad. But I wonder why is this needed. Playing cruisers in high tiers is hard enough as it is.
  13. PoorTanker

    Economy Mechanics FIX!

    I don't think it's a bad idea to lose credits at high tiers if you don't play well. But I've seen some streams from good players with premium accounts, killing ships left and right and still losing credits. That's a very wrong idea.
  14. PoorTanker

    North Carolina beginner tips

    I'm completely lost. So far having fun with the NM, I asked some people if I should get the Colorado now that I'm close and the reply is mostly that I should skip the whole USN line. Are the rest of the ships that bad? How do they compare to the NM?
  15. PoorTanker

    Domination games bugged?

    I have seen this several times, a match that ends abruptely when there are still several ships alive and not enough points won by one tiem to win. Today we lost a game against bots when we had about 700 points and the bots about 300. Has anybody noticed this?