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  1. Ill see you there... can I have a coffee mug?
  2. merovingio84

    Codigo premium

    graicas danitoki....
  3. si, yo preferiria que me saliesen banderas y free exp, no me gusta tener que sacar la cartera
  4. merovingio84

    6.2 Russian DD Split; Udaloi nonsense!

    I have permanent camos for tier 6,7,8,9 and 10... lets see what I get: (see rules in main website) * I get New ognevoi tier 8 and new gnevny tier 6. * I get new kiev tier 8 and new minsk tier 7. * I get new trashkent tier 9 and I wont get the Kiev tier 8 because I got it in the previous statement. This is cool, but I did love my hahaloi so much I got perm camo and kept a high level captain... its hilarious I am not getting anything for those 4k, which I was either way getting, at least, transfer it to my hahaloi. come on wg, stop giving me headache...
  5. merovingio84

    Programa de colaboradores de la Comunidad

    Salsa pink mode on Herguilla es perretilla, pero tiene talento, se expresa bien... No se puede negar habiendo visto algunos de sus vídeos. Tmb. Es cierto que si aflojase un poco pues sería mejor para que alcanzase ese puesto que tanto parecía querer. Lo que no mola son los dobles raseros, las reglas aplicadas a uno deben de ser aplicadas a todos por igual, y los "castigos" deberían ser más contundentes a aquellos que dentro del programa cometan acciones similares a las mencionadas anteriormente para el veto en la entrada a los pop stars de Herguilla. Saludos y a seguir mejorando la comunidad. (Aunque para ello puede que sea necesario podar)
  6. merovingio84

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Dear Wg Thank you very much for your useless, inefficient and considerate explanation/solution. I hereby notify you that until I get the same the other servers got, including the 200% cap exp and the +15 bonus credit, I am not going to spend a single penny neither play your game. I felt insulted, just say.
  7. merovingio84

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Yes, this game is pretty enjoyable... I enjoy not getting free things that others get. Let's do one thing, continue treating us like this and when there's another game that might take care of the community in a fair way, we'll enjoy going to play there and spend our moneis... so you'll "enjoy" a forum with no tears. Can anyone of you give us a real, fair and professional solution? We don't care about your situation and we know you only care about moneis.
  8. merovingio84

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Thanks very much for this answer, Tucci. It shows how little respect you have for us... "giving access to more players... by PAYING". ----> genius We are not a cash cow... do not take us for fools, we know this is a business. I have spent a lot of money in your game but do no push it too hard... the community feeds you, literally.
  9. merovingio84

    Got 3 perma camos for free

    Well, I haven't got a thing and considering I have bought +20 premiums, I wouldn't mind getting at least one... otherwise wg can forget about me spending a single penny.
  10. merovingio84

    Severs ts wargaming

    Esto no puede ser, a ver como trolleo yo a chamorro y a dani... me esta entrando ansiedad.... no compro mas barcos premium hasta que me arregleis el ts
  11. I'd like wargaming to rethink their business practices... It won't work but I try
  12. merovingio84

    Most handsome and most ugly ship in the game

    Come on guys... The NC is hot... Much better than the torpitz ( my opinion, so no offence fanboys )... Udaloy is cool and sometimes the yubari
  13. merovingio84

    Arpeggio of blue steel en wows

    A mi siempre me ha gustado el ketchup en la ensalada... Y en la sopa
  14. merovingio84

    [show] Los barcos de mi puerto [Los permanentes]

    El furutaka, el colorado, el tier 4 aleman, el isumoysigo, el baltimore, el albani... Me gusta vivir al límite.
  15. merovingio84

    DD sovieticos WTF?

    Probad el Kiev y veréis lo que es fiesta.