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  1. General_Hawka

    Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    Is it easier to make victories with low tiers?
  2. General_Hawka

    Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    And also, I have bigger problem with cruisers. It only requires 1 ship to detect me and all enemy turrets focus on me, even among my team mates. Truthfully it makes me furious. Why always me? Can't they see my team mates?
  3. General_Hawka

    Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    You may think I'm lemming or b***ing around But I'm telling the truth. When the team is about to lose I rant about their faulty Then one of them comes to private chat ranting about my victory rate "Which is 46%" But here is the reason. Most of victory rate depends on your team more than your effort. It's difficult to do a great winning on your own. === Here's an example freshly made today. 6 games on row and I lost very important signals for nothing And I don't understand why they always send me to losing teams... And in the end they measure professionalism of the game by Victory rate. Yes I have low damage rate and low accuracy rate, but If I was sent to better teams, I would do better. === This post if for discussion and please, I don't need any kind of sarcasm made on me because I'm almost fed up with the game.
  4. General_Hawka

    How can I use the additional commander XP

    I got 500% Additional commander XP And I usually get them while game-playing through events So I wonder how I can use them?
  5. Hello Captains As the title says I I I The Soundtrack called "The Point Of No Return" Re-edited in some way I liked more than the original one The Edited version The Original Version Shared by HELLCAT Enjoy :)
  6. General_Hawka

    True story...

    And What's PR anyway?
  7. General_Hawka

    True story...

    This explains a true story And then I thought : Why don't I make a meme for this ? So I made this.
  8. Any Idea what in the oceans is this?
  9. I have Kaga, Hiryu and Enterprise "Considering that Ryujo is for Ranked battles only" But talking about DDs, I have Tier 5 japanese DD, and I actually scored nothing with it... I only die
  10. Now it's confusing because someone said that Japanese DDs are way bad
  11. Yeah Whatever man. Thank you for advice.
  12. What Destroyers line do you recommend to start playing with?
  13. I have a Mutsuki btw, but I sold it long time ago. I forgot to mention that.
  14. People took me way too sarcastically when I posted about nerfing Shimakaze and blamed my stats. Here are screenshots of my stats and ships I usually prefer. Here are some points about me and my gaming style 1-I don't have a DD ... It's difficult for me to detect torpedoes before I steer to avoid them. And when I play Atago, I'm easily sunk 2-I prefer playing with Scharnhorst, For an almost new comer I achieved Kraken twice with it and sometimes I sink tier 9 ships with it. 3-I don't like following folks like a sheep, but sometimes It's only way to survive since the team can't have a plan. 4-It's difficult to use Enterprise's torpedo squadrons as they miss a lot. 5- I hate hiding behind Islands. 6- Sometimes I become very lucky that I sank a Yamato with 3 citadel hits with a damaged-torpedo-armament Tirpitz. 7-I prefer playing close ranges because I'm not a good sniper. 8- Right now I can achieve total 200k free xp if I charge doubloons and convert the accumulated XP into free XP and with 74k XP on Der Grosse I can open Grosser Kurfurst "Tier 10 German Battleship" which I'm really willing to own. 9- I'm a battleship fan. So yes It's difficult for me to play with low armored ships. 10- As English isn't my first language, following up tutorials will be difficult to listen. 11-How can I avoid Hidden Shimakaze or any other DD in an open water when I'm alerted that I'm detected in a middle of nowhere? ============== Thank you.
  15. Greetings Admirals This soundtrack is used in port when you get out from a battle "Defeated" It's called "Pure" But the Module's version wasn't on youtube So I recorded it . I hope you enjoy it.