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  1. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    nah...HE bombs for the win 4 bomb hits.....on a gearing......13,3k damage.... balanced
  2. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    fun and engaging so tell me, mr wise guys, how these 2 DDs should have adapted?! going with the blob of ships, hiding in A? also "fun and engaging" if THIS is then the way you would like to see this meta head to, then WG is doing all right......
  3. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    the intended removal of the skil gap in the CV class was an utterly failure. actually it increased! now you have the total potatoes, that do ZERO damage because they are too stupid to not fly in straight lines, and then you have the total pro's that even modify the drop angle to hit different types of armour depending on the target, in order to maximise damage. the other totally broken point is the complete shutdown of a whole class, that leads to the camping and lemmingtrain cancer we have now. without DDs and CAs being able to lead the charge because they get crap on after 1 minute of the game, nobody has fun anymore.....except the CV that does the shitting. and even with the reduction of 25% in overall damage output, this will not change because the stupid spotting mechanic that opens up the ship for the whole team. bad for all unarmoured targets. and that last point is the reason, CVs will never get balanced.
  4. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    yes.....average. and you are the best proof that CVs are OP and the method to balance things according to their potential is a solid method. and where you get the potential from?! from the guys who are the best! you sir are downplaying CVs every thread you find. its not the first time you try this! Edit* Language Please! Excavatus
  5. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    no.....because they piss me off every game. and because even the most average potato performs better than usual in OP ships/classes (like you), the only way to balance classes between each other is to look at the unicum stats! and when they perfom 50k average damage MORE in CVs than they do in BBs (highest damage dealers of surface ships), something is broken simple....and effective comparison nerf CV damage potential by 25% minimum. then they are on paar with BBs...... and if the average potato struggles then afterwards, its his own fault! like in any other ship class......a bad CA player gets deleted 4 minutes into the game and gets red stats....why should the CV potato gets carried by the game mechanics like CV potatoes gets carried atm?
  6. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    i compare unicums with unicums. and when one class sticks out too much, its OP....simple. you dont need to take the average potato into account. just compare the best and what they can do with it.
  7. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    yes.....because even the best players in each surface ship are not able to pull such numbers.....simple
  8. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    tell that the DD, that gets crap on for 10k every 20 seconds tell that the cruisers, that get crap on for 15 k every 20 seconds and yes.....even a BB with 100 k HP get crap on faster than he can heal. for 20k...every 20 seconds! means he is down in 2 minutes. in this time you get ONE heal off......ONE! so pls, mr CV main, stop downplaying CVs and their potential in order to keep your OP toy. because when even a player like you can get unicum stats in this class, it shows how broken they really are
  9. IceyJones

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    you sir would not play different, even you were top tier ever game.... and regarding the midway: seems pretty powerful to me! when you guys are not able to get it work, work on YOURSELF! because these numbers are as disgusting as haku stats and in general: no other ship class has this potential! even the best players in the normal surface class ships are not able to pull equally placed numbers and WG will never be able to balance this class. period
  10. IceyJones

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    alaska ist alles andere als OP. aber das haben viele bei der stalingrad auch gesagt.... und die ganzen plebs die das vorher trotzdem behauptet haben uns sie JETZT doch haben, sind plötzlich ganz still, weil sie damit grad mal 50% winrate und 60k schaden hinbekommen
  11. IceyJones

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    alaska für echtgeld......geil! noch mehr high tier noobs die sich einkaufen, ohne ne ahnung zu haben........ bin schon gespannt auf die buff alaska-threads
  12. IceyJones

    I love the cV rework, here is why.

    there are no no-fly-zones anymore. now you can dodge most AA fire and at least strike once.....even AA cruisers. and you know that better than anyone. so ur statement is just a try of knowingly misleading others
  13. IceyJones

    I love the cV rework, here is why.

    all other attacks i can counter a CV i cannot counter and that is the main difference since closed beta its just impossible to balance surface ships with airplanes and implementing CVs into this game was the most braindead idea, WG had (beside artillery in WOT, but this cancer class cannot spot for themselves at least)
  14. IceyJones

    [0.8.4+] Balance-Pläne aus dem Dev-Blog

    dann will ich für alle anderen klassen aber auch unlimited HP haben, denn das ist das, was die CVs im prinzip haben! regenerierende flugzeuge als angriffswaffe! ein surface-ship muss schliesslich sich selbst anbieten wenn es in feuerreichweite will. ein CV muss das nicht was ein schwachsinn hier
  15. IceyJones

    Why the Hell is Tier 8 being put with Tier 10, insanly UNFAIR

    and he thinks, this is MMs fault as MM is the same for all players, tell me, how this is possible? ur the kind of players i would flame in game with "l2p" and i do it here also: l2p