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  1. Ydoum

    WG please stop that kind of cheat

    I need more popcorn for this. Free standup comedy here.
  2. Ydoum

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Have you checked: - co-op games - ranked games - BRAWLS (which counted)? Obviously not. PTA is arguably the best clan on the EU server, so don't make yourself look like a fool and call out people for being/using bots. God, this community is cringe.
  3. Ydoum

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Trust me, NukeTelecomHqPls is not a bot.
  4. Ydoum

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    Cool event, poor web coding. The fact that we are unable to check in any way or form how many tokens we have acquired in the new sprint is an absolute joke. I find it really hard to believe you could not code separate counters; one global that counts both sprints, and a second one that shows you your current tokens.
  5. WoWS has the absolute worst prime gaming rewards across all games.
  6. Ydoum

    PT 0.10.3 - General Feedback

    Don't you dare touch Stalingrad's radar duration.
  7. Shells and torps are barely visible now. Especially AP shells which, of course, blend in perfectly with the skybox.
  8. WTF have you done to tracer and torpedo plume textures? STs have told you over and over again that this is trash and you still proceeded with this unwanted change. God, what a joke. You're no longer even pretending that you listen to your STs.
  9. Ydoum

    CV fighter skills

    They are useless and, by taking them, you: - gimp your team by providing 0 spotting - should stay away from games with me or I'll hurt your feelings
  10. Ydoum

    My poem entry

    Since I don't want WG knowing either of my social media accounts, I shall submit my poem here. No, I don't care about the reward; I just want to share my creativity. There used to be a ship that was fun among uniques; large, accurate guns with a pinch of secondary memes. Siegfried was the name and AFT was her quirk, before WG said "f**k you" with the commander rework.
  11. WG and STs not doing proper testing before release of a major rework? No way.
  12. I can tell you that they do not care a tiny bit about the playerbase. Not that this was something unknown, but the way I've been treated in the support tickets shows how ignorant WG are to a simple request: fix the secondary range or refund the ship (siegfried in my case). Template after template, same responses. I feel like a piece of trash the way WG treated me and countless other players by not altering ships that took time, effort and - in many cases - money to acquire.
  13. Or you won't ever be getting another penny from me. Siegfried was unique having really good secondary range with AFT. Flint also had good enough range to go even uptiered into t9s. Now? Siegfried is just another cruiser with nothing special going for it. No AFT = standard t9 cruiser range. Accurate guns? Meh, that was not the reason I spent my RBPs on it. Flint has LESS RANGE than t7 dds do. In fact, here's a list my buddy provided me with: This is absolutely dumb. A skilled dd player can kite flint into oblivion. Everyone should keep sending support tickets requesting refunds and not back down. Our time invested into steel/research bureau points, as of now, means nothing for WG. We need to show them that they can't just s**t on us like this.
  14. Ydoum

    General Submarines related discussions

    Feedback? Nobody cares about feedback. If you did, you wouldn't try to force feed us subs like you did with your god-awful commander rework.