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  1. Evening all, I am seeking a positively friendly active clan to join, one where I can still enjoy my time with you without having the need to be on Discord 24/7. Friendly clan mates who are looking to team up for a few battles here and there, benefiting from the new Clan systems coming in the next patch. I am pre-dominantly a Battleship player, who is good on all other classes too. I believe a link to my stats are listed in my signature. Please PM me. Thank you and speak soon.
  2. Jexx_Gaming

    The Good Life Gaming Channel

    USS Missouri - Boom...!
  3. Jexx_Gaming

    The Good Life Gaming Channel

    British Battleship - Tier 7 - Hood = First Game, Sea Trials!
  4. Jexx_Gaming

    The Good Life Gaming Channel

    French Cruiser - Tier 3 - Friant = Fast and furious attempt at Base Capture!
  5. Jexx_Gaming

    The Good Life Gaming Channel

    German Battleship - Tier 8 - Tirpitz = A fight to the very end, close game!
  6. Jexx_Gaming

    The Good Life Gaming Channel

    Hello everyone, I have been playing World of Warships since the Closed Beta Testing. It's about high time I started showing you guys what I get up to on the High Seas. Please enjoy your stay at my new YouTube channel, "The Good Life Gaming Channel". My Social Media is: Twitter - https://twitter.com/GoodLife_Gaming Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/goodlifegaming/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GoodLifeGamingWorld/ My PC Specs are: Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.00Ghz8GB DDR3 RAMNvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB All videos are displayed within Spoilers to prevent lag when loading forum page.
  7. Jexx_Gaming

    Are you happy enough with WG to buy Premium ships?

    No, no. You misunderstand me, the money is not the issue it's the notion of paying for a timed service that is completely unfeasible to commit to 100%. Therefore you're not receiving a fully value added service. You can see from my public account that I suffer fools gladly and pay my way through all aspects of the game.
  8. Jexx_Gaming

    Are you happy enough with WG to buy Premium ships?

    I do buy Premium Ships, Premium Account Time and Doubloons regularly. The game is for free and it's how the developers fund the games progress, so I am happy to do so. As they say: "Each to their own". I will add though, that I totally agree with some comments about about how Premium Time should be re-organised so it goes on Play Time rather than Real Time. Like most people, I have a job, social activities and health which prevents me from playing 24-hours of a paid Premium Time. Therefore, I am realistically getting a very low percentage of what I've bought. Food for thought.
  9. Eggs? No wait. They came first. No wait?! Did they? Oh crap!
  10. Jexx_Gaming

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Hi again. Hi. --
  11. Jexx_Gaming

    Did you come here from WoT

    Yes, very much so! I particularly love playing the Japanese Battleships. Awe inspiring!
  12. Jexx_Gaming

    Did you come here from WoT

    "Were you a WoT player?" Only one person voted never...ME! I came here because I love WW2 Ship History. I have played War Thunder planes and tanks mind.
  13. Jexx_Gaming

    CBT Access for Pre-Order?

    I bought 2x, yes 2x Premium Bundle...! #genius
  14. Jexx_Gaming

    CBT Access for Pre-Order?

    I did apologise profusely for my impatience. It is one of my vices..
  15. Jexx_Gaming

    CBT Access for Pre-Order?

    Yes I have had to send a ticket as well, I am experiencing the same problem...