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  1. tappo91

    Single use code

    Mine: 22NYS-ADP96-ATUSP
  2. tappo91

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery, thanks.
  3. Thank you comrade, may the strength of the motherland be with you too.
  4. My opinion: I do not find them funny, they are so boring to play... Also I find them irrelevant in the game, probably my fault because I am not able to use them. However I believe that in the hands of a skilled player, who knows how to make the most of their strengths (spotting, hooming torps ...) they can be game changers, and this makes me worry a lot about the health of the game.
  5. tappo91

    Question to italians

    You spelled it wrong, even if it sounds similar. He says “Siluri a prua” that means torpedoes in the bow. For torps in the stern he says “Siluri a poppa”.
  6. I found that my Leone, a DD who is supposed to do DD stuff, has no depth charges. How it's supposed to fight submarines?
  7. tappo91

    ASW weapons

    Fortunately, I found it in a container
  8. tappo91

    ASW weapons

    My Leone seems to not have depth charges. I tought it was a DD…
  9. Finally the great day has come! This new class has made its entry into ranked battles. Are you enjoying it? And why?
  10. Working as intended, comrade!
  11. dear OP, imo to get a better point of view of the situation, you shouldn't do a survey asking how much the players would bid for 100k coal, you should make a survey asking how many millions of credits are sleeping, unused, in player’s ports.
  12. I would never do such a thing, I think it's not worth it.
  13. tappo91

    Bye bye Deadeye, you will not be missed

    I think Fearless Brawler will be a no-brainer must have skill in almost any destroyer
  14. tappo91

    In-game rare items AUCTION

    Auction base of 50,000 doubloons. Then the ship goes to the highest bidder.
  15. tappo91

    In-game rare items AUCTION

    Maybe not soon, but in the long term I believe this is the goal of Wargaming, so much that the announcement does not specify what rare items can be. Imagine how profitable it could be for Wargaming to auction off a few much-desired ships: we all know well that hordes of whales would be ready to throw money at them, while the numbers of these ships on servers would not change much.