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  1. GeroGompos

    black friday

    Is it ok on a 747????
  2. GeroGompos

    black friday

    ST 0.9.10, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Black Friday - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com) Also... It doesn't say if i translated well that the offers will be posted on friday 27/11 (the black friday). It says a later date (undefined)
  3. GeroGompos

    black friday

    I want to buy ARP yamato on discount.....
  4. GeroGompos

    black friday

    Oh, yes you are right... it's only wednesday!!! i forgot it..... I remember there were announcements, thats why i ask. if i am wrong please correct me. But...
  5. GeroGompos

    black friday

    Hello, while other developers are advertising "black friday this" "black friday that", here is an ecofantic silence about this event. Last year i remember the event was lively and well deserved the cost. No news???? Hmmmmmmm.........
  6. GeroGompos

    580 ARP Yamato already sold on EU server

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A JOKE... If not, prepare to find second, third and fourth job. WEE-GEE became very hungry......... for money...... WEE-GEE C.E.O. looks amazing with a bugatti veyron, we are funding his/her dream......
  7. GeroGompos

    580 ARP Yamato already sold on EU server

  8. GeroGompos

    What WG have done right

    They can think 1000000000000 +1 ways to try to take your money. They are extremely resourcefull and they never lie when they make promises!!! Capitalism 101
  9. GeroGompos

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    Because this is 10.000 doubloons "gift". So this is a profit to be lost, that's why they discharged it. The not popular "excuse" is for the crap. Monetization is a bad disease.... OTOH, RB is unpopular but you gave "free" ships to make it look appealing, nobody asked nobody wants it. It took me a 9 months to get Ohio with endless grind and i have a bad experience. According to that RB is unpopular and must be scrapped.... Or i am wrong.....
  10. GeroGompos

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    That's what i wrote... your reply...... and to explain... 1. a t6 ship has no hope against a t8 ship, you find it fair so "no problem from me" 2. this, i have to explain my thoughts, search the topic "a crazy idea"
  11. GeroGompos

    What prem ship to by my first one?

    better buy this... https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/premium/15116/ and then you talk about premium ships after you earn your first t10 ship...
  12. GeroGompos

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    Money is a bad advisor and a even worse target, the hunt for money makes humans into monsters. This imo is the outcome in the wows strategy so far. It started as a good game, got better and suddenly became worse, like a "peak to peak" effect. The faults for me are: 1. worse of the worse rng, the mechanics are shady and not properly explained. 2. even worse matchmaking with the outrageous 2 tiers gap allowed. also the matchmaker gets worse after every patch. 3. free xp. no comment... 4. spotting mechanics. to see a ship behind an island and the ship vanishes in open seas. the 20'' spotting penalty after a salvo and the smoke, that should be a coutermeasure for evasive manuever not tactics. the smoke should "blur" your vision not camping and fire. it makes the game static. 5. more xp on damage, no xp on capping and spotting. bad for campers (i like that!!!). bonus xp on tasks achieve. 6. no domination or epicenter, more dynamic weather. also defend the base in pvp or escort convoy in pvp should be in game. 7. asymetric battles. bring them back but without bots, that was fun!!! these are my suggestions/ideas....
  13. GeroGompos

    A "crazy" idea...

    They will not, that's for sure. They have a million and one ways to gain income. I made this suggestion to make gameplay a little better from what is nowdays. This and more reasonable matchmaking along with tier gap reduced to -/+ 1 will boost the gameplay to the better. More happy players more $$$ to their pockets...... my 2 cents....
  14. GeroGompos

    A "crazy" idea...

    Hello, in the game nowdays there are a lot of players with tier 10 ships who are useless. They are both useless for the team and for themselves. For me skipping ships with free xp is the problem. Wouldn't be more usefull if the game limited the free xp from tier to tier to be reduced in a 50% percentage? Example: from Richelieu to alsace i need 190.000 xp. To advance i can use the 95.000 free xp and the rest i must grind to earn the xp. To be a limit to allow you to advance at 50% no matter what tier is for free xp. Hope you understood... Have fun!!!
  15. GeroGompos

    US BBs - a event where you HAVE to spend money

    66k doubloons for a chance to get a t9 ship in w.i.p status is too much imo. i count the unluckiest scenario.... For now grinding for the t8 "free" ship must be our target...