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  1. Ydoum

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    So you guys want us to put out 7 Stalins into CWs again, right? Can be arranged.
  2. Ydoum

    Limit for Stalingrads in CWs

    Did you lose to a team of 7 Stalins? Oh boy. :D
  3. WG, you better improve ship drop rates or you're gonna have a riot on your hands. PS. You might wanna invest in an SSL certificate for the forums. It uses our login data as well!
  4. Ydoum

    Bug Reports

    So they are named exactly the same, look exactly the same, but contain different rewards? AMAZING! Am I to expect not getting anything decent out of the ones you get for free / hard work in game?
  5. Ydoum

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Incorrect amount of free exp obtained from the Black Friday Container 2. Reproduction steps Bought a single container from the premium store 3. Result Received only 5000 Free EXP 4. Expected result Receiving 35000 Free EXP as per the patch notes and all available promotional content provided by WG 5. Technical details N/A
  6. Didn't I initially point out that you CAN'T purchase those signals? You cannot spend money directly on those and neither can you spend it on coal to use it in the arsenal. Besides, are you actually in favor of keeping more RNG in the game than there already is? We might as well add random turret malfunctions or jams (you know, like the unreliable british quad turrets during WW2) and base it on some random numbers.
  7. I am running flags whenever I have them - what did you want to bet? And indeed I've noticed that it's usually the DDs that get detonated. I've never seen someone in game just having a laugh about it - the receiver gets frustrated, and the executioner even apologizes for it (because he knows, at some point, he will get detonated himself and get frustrated as well).
  8. I'll open with a question: Does any player think this mechanic is something that is needed in the game. Especially now, nearing 2019, when there are numerous tournaments, clan wars, organized team battle events etc.? After all those years, I haven't seen anyone enjoy this. I tried to find a reasonable explanation for it, but I just can't. 1. Business Since you cannot directly purchase anti-detonation signals for money, or coal for arsenal purchases, this means that WG isn't getting any incentive to keep the mechanic in the game when it comes to company income. No, I am not giving you WG an idea. Forget about it. 2. Gameplay 100% RNG, no skill involved. Pretty sure we have enough RNG in the game as it is. 3. Realism I believe it's been long established WoWS isn't even aiming for realism. So, what are your opinions on this everlasting subject? Should WG finally do something about this?
  9. Ydoum

    Jean Bart available in the French ship tree

    This datamine better be true. I'd go on a killing spree if Alaska was anything other than free exp.
  10. Scharnhorst is also going to take a beating because of this idea. A ship that was meant to hunt cruisers and destroyers. I am worried about this idea and its implementation.
  11. Ydoum

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Boring. Same stuff every year.
  12. Ydoum

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Extreme lagspikes after the patch introduction, causing me to fire my guns up to 3 seconds after the trigger (LMB), flying towards the spot that the guns were aimed at before the lagspike. Won't allow me to turn either, despite the client registering rudder change. 2. Reproduction steps I checked my connection. Checked with ISP as well. Connection runs perfectly fine. 3. Result Happens at random times, at random hours, in every game mode (random, ranked, operations). 4. Expected result Smooth, lag-free experience just like before the current patch. 5. Technical details See point 3.
  13. There is some truth to that, but remember that the game has a large number of collectors. Kamikaze was not that expensive, and I bet a lot of people bought her, played a few games with her, and never got back to play here right until the ranked sprint. I myself enjoyed Marblehead a lot. Got me to rank 1 relatively quickly while playing solo.
  14. Ydoum

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Not a huge fan of the changes. Pros: - great improvement to the AA visuals and the general feel of it - interesting idea with switching AA from side to side; this adds more depth to the game - infinite planes (though it could be counted as a con too) - some nice touches on the way planes behave, e.g. flaps - AP bombs are actually able to citadel ships quite often Cons: - lack of control of your squadrons like a CV commander would have - complete lack of control of your fighters; you cannot really cover anybody unless you fly your bombers there - that's a bad concept - CV gameplay is now almost purely based on dealing damage, which is quite easy to do - almost no control over your CV; if your planes are out, you're in trouble if under attack Remains-to-be-seen: - CV economy; as of now it's bad. Really bad (talking about the live servers) - balance to damage-dealing stats