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  1. Good lord, reading this, I will just stop playing the German cruisers for now. I'm at the Karlsruhe right now and am hating every second of playing it. If the higher tiers don't get any better I will not waste my time with this steaming pile of crapany longer. I don't understand what they where thinking while designing the German line...
  2. eLampo

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    Hotspot: Removed the crisscross team spawn pattern Good. I hate the crisscross spawn pattern.
  3. eLampo

    Dresden and Kolberg's secondaries?!

    I managed to citadel Tier 1 ships with HE, they went down pretty fast. I think it was due to the high arc of the shells, but am not certain. Tier 2 and 3 is more difficult though, I agree. Low HE damage and no chance of penetrating anything with AP.
  4. eLampo

    Pensacoola Dissatisfying ship

    It's very situational in my opinion. Pensacola can be a lot of fun and it can be really hard to do good in.. I've had many games where pretty much every ship focused on me as soon as I came around in my cute little Pensacola.. In one of my last games I tried staying behind an Izumo, didn't help. The enemy North Carolina fired at me instead of the Izumo (as would I if I was in the NC). If you manage to stay out of focus of enemy ships, you can do a lot of damage and actually have fun with the ship. For me this doesn't happen very often, sadly. I have been trying to grind the New Orleans but don't know if I will continue. It feels pretty much the same with most of my cruisers though, thats why I'm not sure if I will continue grinding them or just stay at Tier 6/7.. and focus on grinding the BBs instead. At least for now. I know that I'm not the best captain in the world, not even close, but there are ships I can do reasonably well in, just not the Pensacola..
  5. eLampo

    The Colorado... seriously?

    I only just bought the Colorado, so I don't have a comparison to the pre-patch Colorado, but I've landed some nice hits on enemy BBs and cruisers as well. Some 10-12k dmg hits on BBs without Citadels. Still, the ship sucks [edited], had a game where I went up against a half health Nagato and it would have totally wrecked me, if it hadn't been torped before. But maybe it's just me and I suck, also a possibility..
  6. eLampo


    Yea I know. I will probably get used to the Pensa at some point. Maybe even start enjoying it.. ;)
  7. eLampo


    I'm still struggling with the Pensacola.. I know I have to be careful with it, due to its weak armor and huge citadels.. but this also makes it hard for me to do decent damage.. I think I'm somewhere around 22k damage per game, which is just sad.. Going for the gun upgrade right now, which will hopefully help..
  8. eLampo


    It's pretty bad sometimes, yea.. I've had a game were a teammate insulted me because I played too defensive for his taste. At one point he started shooting me, for no other reason than not playing as ruthless as he had been playing.. I really wish there was an option to disable chat.. Then again, the community overall isn't better or worse than any other online game I've played.
  9. eLampo

    Toxischer Chat: "Löwe Noob 2015 Edition"

    Ich versuch den Chat auch weitestgehend zu ignorieren, leider klappts nicht immer, vor allem seit ich mir die Tirpitz gegönnt habe.. Hab erst 3 oder 4 Spiele damit gemacht, weil der Chat so dermaßen aggressiv wurde, dass es mir erstmal gereicht hat. Deshalb ein + von mir für die Option den Chat ganz auszublenden. Das Argument mit dem Teamwork fällt aus meiner Erfahrung auch raus, meistens verlaufen solche Taktikbesprechungem im Sand sobald die Runde startet und jeder fährt dahin wo es ihm gefällt..
  10. eLampo

    Tirpitz is making game boring for me

    I bought the Tirpitz and would love to play some games with it, but right now it only makes me sad. As soon as I join a game, the chat is filled with people complaining about all the noobs playing Tirpitz and how its a scrub ship, because it has Torpedos.. I know this will also calm down, but as of right now I'll rather not play the Tirpitz. Hopefully in a week or two I can take her out to play with, without having to read some insults..
  11. eLampo

    New Mexico - what am I doing wrong...

    This is my experience in many ships, not just the New Mexico Mostly because I see that one flank will be completely open and our CVs will get slaughtered.. Sadly, most of the time I get utterly destroyed by 4-6 enemy ships and the team loses anyways.. But with a BB you can at least dish out some damage too and maybe get one or two of the enemy ships before they take you down. I like the New Mexico, if I have a cv spotting the enemy movement, I can get some shots off across the map. Many cruisers drive in a straight line at the beginning of battles and citadeling them is a lot of fun.