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  1. Hogger4169

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    marketing 1%, gambling 98%, game developing and bug fix 1% (most generous)... That is the joke of the day!!! We have 2 days before the forum shuts down. Lets make a HALL OF F(SH)AME topic with all the glorious "moments" of wows... Since the forum will remain visible for a few months it is still time to educate noobs about all of wows "creativity"...
  2. You and your dirty mind, Earplugs.
  3. The solution....
  4. Hogger4169

    LOOK AT ME....

  5. Hogger4169

    Early Access to Spanish Cruisers

    The what???? Sadly greed came in and took away any reward ship that would be given as a reward for B.P. A moment of silence for those ships that would have been as a reward for battle pass.... GREED AT ITS WORST.....
  6. I have in mind some banners but it will start a flame war, just let it be...
  7. @Saltface According the flags, here is a list from wikipedia List of Greek flags - Wikipedia I'd like to be added the Hydra or Psara naval flag of 1821 revolution navy....
  8. @Aethervoxx, I would never dislike a country's flag even if it is from the country i hate the most. It is a lack of respect, if you know the word....
  9. Hogger4169

    Colorful Regata

    .....who will have no clue how to utilize the ship and will get stomped battle after battle...... Is it what we really want? Newbies with high tier ships, clueless? Or we blame it on rng matchmaker when we have them on our team and we are eliminated in the first 10 minutes (best scenario).... When there are so many things that want to be fixed and all the effort comes to insane monetization....
  10. Hogger4169

    Colorful Regata

    If you are a wines guy you could buy one of each... instead of this ...and you still have some change left......
  11. Hogger4169

    unplayable game - very high ping

    WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO QUESTION THE GLORIOUS HIGHEST TECH SERVERS, some time ago i visited Meteora, Kalambaka Greece. A group of wargaming server hamsters was spotted. Unfortunatly i have no images to prove it.... To be serious today, sunday i had 2 disconnections....
  12. Hogger4169

    @wargaming: This is shady! (Soviet Containers)

    "Shady is my middle name" Weegee quote...
  13. I met an amazing (in terms of winrate 55%~) player in Mushashi. His game was like "sitting next to cv and farm damage". Happy now?
  14. Hogger4169

    how to get 130k dmg without ANY own hp los?

    Don't be angry, it's the new game meta...... Can't find better excuse.... Cheers.